WordPress is an inexpensive, easy to use website building option used by millions of people around the world. There are a number of uses that users have found for WordPress, some more traditional and some unexpected.

Connect Remote Workers

In the digital age, a company is no longer defined by one building or a collection of physical branches. The global marketplace and the advancement of technology has made working remotely from home more an more common. Without a single, central physical location, companies have a need for solutions to connect remote employees, communicate, collaborate and upload work. A good, quality WordPress theme can help companies build a “social media” site for their employees. Employees can use the site to communicate, post journals with project ideas, collaborate on projects, and post finished work.

Wiki Site

Want to share information about a topic? Want to show off your knowledge of your favorite games franchise, TV series, or book series? Some WordPress themes and plugins allow you to turn your WordPress site into a wiki with pages for different aspects of your chosen topic. You can control who can share information on the wiki site.

Donation Hub

Do you run a non-profit or charitable organization? You can use WordPress as a hub for donations. Donors can look at your WordPress site to find information about your charity or organization. They can then make a donation and see their name displayed on a list of donors to thank. You can also display graphics to indicate desired donation level and how much of the level has been reached.


Are you an artist, musician, or designer? You can use WordPress to create a portfolio of your work. You can display a bio indicating your background and past accomplishments. You can also post examples of your work for potential customers. Some themes will allow you to have contact methods for customers to make custom orders from you through your portfolio website.


You can also create a WordPress site dedicated to selling items. You can display works you have currently for sale and give customers a way to order them. You can also link your shop website to a portfolio website and link your portfolio to a shop.

Review Website

You can use WordPress as a place where users can post reviews of items and services. You can dedicate your site to one single topic like reviews of restaurants or set up a review hub that branches off to review pages for different topics like games or movies. You can also set up a blog style review page where you give your own impressions of items or media either alone or with a team of reviewers.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can blog about important events in your life or topics and events you find relevant through posting a series of photos with brief captions that express the message you want to convey. There are a number of catchy, attractive WordPress themes for setting up a memorable photoblog.