Innovative web design nowadays means high-quality images, tall pages, fewer links and more buttons with large clickable area. This all happened thanks to one thing that has changed recently. 

This is all about scrolling. Scrolling has become an easy process comparing to old-fashioned scrollbars on the side of a screen. Today it is easier to scroll than it is to click. More and more people browse websites on their mobile devices. On mobile devices it is harder to click on a target area, but scrolling is an absolutely natural process. 

Innovative web design

Old websites targeted at short pages with maximum information and links squeezed in one screen. The new, innovative web design is aimed at scrolling at the first place. What considered to be ineffective and inconvenient a couple of years ago is now fully acceptable and welcome. 

The new scrolling culture made one-page websites so popular. There is no need to create a complicated site maps and huge menu bars. A one-page website carries customers through a well-designed system of arguments, pros and cons to a single action that a website visitor is expected to take at the end of the journey. When customers are saved from endless website surfing in search of information, they stay more focused and they are more likely to take a required action. 

Another hallmark of innovative web design is large high-quality images. When scrolling is so easy, designers are free to fill websites with large beautiful images. Important information will not be missed in the middle of the page, or even on the bottom. Great images inspire users to scroll for more information. Images make brands more emotional and open for customers.

Modern technology dramatically changes approach to innovative web design. Design patterns that were unacceptable a few years ago today prove to be highly effective. All the rules may be turned inside out only because of one thing that has changed in the way in which users interact with websites.

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