If you are operating a business with your WordPress site you may be looking into getting an SSl Certificate. Basically an SSL certificate is a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines operating over the internet or on an internal network. By having this certificate you are guaranteeing that all the data passing between the web browser and browsers remain private and integral.

SSl certificates are the most widely deployed protocols used today.

Having an SSl certificate also means your website’s identity is validated and encrypts all information sent to and from your page. If you have customer information such as financial transactions, usernames, passwords, and credit card information you will be protecting their information by purchasing an SSL certificate.

With the identity fraud and security issues on the web today this is a very ideal option to have for your customers in giving them the security that their information is safe. This is also securing your websites identity leaving no room for imposters to hack your page. With anyone online nowadays this is a very common occurrence with business websites and information being hacked and stolen. The importance of a secure server can’t be stressed enough.

If you are serious about using a secure server and understand the importance of it for your site then the steps to obtain it and keep it functioning properly on your page is worth the time and energy when it means a secure and private page.

You can identify a secure webpage in a few ways but the most common is the websites with an SSL Certificate will display a lock icon or https:// with the url. This shows anyone going to your site that they are being directed to a secure server and will give them the assurance when using their payment information or making transactions.

These certificates must be purchased before establishing them on your webpage. Your customers will never have to worry about being directed to an imposter’s website instead of yours. Some WordPress plans come with an SSL certificate, but it can be purchased from a third party site as well from $50-$200.

There are benefits to subscribing to a WordPress hosting plan that includes the SSL Certificate it helps by already having the server built into the site and can avoid any reprogramming of the urls by adding it to an already prepared site. There are few instances when adding the server to a site where some glitches may occur this option may avoid any inconveniences along the way when creating a secure site. Another plus about having an SSl certificate is it also helps with improve your site for SEO. Once an SSL certificate is purchased you can ask your web hosting provider to install it on your server.

There are steps through the WordPress help page that can walk you through switching your site to an SSL secure sight and the benefits of this certificate as well. This is an option that can make a big difference for your site security for you and your customers.