Some Important SEO Tips for WordPress eCommerce to Increase Sales!

Running an e-com site with no search engine optimization is like running a brick and mortar store with no signboard or door. All the products are there inside, but there is no way a prospect can find it or buy it.

WordPress has made building e-com portals far easier and efficient now, and there are many sellers online who are making big money through online sales. Even if you think of business, either physical or digital, the primary requirement is appropriate marketing to take your brand reach to the potential consumers, and for digital, SEO is the way.

Need to optimize eCommerce website for search engine

Successful eCommerce begins with preparing useful content for your web pages. The potential users may search for your type of content through keyword and text. Google does not have a personality filter type of algorithm, but it works based on specific statistical data to identify whom to be displayed on top. So, it becomes essential for you to prepare your content in such way to impress the users as well as the search engines alike. However, how to do it well? Let’s explore.

1.eCommerce keyword
While planning to use keywords for your eCommerce site, you may have to ask the following questions yourself.

– Are the keywords you choose unique and relevant to your products and industry?
– Do you choose long-tail keywords?
– Are you choosing the keywords based on a proper research?

Using unique and relevant keywords is essential to make your presence on search engines and to optimize the content of e-com sites. For example, if you sell winter coats, merely assigning “winter coats” as the target keyword may not be enough. You can use tools like Google Adwords to find out better long-tail keywords which common consumers are used to while searching for products similar to yours and use it.

For the above example, you may find some keyword suggestions like:

– Black North Face winter coats
– High neck winter coats

2.Usage of title tags

Once if appropriate keywords are found, next the consideration is to place these keywords to get the best value efficiently. Starting from the top, an essential place in any regular content as a WordPress blog post, web page, or product page is the ‘title tag.’

On WordPress themes, H1 tag or the title tag of a web page will be for the title of each post or page. As this is a crucial SEO element, it is essential to include the long-tail keyword in full on the title tag. Using plug-ins like Yoast will help maximize the possibility of creating the most SEO friendly titles. With such tools, WordPress management service providers can optimize the title to get it displayed differently on Google SERPs (search engine result pages). You may also include a “Buy Now” type call to action in the site title on displaying at search engines to that the users know that they can buy it from the link.

3.Product description for SEO

For your product page or info page, it is essential to provide a short description of the product or some descriptive information about the page right underneath the product title. It will be shown as a description for the search engine users to get an overview of the results page itself and prompt them to click on it to reach to land on your e-com product page.

The short description SEO should not be confused with the title. This information may also feature the keywords, but the text needed to be chosen carefully to make it informative and relevant for the targeted users. You may also include some testimonials or positive custom reviews here to add value to what you offer.

4.Other areas for keyword optimization on WordPress

Along with the above three and the content of the page, the other general areas where you need to do optimization of the keyword also include, but not limited to.

– Permalink of the site
– Meta description
– Image alt text
– Captions of images (image names)

5.Do blogging

Along with keyword optimization, another great approach to WordPress eCommerce SEO is to do blogging. The more content you circulate outside the product offerings on the e-com web page, there are more chances that you gain more customer attention and traffic to your website. However, the topics you choose for blog posts should be relevant and informative to your niche to grab consumer attention.

As per the above example or Winter coats, here are some potential blog ideas to consider:

– High-neck vs. low-neck winter coats – How to Choose?
– Essentials about buying a winter coat for the next season!
– Winter coats and fashion – some tips to note!

You can use the tools like Trello to get a considerable list of blog ideas based on your products and services.

With many tools and plug-ins at your disposal, WordPress SEO has now become a much easier and practical consideration to make, without which it has become almost impossible now to survive online.