Sometimes you can forget how to install a new theme if you haven’t done it in awhile, or if it is your first time, then you may not know what to do. Installing a new theme can be exciting, and add a lot of new life to your webpage. Whether you are running a business website or personal page, a new theme will add a touch of personality to your new development.

With our packages, we have plenty of business and premium themes, that are good for beginners and advanced because of the diverse portfolio that it encompasses. There are multiple ways to install new themes, often, if you are in your dashboard, you can just automatically install and activate any new theme in the Themes section. Since the Themes provided for free are often great-looking at face value, many users know that it is better to go with premium packages such as ours because of our dedicated support team, and Theme coding analysts who have expert knowledge of every theme in the package. Other reasons are partially due to the problem of the free themes not being able to do what they offer. This can be because of poor maintenance, or outdated bugs that may not have been fixed.

As many programmers and coders know, the best themes are not those that look the best, but those that perform and operate with little to no maintenance. When you are building your theme, are you always having to fix the little things? Nothing can be more difficult than working on a site only to have it bug out and do all sorts of funky stuff. This can happen most easily when amateurs go and try to edit the index.php file.


It is best to leave the raw editing for the professionals, but if you are keen, and can follow instructions, many times shortcode and other options for theme adjustments can be implemented. In fact, many widgets and plugins only operate in Shortcode format, rather than many of the others, which plugin directly to the WP CMS.

It is going to be interesting to see how the next generation of interplatform-connectivity grows in 2015! Are you excited to see even more great things WordPress can do?