The High Points of WordPress That Makes It Most Suitable for SEO

If you are not using WordPress, you are doing great injustice to your search engine optimization initiatives, because you are not exploiting its full potential. The beauty of WordPress is that it allows enhancing the capabilities of the platform for achieving better SEO performance. You can improve the capabilities to any extent by using suitable themes and plugins. To make SEO work the way you want and implement strategies that give better marketing results, you must use WordPress.

Themes and plugins make WordPress a much superior CMS as compared to other content management systems like Joomla. Drupal and Squarespace are one of the prime reasons for its popularity. The built-in SEO features are basic, but by using proper themes and plugins, you can undertake complete customization for achieving your marketing goals. Why you must use WordPress for search marketing will be clear after reading this article.

Faster website creation

WordPress is available to all as it is open source and you can download it free. Ever since 2003, when WordPress was launched, the task of making websites has become not only very easy but also very fast. If you are slightly familiar with technicalities, you can create a site in just five minutes, which was just unthinkable earlier. Within that time, you can even get it hosted, and it will be up and running. Over the years, the fine-tuning of the process has also brought the time further. Faster website creation is welcome to meet the demands of the fast-paced business world.

Deriving power from open source

Being an open source platform, WordPress has become much more powerful due to the contributions of developers around the world who are always engaged in creating tools and resources for the platform. It is most beneficial for users who can access the resources that create endless possibilities in customizing SEO to make it more powerful and efficient. You can find thousands of SEO friendly WordPress themes and countless plugins that enhance the SEO functionalities and help to achieve better results. The SEO performance can even touch the sky if you wish and WordPress can do it for you. You can always stay current and updated with the best practices of Google without any worries.

Site structure and content

Better is the site structure, more organized the website is. The site structure determines how much friendly the website would be for viewers and makes it look attractive because this is essential for proper SEO. The process of site structuring happens naturally with WordPress, as the content automatically falls in place by virtue of being organized into pages and blog posts together with tags and blog categories. Your task is to specify the type of content, whether it is a blog post or page and then assign the correct tags and categories to it. The tags and categories related to the topics of the content.

Manage the basics without codes

If you had known that SEO is complicated and managing it is not easy, then you would change your view of using WordPress. It is easy to manage SEO with WordPress as it gives you the options of doing it entirely out of the box. Moreover, you can manage the basics without having any knowledge about codes that provide more control over on-page SEO.

Permalink structure

The structure of URLs, also known as permalinks is essential for SEO and your blog posts, you can set your own permalink structure because WordPress allows it. Once done, you can use the parent pages for organizing your permalinks. Go to the settings menu and choose ‘permalinks’ from the drop-down list that displays the default URLs. Among other options that you see, choose the ‘post name’ option, and you become sure that the URL structure remains optimized with the possibility of customizing the actual words when editing a page or blog post.

Website speed

When using WordPress, you need not worry about site speed because websites with standard themes and basic installation load quite fast. Since website-loading speed is important to Google and search engines, this is a significant benefit for you. However, at a later stage when you use different themes and content on the website, the speed might slow down, but then you can make use of some plugins that can accelerate the speed.

Plugins enhance optimization

Plugins are great SEO boosters, and this is where WordPress scores above other CMS. Plugins are extensions that you can choose to perform specific SEO functions that are over and above the basic features. Plugins allow configuring SEO settings across the website, and some plugins support particular optimization of keywords and content.

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Author bio: Dennis Williams is a WordPress developer who has worked with many different content management systems. He was briefly associated with but has now formed an SEO company along with his wife. A very creative person, he is the brain behind many successful websites.

It is very amazing to hear that in the world of the internet still, many business owners are not aware of the term SEO. Many of the companies want to reach the pinnacle of success, but they do not know how to get there. In the last two or three years, this has come more in the trend. It is the most favourable way to get results from the world of advertising on the internet. SEO sets the milestone for the success of any website. SEO or Search engine optimisation is the procedure of affecting the presence of a site or getting the site on top of the search engine results page. It gives specialisation in the skills of the internet user. SEO has a primary difference from local search engine optimisation because it helps in increasing the online visibility of any website.

SEO plays a role in the strategy which decides about:

  • Search engine behaviour
  • What does the user want to browse?
  • What are the repetitive keywords used?
  • What are the searches engines utilised by the targeted audience?

Webmaster, as well as people, content developers, know the value of the search engine optimisation.

The fantastic imagination has taken its wings, and still, SEO needs recognition in the market. As without the proper implementation of SEO, it is tough to reach their full potential. It can reap daily profits for the internet user.

SEO and WordPress go hand in hand

While talking about SEO and internet service, it is next to impossible to avoid WordPress. The WordPress is the best place to express the thoughts of any interested person. WordPress and SEO have come together to do the fruit of success online. Those who want the feeling of credibility and perfect online visibility are not forgetting to use SEO.

WordPress is a well-known open source platform that gives best opportunity to show the skills, as well as plug-ins and SEO, is an open source tool for getting the presence on the internet.  It is helpful in converting organic traffic into the result of sales.

The role of the WordPress is significant when it comes to operating on the search engines.

SEO for WordPress carries the meaning that one must know and learn the tools of customer management service.

WordPress helps anyone to create and start blogging according to the niche.  The user needs to have the information about the keywords used by the search engines to achieve the high rankings. While talking about WordPress and SEO, the people cannot ignore the value of WordPress Plug-ins because they have a continuous process of evolving and developing. They make the user spend more time in publishing as well as the updating their date.  The Process is not as easy as the reader expects.

Content creation – Highly essential

As the contents that are created have importance for the ranking goal that the user wants, so it is obvious that one has to use top keywords related to the content.

The interested people must avoid the repetition of the content because it will become the reason of decreasing the ratings on the internet.

While using SEO on WordPress, carries the goal of creating the contents. The contents are informative and entertaining for the people. It will keep them visiting again on the website.

Some key points needed to include in the contents:

  • The Title: The content is relevant, but the title is not lesser impotent for attracting the interest of the reader. It is the best thing to get something before the development of the website. It will give an idea of getting the search engines. If the title gets repeated, it will decrease the rankings provided by the search engine. After choosing the choice of keywords in the headings, the content will be optimised and benefit the readers. The uniqueness in the title will make the people easy in after the websites. It will enhance the ratings of the sites. Hire a reputed SEO agency to get proper services.
  • The tag of the description contents: One cannot overlook the description tag. It will not affect on ranking. It will ignite the interest of the reader and will offer a short description to the readers.
  • Provision of the alternate text of the image: In certain conditions, images play a significant role in promoting the content with the image. It is not enough to get the proper rating; the user must take proper check-ups of the keywords used by the readers.


Most of the readers take the keen interest in viewing pictures, and images of the articles, so new and fresh images must be added to attract the attention of the readers. For achieving the better ranking, one must concentrate on Domain Names and extensions.  If they are generic, then it will be the best for the reader.  Hopefully, this post will help you if you wish to open a site with WordPress!


Author bio: Cathy Varela is the author of this post, and she has been working in an SEO agency since many years. She has apt knowledge in this subject along with several years of experience. She has written this post with the motive of helping the readers to understand the relationship between WordPress and SEO.