Many WordPress users are still trying to get their head around what the new “Benny” system is all about. First of all, “Benny” was named after the famous jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, who you can learn more about on youtube or wikipedia. The system itself is more of a patch update than anything else, however, it does have some interesting new and key features.

The new program allows for greater control over image selection by adding an endless selection of media to be shown from your library. For sites that have 1000s of pictures, this may be a challenge with low-bandwidth, but no issues have been heard of as far as we know.


Remember back in the day when you had to be a “computer programmer” to put a Youtube video onto your web page? Well folks, we have come a long way since that day and age, and the new 4.0 Benny system is one of the greatest contributors to progressing this model. It actually gives you the tools to create really cool web pages, especially when you use one of our themes. writes, “Paste in a YouTube URL on a new line, and watch it magically become an embedded video. Now try it with a tweet. Oh yeah — embedding has become a visual experience. The editor shows a true preview of your embedded content, saving you time and giving you confidence.”

With an increasingly populated selection of “plugins” on WordPress, it is entirely amazing that the over 30,000 plugins can be handled by the system across all the different platforms and variants in which the core has expended. According to the WordPress Site, the Benny 4.0 upgrade helps with a more visualized experience, as well as offering new metrics and improved search.

So really, should you install “Benny” right now? It might be a good idea to get any new updates installed and activated as soon as possible so you can ensure that you are ahead of the curve, but most people can get by with the current version. For more blogging, information, and WordPress tips, make sure to read more of the blog.