Thinking of ways to improve the online presence of your business in 2021? Setting yourself up online is crucial in the modern day, allowing you to access potential customers and clients that you never would have been able to previously, but it can be difficult trying to get visibility against competitors and find the right ways to connect with your ideal demographic.
To help get you inspired, here are three quick ideas of things that you might be able to try – if you aren’t already – in order to help improve the online presence of your business in 2021. Read on to find out more!

Refreshing your social media profiles

To start with, you’ll almost certainly have a social media profile set up for your business – and if not be sure to set one up right away – but you might not be using and leveraging it to your full advantage. Here are a few quick ideas of things that you can do to improve engagement, and find new audiences for your products and services:

  • Include the specifics and location of your business – If you want customers to be able to find your business easily, then make sure that you include all of the up-to-date, relevant contact information in the right places. If you’re set up as a Google business, you want to also make sure that those in the local area can find you quickly.


  • Offer different content types for different platforms – Rather than posting out the same image or piece of information across all of your social channels, taking the time to tailor posts to each platform will drive up engagement and make customers more likely to interact with what you’re doing. Leaning into visual content on Instagram, for instance, as opposed to more long form guides and statistics on something more professional, like LinkedIn.
  • Communicate with your audience – Be sure to stay active on social platforms, not just keeping an eye on trends within your business niche but also answering all questions and messages that you get through. Building trust with customers is important, and having multiple available methods of communication helps massively.
Recycling content into different formats

If you have a bunch of high-quality content on your website that you think could be in need of a refresh, you also might want to think about how you could leverage the had work that you’ve already done, and recycle it into different content formats. Not only will this aid your on-page SEO (if trying to rank for specific industry keywords), but it will also give customers and clients the ability to choose how they want to consume the information that you’re offering, and thus add more value to your business online.

Video, for instance, is an increasingly popular content format, with platforms such as YouTube quickly rivalling Google as a more specific search engine and way of finding information,

In order to offer something that your competitors simply don’t, you might also decide to look into even more unique content formats (if relevant to your business), such as virtual reality. RWinvest, for instance, an award-winning property investment company in the UK, have been offering VR tours of their different property investment opportunities throughout the pandemic. Not only do these types of experiences add value to the content you’re putting out there online, but they also provide memorable experiences for clients.

Audit your competition

If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to improve your online output, a good regular practice to look into is competitor analysis. Round up three to five of your peers or competitors in your field, look at what they’re doing well, and what they’re doing that you could do better. Your business should always have a unique vision – offering something that competitors aren’t – but looking at what they’re doing well can be a good way of sparking new inspiration of things to try if you’re feeling a bit creatively dry. Good luck!