How to Speed up a Cloud Hosted WordPress Site

The load speed of your WordPress website has a significant impact on its success. If it takes long for a page to load, chances are you will register a high bounce rate. This will not be good for your marketing plan. More often than not, the low load speed is not necessarily caused by how you have built your website but depends on the services being offered by your web host. If you are using a cloud hosting services, below are some of the important things you should consider doing in order to boost the speed.

Contact your web host first

The first thing you need to do before you take any other action to boost the load speed of your website is to contact your cloud hosting service provider. You can start by asking them if there is a problem with their servers. The team will also give you tips and ideas to help boost the load speed of your website. By talking to your cloud hosting provider, you will be able to save time which would have been wasted looking for solutions yourself. The hosting service provider understands his systems better than anyone else and he will be able to give you advice that boostsyour website’s speed.

Install caching plugin

Another option you should consider is that of installing specialized caching plugins. This is the most popular method of speeding up a WordPress website. The caching plugin works by storing the final view of the site for any future visitors. This simply means that WordPress will not have to generate it for every following person that wants to view the site. It is also good to pay attention to some of the tools you can get with Salesforce DX. This is an advanced app development tool that can help you create just any application that you need. It offers amazing features to help with online marketing too.

Clean up your database

How well organized your database is will impact the load speed of your website. This is why you also need to spend some time on your database. Start by looking for the inactive plugins or for the plugins that you no longer use or those that no longer work and remove them from your database. This is important when considering that when loading a page, a browser calls up all the elements on the page. This includes the plugins. The more the plugins there are the slower the load speed will be. Having too many plugins will actually hinder your success in marketing. Nobody wants to wait for a marketing page to load up.

Compress the media files

Did you know it is possible for you to compress the media files on your website? Uploading large videos and images will slow down your website. This is why compressing the media files will be very effective in increasing the load speed. There are many WordPress plugins you can use for this.

These are the main things you need to do if you wish to boost the load speed of your website. Other than that, you should consider updating WordPress regularly. Update the themes and plugins and keep your database organized.

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