In the todays world, online marketing plays vital part in product introduction to reach the right customer and in that process misinformation abounds and its building exponentially by Internet. Most of the information that you read are not always true in nature. That is almost uses the perception of an publisher or few SEO technicians. Below is the righway to present the information which can be true in nature and useful to build and reach customers and potentials.

1. MetaTags for URL,
In recent google updates Meta tags are not to be considered or readable but you can not completely ignore them cause it is appearing in your search engines. Many of the search engines like google and bing they shows your meta tags on your each URL so we can not completely ignore them it may be the case where various search engines ignore them but it is solely depends on the algorithm of the crawlers.

2. The more inbound links get SEO ranking good,
It all depends on the quality of the links, before there was a saying that more in-bound link will increase your ranking but in the recent updates with the google the more links which are spam in nature can really blacklisted the url and give bad reputation into the SEO.

Those days are gone when you can generate links with many back links and give the inbound links, which is no longer accepted by many search engines like google and all. So the best way is to create good authentic article and talk about your products and services and that will give you a right amount of juice to have good ranking.

3. Page Rank
Google’s page range is 1 to 10 ranking the overall presentation of the every website says the bigger the no and the higher the rank. It was very famous around many SEO technicians, but today Google’s algorithm includes many factors instead of one. The page rank is still functioning but it seems to become the efficient way to rank the page. If you have page with relative topic is more valuable then the lower page rank with different topic. It is always vital to have right subject page rank instead of unbalanced higher page rank.

4. Keywords from Rich domains,
Let’s say you have the domain name and you prefer to have good ranking on the dry cleaners by putting the keywords into the domain but that is not true it is ranking because of the other factors. You can have rank your page by having the same and that domain can be higher in ranking in case of quality and content distribution.

5. Website Submission to Search engines,
It was time that every site must be submitted to the search engines but now days its not very very important that you have to have submit the site to rank into the google. Without submission the search engine still can crawl your website if the infrastructure is right and strong.