The best website today is powered by the WordPress, one of the best and very easy to use content management system that allow you to make changes your website without using any special coding language, it simply needs basic common sense towards the website.

If you are planning to get a new website online than you should not wait or surf around there is better solution that you can find below,

These are one of the most efficient and usable open source into the market although they are free, this is its one of the strength and more resources are available because of that.

According to your requirement you can choose one of the platform from above and that surely meet your requirement if you are looking for some entry level or business website that you can survive easily. But yes when you are looking or requiring the hardcore development than yes you need to have the custom development either on the php or

Considering that we are requiring entry level website or ecommerce site or some blog or forum development than what should be the right choice for right requirement.

Now Here we can see the actual tabular comparison for these 4 Open Sources CMS

WordPress Joomla Drupal Magento
140 Mill Downloads 63 Mill Downloads 15 Mill Downloads 4 Mill Downloads
WordPress Forum Joomla Forum Drupal Forum Magento Forum
4K+ Free Themes 1K+ Free Themes 2K+ Free Themes 1K+ Free Themes
45K+ Free Plugins 7K+ Free Plugins 34K+ Free Plugins 1K+ Free Plugins
Top Site :
Forbes, CNN SONY
Harvard University, Linux The HILL WB, White House Rite Aid, Warby Parker, olympus
5 Mins Setup 10 Mins Setup 10 Mins Setup 10 Mins Setup
Small & Medium Website / Corporate Websistes eCommerce / Community Portal and Social Network Sites Suitable for everything eCommerce
  1. WordPress : Its one of the best choice of beginers as well as for pros but yes always 5 fingers are not the same there are people who doesnt know the strength or maintenance of the the WordPress that is why they are more often to go with other platform but when you know what you doing than WordPress is the one.
  • Joomla : Perfect for the Community site or for some kind of organization site that more into informatics and for the society. The resources in terms or plugins/extension or components are more suitable for those kind of websites.
  • Drupal : It is little difficult to setup and operate though its most versatile and powerful all you require is HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge than you will be comfortable to work and get up and running your website
  • Magento : Many people thinks the Magento is one of the most powerful open source for eCommerce compared to other open source specially the WordPress but I guess they are wrong, they both are competitors for each other, Magento is one of the best on its way while WordPress is loaded with WooCommerce Plugin.


Addition to WordPress platform there are few plugins and premium themes that ads the valudation of ecommerce into the WordPress. There is WooCommerce for eCommerce, JS Composer for Writing, BBPress for Forums, and many plugins that are available into the market are the ones that helps to be the most favorite Open Source among the others.