Running an online business is like keeping an eye on every web design trend that put forth an ultimate level of comfort in searching for products. The common search method includes typing a word or phrase related to a product a user need. And, the website returns with a variety of search results, which may or may not match the users’ requirements. The visual search comes to rescue the users who are looking for their desired store items, but unable to find enter the right key term.

The online store often focuses the quality and presentation of its products, but forgets to each the users in finding an item they are craving for. To improve the user experience, the eCommerce websites clarify the call to actions, educate users, or simply add custom options for product personalization.

The addition of such a valuable feature either requires code modification or installation of an extension either you use WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, or PrestaShop. The WooCommerce Product Addon is a recommended solution for adding consumer-centered options that allow them to personalize the end product. By adding custom options, you can define different product attributes to facilitate the visual search. For example, a user uploads image of white frock with tussles for 10-12 years old kids, the visual search will only return with an exact match if you have defined the attributes.

What is visual search and how it works?

Visual search is an amazing technology that allows a user to search an online store by an image or short video. Finding a product becomes difficult in an online store that rack hundreds of items and each varies in color, style, and design. A visual search takes an image and matches it with the product gallery to come up with the most matching results.

The excessive use of mobile technology and social media, the users are more attracted towards the visuals of a brand. And, they often remember a favorite product by its appearance. Defining such an appearance in words is difficult, which makes it hard to enter the query that lands them on their required product pages.

The visual search relieves the users in memorizing the name, style, model, make or additional features of a product. All they have to do is take a snap, upload it to an eCommerce website and find the available variety. You might agree to the fact that you come across a lovely shirt that is in use by one of your Facebook friends. It is not right to ask him, so you take the picture and visual search it at your favorite store. And, you find an exact match.

Should you incorporate visual search in your store?

The visual search technology is a step forward in enhancing the user experience. In general, a potential buyer is not aware of the product classification. It is often difficult to click the right category and find a list of relevant products. For the same reasons, the search option by word was introduced. It is quite successful to the extent of user understand. A user can enter a query as long as he has sound knowledge about a product. In contrast to this, the visual search seems to be quite rewarding.

The decision either you should incorporate the technology of visual search into your store depends on you. If you are dealing with a set of products that are attractive, catchy and frequently followed by users, then you need to consider it soon. For instance, a ladies purse shop must provide such an opportunity to allow the users to find a variety of purse that matches in style, color, and design with the one they are looking for. Following are some of the benefits that may help you decide the implementation of such a technology to your online shop. You can also try Shopify plus to open an online store.

It’s more natural

An online store lists products with relevant images. The users who directly reach a landing page may not face the difficult. But, a great majority visits the eCommerce websites to browse the categories or enter a word or phrase about the product. It could be a painstaking job for the person who neither knows the name nor any attribute of the product he needs.

Browsing products through images is a natural process. It gives the users the real understanding about the fabric, makes and manufacture of the product. By allowing them to search by images of their own, they can screen out all the irrelevant products and reach the items they need the most.

Increased accuracy in real time

If you want your users to find exactly what they are looking for, the visual search technology is here to relieve them. The eCommerce websites are optimized for a set of keywords, and common phrases. What if the user types something out of the context? What if a user is completely ignorant of the common words that are in practice for a specific product? He will input a self-coined phrase and get disappointed to the list of irrelevant products.

The user of keywords is quite successful to grab higher search engine rankings and reach a well-educated community. You might be busy in adjusting the common search terms in the product page title, description, and meta details, whereas a set of users might be struggling to enter a term relevant to the product.

It streamlines product images

We often populate landing pages with as much product images as we can, just to provide a better picture to the audience. By implementing the visual search technology, you can get rid of most of the similar images on product pages that are overburdening the store uselessly.

Remove the excessive images and provide one clear image that may match to the one a user is expected to upload. The user, most probably, will have an idea what the product, so showing a few images can do the game rather than creating an entire gallery. The creation and maintenance of product image galleries are among hectic jobs. It may cost you numerous valuable hours of your staff. To cut short the entire process, you can replace multiple similar images with a glorified one.

It is a modern day need

The online shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry and is expected to expand with the increased use of mobile technology. The ease of capturing images on smartphones and easily sends it to friends has resulted in a magnanimous growth in eCommerce. The visual search can be another sensation by allowing the users to capture their favorite items and find them without any hassle.

The mobile and smartphone users can avail the opportunity to easy and fast search. They can roam around their schools and college, and quickly take a snap of a dress, shoes, or anything they like. Upload the image and get matching products on the go.

Final Thoughts

We, the human beings, are always attracted to the visuals. A product that is defined in a text may not be as appealing as in a quality image. The same happens in real world. The eCommerce websites try to reach a concerned audience, but they get mesmerized by the products they see practically. With a visual search, you can allow them to grab that product in the picture and get a matching piece for themselves. It removes the hassle of asking the details. It is a way forward in taking care of your valuable customers. They will feel obliged by such an option and would like to revisit.

Author bio:

Paul Simmons is an eCommerce web development enthusiast. He has lots of themes and extensions to his credit that are developed for the prominent platforms, including WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento and Joomla. These days, he is overlooking the web development team at FMEAddon.