How To Develop a WordPress Mobile App

WordPress-based apps are setting a new trend among developers as well as users. You might be aware of this fact and might have planned to use it for building your own mobile app. No doubt, you are stepping on a right path but you must learn using WordPress in order to bring out the best results from your efforts.

Along with multiple content management options, WordPress facilitates numerous opportunities to customize your mobile app & uplift its performance. The majority of top-ranked websites are powered by WordPress & that’s why, every business owner makes the budget to hire a reputed mobile app development company for getting device-compatible mobile apps that are developed using WordPress themes & plugins.

Getting your own WordPress mobile app is a great idea as its content management system is easy to use and customize. Developers significantly consider using WordPress for mobile app development because it:

 Offers options for side-by-side content update
 Consists of a wide range of themes & plugins
 Both freemium & premium themes are available
 Supports multiple platforms & devices
 Goes well with app builders & various frameworks
 Facilitates convenience while publishing, editing, & updating content
 Reduces time & money required for content management

Clearly, you don’t need to hassle if you want to develop a feature-rich mobile app that reflects your WordPress website. Developers preferably use WordPress as the content management system to arrange the content and deliver stunning user experience. So, choosing WordPress is a good option if you want an interactive app either for an Android or iOS device. For WordPress mobile app development, you can use:

App Builders

With minimal coding & reduced efforts, you can easily create a fully functional mobile app with engaging features. However, they work extraordinarily with WordPress support & here are the benefits of using them:

 Less expenditure
 No need to perform coding
 Website-based WordPress app
 Easier integration of content
 Add & update pages

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Developers find WordPress useful to perform mobile app development without any inconvenience & lag. Business owners majorly aspire to introduce a high-performing mobile app that reflects their business-related WordPress website. Being popular among the most advanced content management systems, WordPress offers an extended range of themes & plugins available for free.

WooCommerce plugin will be the first choice to build an app for your online store with interesting features & user-friendly functions.

Hybrid App Technology

Ionic frameworks support hybrid technology & they are used for getting your WordPress website’s content on your mobile app. The update of WP-API introduced an advanced feature that enables two-way communication & it’s meant to simplify the process of post creation & adding comments.

You can definitely take advantage of using WordPress as a content management system if you consider the above-given tools, platforms, frameworks, & techniques. Now, the next thing is that how you are going to perform WordPress mobile app development?

Right from installation to customization, you can create a WordPress-based mobile app in just a few simple steps as described below:

Plugin Installation

WordPress comprises numerous plugins and developers use them for website customization. Building a cross-platform mobile app requires a lot of efforts in coding & customization of UI. WordPress plugins can be used to simplify the process in simple steps.

 Get started by installing WordPress plugin.
 You can view a list of sections on WP dashboard, click on the “Plugins” options & choose Install New option
 Once a plugin is installed, a new menu will appear on the screen along with various sections. From here, you can choose video tutorials, app builder, themes, active plugins, premium version, & more.
App Customization

Once you have done with the installation of WordPress plugin, it’s time to customize your app in your own style. When you select the App Builder tab, a screen will pop-up on your display along with multiple app editing options. To showcase your creativity & customize your app, you simply need to:

 Select the desired theme
 Modify & enhance menus
 Configure app name & add its logo
 Define your app’s structure
 Create slideshow & videos

Publishing Your App

If you are satisfied with the app customization, you have already covered a distance of more than a mile in the WordPress app customization process. Now you are only a click away from publishing your WordPress mobile app. Find the blue “Publish App” button & hit it. Don’t forget to check out the status of a list of tasks you have completed till now.

Congrats, you have customized & developed a fully-functional mobile app for your business. You will get a download link & other major instructions to introduce your WordPress mobile app on any app store.

Summing Up!

Thanks to WordPress plugins & themes as anyone can use them for mobile app customization & development. Many WordPress website developers follow similar steps to develop a mobile app with cutting-edge features & functions. You just need to choose right WordPress plugin & theme to render a stunning look to your mobile app & customize its overall performance.


Jacob Colleen works as a mobile app developer at Webby Central. He writes informative blogs to share his knowledge & skills in mobile apps development. In the above article, he has defined advantages of using WordPress for mobile app development along with the customization process.