Time Tracking and Activity Reporting WordPress Plugin.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) which is absolutely free and uses MySQL and PHP ( Personal Home Page), a server-side scripting language used as general purpose language as well as web development tool. It is very easy to use but with very powerful blogging system as of today.

WP plugins allow you to customize the features and functions of your blog or your webpage. With an impressive 50K+ plugin, each having the feature to create a tailor-made site as per their requirement, even for SEO or to secure the date to be available only for logged in users, whether it is CMS or displaying the added widgets with comfort, you name it, they have it all.

  • Though easy to manage in a centralized way, as for updates only one download is needed only for one site-one theme basis thus saving the data traffic load.
  • Despite being centralized, each administrator has a virtual manager thus ensuring an extra layer of security.
  • But, the disadvantage of the same is more prominent compared to its advantages.

  • If one resource fails, all the sites using it fails.
  • In case of external attack, failure of one site exposes the data and themes of all other sites associated with it to the attacker site, thus making it very vulnerable.
  • Increase in workload makes balancing the same very tiresome.
  • Balancing and expanding the ‘pressed for time’ or ‘clock time’ to ‘real time’ is the key.

    So to the solution to all the problems plus expanding more time to achieve more, time tracker plug-in was introduced. A complete management solution seamlessly integrated to the word “GO”.

    It is very well-focused an ideal solution to the people working on WordPress time crunching projects.

    Few of the most prominent features, which grabbed my attention are worth mentioning here :

  • Letting clients access the front end while maintaining the security, giving the freedom to you and your team for entire backend functions.
  • Calendar, conversation tracking, to-do lists and reminders, all in all, at your fingertip.
  • Manage multiple projects from a single dashboard. It even allows you to see and compare the on-going and the previous project detailing, enabling you to pick and go for the best options.
  • It helps you to manage your team managers, their current working project, time duration invested for the specific project etc.
  • Precise time tracking for each project by each team members for better productivity.
  • Generate reports based on per employee/project basis.
  • For further clarity and comparisons, associated graphs can be generated.
  • Generate and keeps the logs of various events like user’s/ employee’s comments.
  • Creating clients have never been this easy.
  • Creating extra activities or modifying the existing one on the same screen saves a lot of time. You can actually pick the project where you left. No need to switch the screens.
  • For the ongoing projects or the time allocated to the specific team members, just go to add time and add extra time, if needed. No other changes needed. The seamlessly integrated package will coordinate on its own.
  • Importing time is very simple. Once you add the time and the invoice are saved, the added time is automatically connected and saved with its associated invoice and billing is done accordingly. No multiple entries. No confusion. No extra time billed and no work is done unbilled.
  • Invoicing for a specific client is no longer a problem of going through the entire database. Just select the client and all the details relevant, are there. Even the unbilled hours also. It is that easy.
  • Can comfortably handle unlimited projects, unlimited tasks, and unlimited clients, it’s a YUMMY piece of cake.
  • With the START/STOP button, handle your distractions without getting distracted, literally.
  • The very easy to use and highly responsive PAUSE feature lets you catch your breath by allowing the pause button to your audio or video, without deleting or modifying the program.
  • It helps you in setting deadlines and estimating the completion time for the specific project.
  • Easily tracking time with time tracker pop-up.
  • The Project Manager plug-in integrated with the time tracker can manage all the managers, guest bloggers, guest authors and contributors effortlessly on a single dashboard. Transferring the relevant date and increasing the data traffic is no longer there. Less data traffic time means quick response time, all sorted in a customized way with just a snap of the finger.
  • An extra add-on like PayPal Adaptive payments and handling disputes, if any, gives you complete control on the entire management of handling all the resources and seeing the progress of your project in the much smoother way.
  • By far, the best available way online, 100% FREE, for time tracker and to get your projects managed simultaneouslyng with.