Clean up Your WordPress with Anti Malware ELI

There are numbers of plugins are available in the WordPress directory but so far ELI GOTMLS is one of the most efficient every time along with other precautions. Its like the job can not be done without running it.

I have been webmaster for many years and most of my clients are having the WordPress site for their front end and as you know WordPress have massive range of third-party plugins and themes and that is increases of malware as well as compatibility issue. Many times WordFence stopped site and then we spend hours to fix and we figure out at the end as it is the WordFence so we were looking for something more strong and more sober which only does the job without providing any other features then GOTMLS came into the picture referred from one of the colleague and since that time we are always using ELI GOTMLS. Talking about the Features what else you want more when you have ELI not only find the bad codes but also remove and on top of that fix righ away from the same dashboard. I guess its finest. Yes it is not stopping but it is fixing and that is what we looking for cause we can not stop attacks but we can fix them and ELI GOTMLS is the right tool for it. I suggest and strongly recommend every webmaster and WordPress administrator to use it and see how that makes your life easy when you are trouble like infection on your WordPress site or blog.

Considering Anti-Malware and Infection on your WordPress Site ELI GOTMLS is MUST TOOL so far every time we use, it gave us quick results and remove most of our infection with the one click "Automatic fix Selected Files" Try and you will not regret. If you need any help in removing virus or any infection on your WordPress website, please do contact us at [email protected]