The High Points of WordPress That Makes It Most Suitable for SEO

If you are not using WordPress, you are doing great injustice to your search engine optimization initiatives, because you are not exploiting its full potential. The beauty of WordPress is that it allows enhancing the capabilities of the platform for achieving better SEO performance. You can improve the capabilities to any extent by using suitable themes and plugins. To make SEO work the way you want and implement strategies that give better marketing results, you must use WordPress.

Themes and plugins make WordPress a much superior CMS as compared to other content management systems like Joomla. Drupal and Squarespace are one of the prime reasons for its popularity. The built-in SEO features are basic, but by using proper themes and plugins, you can undertake complete customization for achieving your marketing goals. Why you must use WordPress for search marketing will be clear after reading this article.

Faster website creation

WordPress is available to all as it is open source and you can download it free. Ever since 2003, when WordPress was launched, the task of making websites has become not only very easy but also very fast. If you are slightly familiar with technicalities, you can create a site in just five minutes, which was just unthinkable earlier. Within that time, you can even get it hosted, and it will be up and running. Over the years, the fine-tuning of the process has also brought the time further. Faster website creation is welcome to meet the demands of the fast-paced business world.

Deriving power from open source

Being an open source platform, WordPress has become much more powerful due to the contributions of developers around the world who are always engaged in creating tools and resources for the platform. It is most beneficial for users who can access the resources that create endless possibilities in customizing SEO to make it more powerful and efficient. You can find thousands of SEO friendly WordPress themes and countless plugins that enhance the SEO functionalities and help to achieve better results. The SEO performance can even touch the sky if you wish and WordPress can do it for you. You can always stay current and updated with the best practices of Google without any worries.

Site structure and content

Better is the site structure, more organized the website is. The site structure determines how much friendly the website would be for viewers and makes it look attractive because this is essential for proper SEO. The process of site structuring happens naturally with WordPress, as the content automatically falls in place by virtue of being organized into pages and blog posts together with tags and blog categories. Your task is to specify the type of content, whether it is a blog post or page and then assign the correct tags and categories to it. The tags and categories related to the topics of the content.

Manage the basics without codes

If you had known that SEO is complicated and managing it is not easy, then you would change your view of using WordPress. It is easy to manage SEO with WordPress as it gives you the options of doing it entirely out of the box. Moreover, you can manage the basics without having any knowledge about codes that provide more control over on-page SEO.

Permalink structure

The structure of URLs, also known as permalinks is essential for SEO and your blog posts, you can set your own permalink structure because WordPress allows it. Once done, you can use the parent pages for organizing your permalinks. Go to the settings menu and choose ‘permalinks’ from the drop-down list that displays the default URLs. Among other options that you see, choose the ‘post name’ option, and you become sure that the URL structure remains optimized with the possibility of customizing the actual words when editing a page or blog post.

Website speed

When using WordPress, you need not worry about site speed because websites with standard themes and basic installation load quite fast. Since website-loading speed is important to Google and search engines, this is a significant benefit for you. However, at a later stage when you use different themes and content on the website, the speed might slow down, but then you can make use of some plugins that can accelerate the speed.

Plugins enhance optimization

Plugins are great SEO boosters, and this is where WordPress scores above other CMS. Plugins are extensions that you can choose to perform specific SEO functions that are over and above the basic features. Plugins allow configuring SEO settings across the website, and some plugins support particular optimization of keywords and content.

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Author bio: Dennis Williams is a WordPress developer who has worked with many different content management systems. He was briefly associated with but has now formed an SEO company along with his wife. A very creative person, he is the brain behind many successful websites.

In the initial stages, WordPress was not considered to be a useful platform from where marketing could be done extensively. However, with the passage of time, several innovative features have been added. It has been developed now in such a platform that it spontaneously proves to be one of the best marketing platforms. As a powerful blogging and highly efficient content management system or CMS, it has now gained substantial popularity, and its use appears to be escalating to greater heights with every sliding second. With a broad range of alternatives for search engine optimization, it renders great freedom and facility to the marketers to reach out to the larger and targeted masses of audiences as per their choice and requirements.

WordPress and SEO advantages

Do the search engines prefer the WordPress sites? Well, there is no need to be misguided. Search engines would not favor any website just because it is on any particular platform. In fact, the search engines act impartially. The page ranking of a website does not go up or down just because it has been created using any special platform. What the search engines look for are the websites that are active and the blogs for which are updated more frequently. And, it is here that WordPress provides the SEO advantages by allowing you create and update the contents more quickly and as per your desire. WordPress and its plugins have been designed and developed in such a manner that they enable you to create or amend the contents quickly. Moreover, for blogging, WordPress is a suitable platform. Most sites are accompanied by the blogs. Updating the blogs quite frequently can make your sites and blogs favored by the search engines as the search engines like frequent updates.

Configuring WordPress for SEO purposes

Though WordPress is highly suitable for SEO purposes, nothing happens automatically. Search engine optimization cannot be adequately carried out unless due configuration for SEO is done.

There are several ways through which the configuration of sites or blogs can be done for SEO purposes. If you are familiar with the WordPress theme, you are, certainly, well aware of its benefits for SEO purposes. There are various choices in WordPress themes, and you can choose the one that is best suitable for SEO. However, one needs to be careful in making the right selection. Some WordPress themes look appealing, but they are not designed for enhancing the search engine optimization purposes. So, it is wise to choose the ones that are best suitable for SEO purposes, no matter they do not look lucrative.

The permalinks are great benefits when it comes to using them for SEO. However, it is required that the permalinks are to ‘post name.’ This makes the title appear in URL.

The WordPress SEO plugin is indispensable if you desire to use WordPress for SEO. Though there are several plugins, the ‘All in One SEO Pack’ is highly popular and user-friendly and you can think of using it. This can perform a lot many tasks; however, you should understand well its features and functions before you use it.

Once your sites start getting enough web traffic, you will require addressing certain issues relevant to your site. For instance, you may need to deal with the comments of the visitors properly. And, without using the right plugin, it may be somewhat difficult to do it. So, here also you require identifying the best suitable plugin.

Optimizing pages and posts for SEO purposes

Whether you use the WordPress platform or any other popular platform for your website, something that is essential is to optimize the pages and posts for SEO purposes. And, for this, the optimized content is a must. Much needs to be done through On Page SEO. For instance, you need to ensure that the page or the post is organized around a particular keyword. Also, it gets a place in the title and headings. The frequency of the keyword is organized in such a way that it does not overburden the post or the site and it looks natural.

The graphics, as well as the links, need to be used meticulously. You can add internal links to the other pages on your website. Also, you may add the external links to the authority sites that are in your niche.

This may seem a tedious task, but you should run through the WordPress checklist whenever new create a new page or post. This will ensure that everything is correct. Plugins are available to perform this task, and you can choose to use one that is best suitable for it.

Getting help from the experts

If you are not a tech-savvy, it may be somewhat challenging and confusing to use the WordPress for SEO. Moreover, as a businessman or manager, you may be busy with several other business activities related to your business. This may make the things tough. But that should not be the reason not to use WordPress for SEO purposes. There is no dearth of WordPress SEO experts. You can invest some time in doing some research and find the top New York SEO agency and get the support of the best SEO experts. Again, it may call for some investment, but that should not frighten you. WordPress SEO would get you due to return. After all, your WordPress site or post would prove to be less meaningful unless it is optimized.

Need of WordPress SEO

At a time when competition in almost every sphere of business is getting tougher each day, it is essential to be familiar with the latest trends in marketing and other activities of the firm. There is no way a business owner can afford not to use the online marketing tools and techniques. And, if WordPress provides the convenience to use it for SEO purposes, there is no reason why one should not harvest the benefits from its highly elegant features for search engine optimization of pages or posts.

Author bio: The author Bryan Rich is a WordPress SEO expert. Besides carrying out WordPress SEO, he also keeps sharing valuable information about SEO. In this article, he explains how one can use the WordPress use for business SEO. He also guides the business owners how they can find the top New York SEO agency and get due help from SEO experts.


Whether you’re running an e-commerce shop, a drop-shipping website or a corporate blog to bolster your company’s brand image, there’s a good chance you’re using a WordPress installation to create that site. This is the most popular content management system (CMS) in use, and it’s used to create upwards of 75 million websites around the world.
That’s roughly one out of every four websites on the World Wide Web. Or as WordPress frames it:
“More than 409 million people view more than 23.6 billion pages each month and users produce 69.5 million new posts and 46.8 million new comments every month.”
You might want to read through those statistics again. There’s a lot to unpack there. Suffice it to say, WordPress is huge, and if you have a website, there’s a one-in-four chance that it’s powered by WordPress.
I work for a leading SEO company in Sydney, Australia, and many of our clients prefer to work with WordPress. Given the affordability and functionality of this CMS, I understand why this is their go-to online content creator. But I’ve also seen first-hand just how many people end up missing out on some of the key features available through WordPress.
One of the strongest features of this CMS is the vast ecosystem of plugins available for modifying your installation of WordPress so that it can achieve more for you. With that in mind, I’ve drawn up a list of ten must-have plug-ins if you’re hoping to crush it with WordPress in 2017:
1.SEO Yoast
While it’s no replacement for actual SEO services in Sydney, Australia, Yoast is a great value-adder for SEO-conscious website operators. The free version helps you optimise each page of your site for a particular keyword, offering insight into your keyword density and making it incredibly easy to set your meta tags (see here for more on what that means).

The better your SEO efforts, the more traffic your site is going to receive. This makes it all the more important that site visitors are able to contact you with questions, orders and follow-ups. WPForms makes it easy to set up high-functioning contact forms on your site.

WordPress is an open-source CMS, which means that hackers can scrutinise the code to find new and more inventive ways to breach your security. If malware penetrates your site and starts infecting visitors, your search rankings will plummet. Securi counters this with free and premium security products that will help shore up your defences.

4.ShortPixel Image Optimiser
Images make your site more attractive, but they also saddle it with a download burden (read: slower load time). ShortPixel makes it easy to compress your images so that they’re the perfect size for a mobile device or desktop computer – rather than for a full-colour 55-inch display. That would be overkill.

5.Envira Gallery
If you’re working on images, why not work on galleries, too? Envira helps you optimise your galleries so that they render well and load quickly for a variety of screen resolutions. In other words, this plug-in lets you capitalise on image-heavy design without risking a higher bounce rate.

6.W3 Total Cache
Following on from the previous two plugins, W3 Total Cache also helps your pages load faster. It does so by serving your site visitors with compressed files that load faster and obliterate bounce rates. Fast load times are an incredibly important factor for SEO. You need this plugin in your life.

7.All in One Rich Snippets
Rich snippets (aka ‘meta descriptions’) are an important bit of behind-the-scenes text that you can add to your website. They tell search engines what a specific page of content is about, so that this information can be presented to users when they are searching for sites like yours. This is the text that appears under the links on the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you’ve spent much time cruising the SERPs, you’ll notice that many of the rich snippets are incomplete or – even worse – feature the dreaded ‘robot.txt’ disclaimer. Improving your own snippets helps you boost your site’s SEO ranking and improve user experience at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Better SEO means higher traffic, but what are you doing to capture and retain these new site visitors? The Bloom email opt-in plugin helps you prompt your site visitors to give you their email addresses, which you can use for future EDM campaigns. This is big-picture stuff, and it makes a huge difference for SEO campaigns.

9.Google Analytics by MonsterInsights
Any SEO company worth its salt will provide you with comprehensive analytics reports for how your site is performing. But second opinions are always recommended. This WordPress plugin lets you compile your Google Analytics information. This is good for your own information, as well as for confirming that your SEO company is really delivering.

10.Disqus Comment System
All of those new site visitors that your SEO campaign has generated need an easy way to engage with you and others like themselves. The Disqus comment system is one of the most reputable out there, and it enables visitors to sign up, leave comments and otherwise engage with your brand on your site.
This is just a sampling of the must-have WordPress plugins in 2017. Each of these will help amplify your SEO efforts, but none are a replacement for a well-thought-out strategy. But if you already have an SEO company in your corner, any of the above plug-ins will help you achieve even better results over the long term.

Author Bio
Will Dolphin is an SEO specialist who works for He’s a WordPress wizard and a self-described ‘tech geek’. When he’s not designing responsive WordPress sites or optimising them for search, you’re likely to find him blogging about the latest Rick and Morty episode under a pseudonym he’d rather not disclose here.

The various advantages you can enjoy with Yoast SEO plugin

There are different parts of SEO and plugins are just one of them. If you are wondering which SEO plugin should you prefer for your new website, then it is advisable to go for Yoast SEO. This is a popular SEO plugin which is available for free. However, you can expect to get maximum advantages, which are not available otherwise with the other free SEO plugin suites. In this post, we will talk about the Yoast SEO plugin as well as the features it can provide to the users.

Advantages you can enjoy with Yoast SEO

High readability and use of 5 keywords per page

With this SEO plugin, you can get more visitors from Bing and Google. You can attract more visitors from the social networking media as well as enhance the engagement of the readers. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of this SEO plugin, then you need to convert the free mode to paid version. It can allow up to keyword optimization for five keywords for each of the pages. These five keywords are those by which you would like to rank your website on the search engine pages. You can check the Facebook, Google and Twitter previews on the page. The preview is significant on these social media pages as well as others because it will help you to add traffic to your website.

We can analyze the readability of the copy which you have written as well as calculate the Flesch Reading Ease score. At the same time, you can set the prime category for all your posts as well as determine the taxonomy for the single pages on your site.

No advertisement in paid version – Avoids content duplicity

Many users complain that they have to face repeated ads when they use Yoast SEO. However, it is a problem only with the free version. Once you install the paid version, you will no longer get to view any ads. You need to upgrade the Yoast SEO Premium to get access to the new enhanced benefits. You can also avoid content duplicity by avoid confusing the search engine Google with the copied content. You can set the canonical URLs.

Perfect for search engines search pages

We can say that this plugin makes it quite easy to seduce the search engines. If you want to make sure whether you are using the keywords correctly in your content, then Yoast plugin can help you as well. It can show whether the keywords are being properly placed and utilized in your contents.

Yoast SEO will always ensure that the mechanical configuration can roll out the carpet for the search engine. It does not matter at all whether you are aware of the .htaccess files, sitemaps or clean permalink URLs, robots.txt, etc. the best part of this plugin is that it can be updated after every two weeks. This update will take place automatically, thus ensuring that the site is optimized as per the recent algorithms of Google. You can also check the number of internal links present to and in a post on your site. You can also expect to get suggestions to various other pages n your site as well.

Why is it necessary to hire an SEO expert?

It is necessary that you hire the service of an SEO expert to reap the maximum benefits. If you are not an expert in SEO, then it is not possible to use the SEO tactics correctly. Without SEO tactics being properly used, you cannot expect to get 100 percent results. When it comes to hiring an SEO expert, then it is suggested that you check out for the agencies. There are numerous companies available, and you can easily choose one by your requirements. The packages vary from one firm to another; you can strike the best deal after comparing the shortlisted options. If you know anyone who is presently using SEO services, then you can also go ahead and take referrals. This can allow to you to get some discounts as well.

Search Crush SEO is a popular name in this domain, and they can nourish you with customized SEO packages. They provide a vast range of SEO services, which also includes plugins as well. Their team of expert is available to guide you regarding your requirements.

Author bio:

James Booth is known for being an expert SEO specialist. He has written some blogs on SEO topics. In this post, he has tried his best to help readers to learn about Yoast SEO. This is a popular SEO plugin which has become widely popular nowadays owing to the number of benefits it has to offer the users. Search Crush SEO is a well-known service provider for SEO related services. The author has recently worked with this company, and he has also suggested readers go for their service to enjoy maximum possible benefits.

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WordPress is considered to be the most popular content management system because of its search engine compatibility and SEO-friendliness. There are countless blogs, websites, and e-commerce sites being built on WordPress now. From start-up companies to large corporations, this CMS platform has won the hearts of businesses in every industry. Moreover, the users simply love WordPress for its effectiveness and simplicity.

Here, we are trying to address a few important frequently asked questions about WordPress and how it affects SEO. If you are in a dilemma about whether or not you should choose this content management system for building your company website, the following will surely help you reach a decision.

Q1: Is WordPress search engine optimized right out of the box?


Many people believe in this misconception. The disappointing answer is a hard “no.” There is no such thing as a search engine ready CMS. Even though WordPress components are made to be search engine-friendly, you still have to put in all manual SEO works and consistent efforts to ensure the desired results. Just switching to this CMS will not help your site rank on top of Google’s SERPs magically.

Q2: Do I need an SEO consultant again if I install a WordPress SEO Plugin?

The first thing to know here is that SEO is not merely an instant and easy install. It is not a typical turnkey solution to your website needs. It is also not a “set-and-forget” affair. You should know that SEO is a continuous and persistent effort, which needs to be woven adequately into the ongoing marketing efforts to bring in results.

    There are no one-shot plugins for WordPress SEO. Configuring an SEO plugin is just the first step in the right direction. The ongoing bigger picture is far more complex, task-intensive, and comprehensive. You need an expert SEO consultant to attain this. Some other essential things to note in this light are:

  • When you build or upgrade with WordPress or a new plugin, it will ultimately alter the code of your site. These changes may also adversely impact your SEO position if not rightly accounted for.
  • Adding more plugins may ultimately slow down your website. The site loading speed is a vital SEO factor, and sometimes this innocent change may have an adverse impact on your ranking.
  • Content marketing is a critical aspect of online businesses. Optimizing the content for relevant keywords may help in getting more leads and convert the same into business. Only an experienced online marketer can devise the right strategies to make this happen.
  • In SEO, it is also essential to run timely audits to ensure that your site is always kept optimized in the highly competitive search engine optimization environment, which requires expert assistance.

Q3: How to choose an ideal WordPress SEO plugin for my website?

Ans: There are two prominent SEO plugins available such as:
1) All in One SEO Pack
2) WordPress SEO by Yoast

The first one is a top choice of WordPress developers, and Yoast is also highly rated. Along with these, you may need more plugins to do other tasks that are necessary to reap the maximum benefits. To choose the best plugins for your specific needs, you must consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility: Check if the plugin is compatible with all other functional aspects and technology used on the site.
  • Support: Ensure that there will be solid technical support for the plugin you are going to choose. See if it has a stable community, and check out the forums, feedback, and reviews to get more info.
  • Popularity and usage: Check the rating to see how popular the plugin is and the usage level. Consider the number of total downloads, which is a clear indication of its popularity and the possibility of ongoing support.
  • The scope of future development: Check whether the company has a solid history of updating their offerings and revising those timely. Buying premium WordPress themes and plugins from reputed providers or marketplaces like CodeCanyon or ThemeForest is safe and smart.
  • Q4: How to choose a WordPress hosting solution for SEO benefits?
    Ans: There are many factors to consider while choosing a hosting solution. Some of these include:

    • Cost
    • Ease of installation
    • Support
    • Web server management

    1) If you have internal resources, capacity, and time to deal with the hosting, data backing up, upgrades, and restoration, try a virtual private server (VPS) to manage things by yourself and enjoy full control.

    2) If you lack the necessary resources, a third-party WordPress hosting solution may help with administration, security, technical, and performance management for a service fee. If you have zero knowledge of the technical aspects of managing a site, it would be best to leave the responsibility on a pro.

    Some other points to consider while thinking of hosting a blog:

    • Check whether the hosting provider permits all plugins of your current or future choice. Some providers may impose some limitations.
    • Some of the hosting services offer a one-click solution for restoration and backup of your site if something goes wrong. It is a convenient feature to have.
    • Check if they are offering a staging environment where you can build, test, or experiment with your site while keeping it hidden from the public eye.
    • Some providers may look great on the outside, but may ultimately offer only low-quality hosting services. Do thorough baselines research before entering into a deal to avoid any future problems.

    Hope these practical tips on WordPress SEO provide you with some baseline insights. We have only tried to focus on the core areas, and further will discuss more such useful tips in the forthcoming articles. Feel free to join the discussion by posting your comments or queries below.

    Author Bio: Marcus Martin is a highly experienced search engine optimization and PPC expert with a keen focus on consulting for audits, strategy, local and technical SEO. He also used to write how-to articles on blogs and websites for the new-comers of this industry.