10 Best Heatmap Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website

Being a website owner or a blogger, you should always know the behavior of your web visitors whenever they visit your site in realtime. By tracking the action of your web visitors on your site, you can generate better  user experience for them, which in turn, boosts your conversions as well as sales.

However, getting the insights about how web users interact with your site can be a challenging task,but with the use of available website builders or user friendly CMS platform like WordPress, you can simplify your work efficiently. WordPress comes with a ton of Heatmap tools and plugins that will help you see where your realtime users click on your site, how they interact, and how they scroll your web pages.

This is a great way to know which areas of your site have got most clicks and views. These tools can help you engage more users towards your site by improving its usability and readability. So, if you have big goals for your web business, make sure you integrate heatmaps to know where you visitors are paying more attention.

How Heatmaps Work?

A heatmap simply loads a JavaScript file in the browser of your visitors to collect their mouse movements. When a visitor clicks on your web page, this technology will highlight or mark that particular area to help you know how many clicks you get on your WordPress web page.

If the spots are brighter in color, then it means they are high-click zones. And if the color fades out, then it means they are low click zones. In short, this technology can help you know whether your potential visitors click on your targeted areas or not, such as logins, purchases or downloads.

So, with that concept in mind, we bring you a list of 10 most trending heatmap plugins that will help you get detailed insights about your WordPress site on the fly.

1. Clicky Analytics


With more than 10,000 active users, Clicky Analytics has become one of the best heatmap plugins for WordPress sites. It can help you track and collect the number of clicks within your web page. The plugin generates the heatmap on the basis of an individual web page.

It gives a complete information as well as graphical stats about your real-time web visitors, their number of visits, the number of clicks, organic searches, bounce rate and a lot more directly on your WordPress admin panel.

The plugin adds Clicky Web Analytics tracking code in each of your web pages to let you track your visitor’s behaviors with ease.

2. Crazyegg


Crazyegg is an amazing WordPress tool that can help you track each and every mouse click on your web page. It allows you to see what your visitors are doing on your site in real-time.

The tool comes with a ton of exciting feature such as click data heatmap, overlay for a number of clicks on a particular area of your web page, scroll-map tracking, and you can even know where your visitors are coming from (based on referral sources).

The best thing about Crazyegg is that it offers a free WordPress plugin that you can integrate into your blog to get the most of it, without any external resources.

3. SumoMe – WordPress heatmap plugin


Get complete insights about your web visitor’s behavior whenever they access your website using SumoMe tool. It is a great heatmap plugin that will help you know where your users are clicking on your site so that you can improve its usability and let your visitors spend more time on your site.

With its in-built functionality, you can track the number of clicks on each web page and also introduce some innovative ideas to know how your visitors are spending their time on your website. This information will let you improve the User Interface of your WordPress site with ease.

4. Clicktale


Clicktale is one of the most incredible mouse-tracking tools that offers a ton of rich features, such as data-driven heatmaps, conversion funnels, session playback, interactive stats about your visitor’s behavior and a lot more.

The plugin displays the clear picture of a consumer journey on your WordPress site. You can detect what your visitors are doing on your site so that you can give more reasons to stay longer and generate more conversions for your business.

Tip: Clicktale offers a free plan that serves up to 400 page views/per month.

5. SessionCam


If you want to optimize your conversion rates, then you will need to integrate a tool that can help you track the mouse-clicks on each of your web pages. SessionCam is an ultimate WordPress plugin that comes with a whole gamut of heatmaps, tracking and reporting tools to let you see user activity on your site in real-time.

It is a responsive plugin that works across multiple devices and screen sizes. With the help of this information, you can improve the areas where you are getting least clicks and also add CTAs to drive more attention – this can boost the UI of your WordPress site with ease.

6. Ptengine


Ptengine is a free heatmap and analytics plugin that helps you track and collect information about your potential web visitors on the go. You can integrate this plugin into your WordPress site to know where people are clicking on your website.

It comes with some of the advanced features such as scrolling rates, data-driven heatmaps, multi-device monitoring, and well-detailed statistics about how your visitors spend time on your site.

7. Mouseflow


Mouseflow is another powerful heatmap and analytics tool that track the mouse movements of users such as clicks, scrolls, form filling and other keystrokes to let you know how they are browsing your site.

The tool comes both in free and paid plan. The Paid plan starts at $10per month, in which you will get unlimited pro features such as responsive support, page tracking, clear heatmaps, well-crafted details on each of your web visitor.

8. Lucky Orange


Lucky Orange is beyond a heatmap plugin. It also offers a chat functionality on your WordPress site. It lets you track your user’s movement in the form of visual representation so that you can interact with them in real-time.

The plugin helps you display heatmap of clicks and scrolls on your WordPress website in a matter of few minutes. You can also identify how users are interacting with your CTAs, forms and other elements within your site.

9. Heatmap.me


Find out how your real-time web visitors interact with your WordPress site using heatmap.me plugin. With this tool, you can see the heatmaps of clicks and scrolls on your web pages to know where your visitors are spending most of their time such as menu, sliders, and forms.

By collecting the data related to user behavior, you can improve the user experience of your sites to give more values to your real-time web visitors.

10.  ExtraWatch Pro


ExtraWatch Pro helps you monitor your web visitor’s action via clicks and scrolls on your site. You can see your visitors in real-time, click on heatmap data to know where your web visitors are clicking. It also helps you track your conversion rate as well as bounce rate. You will also get the Anti-spam tool to let you keep your site safe and secure.


These are the top 10 heatmaps tools and plugins for WordPress that gives you complete details about your user’s mouse movements like clicks and scrolls, All the plugins listed in this blog post can help the conversion rate of your site with ease.

Author Bio:

Lucy Barret is a Web Developer with over 5 years experience. She is currently employed at a HireWPGeeks and handles all major projects. She is also a passionate writer and loves to write technical articles. Follow her on Twitter.

Understanding the world of WordPress themes and WordPress plugins

You can be a blogger for years and yet go on without knowing the difference between a WordPress plugin and a theme. Well, we have met quite a few bloggers and WordPress users in real life, who have no clue about the differences between WordPress themes and plugins.

Let is read this account from a designer who learnt the existence of the two separate identities in the hard way –
“When my website gave up on me” – this is an account by Neil Winston, who started only a couple of years ago as a website designer. When he built his first website, he almost“built it by fluke”. He had no idea what the plugins were and how they could be used to complement his WordPress theme. Therefore, when he started off with a fashion designer’s website, he chose a theme that was around $40.99. He had found the perfect theme for a bargain price, or so he thought. It had drag-and-drop editors, built in revolution sliders and gallery options. It was perfect for a website designer.

He spent over 4 weeks fine-tuning each feature and then handed the site over to his clients. The clients were happy and left satisfied.

The problem arose when they returned after 4 months. They were rebranding their label and wantedto change in the old theme. Therefore, when Neil tried out new themes he found that the sliders had disappeared and the drag-and-drop editor morphed itself into a bunch of shortcodes. Even the gallery was all hotchpotch. He was in a fix! He had a deadline to meet and there was no way he could tell his clients that he knew nothing about WordPress. So he turned to BigDropInc.com.

What actually happened to Neil’s website?
Neil was not a hardcore developer so it took him some time to understand that themes and plugins are completely separate entities. His website theme was quite awesome at first, since it included quite a few functionalities including drag-and-drop editors and listing charts. The moment he shifted to a new theme that didn’t have the supporting codes, these features were not integrated and were merely represented as shortcodes.
What’s a theme?

If WordPress websites are like houses, then your theme is like the exterior. It controls the visual parts like color, layouts, and design. In a WordPress site, the theme controls the “display logic”. The theme takes care of information organization and representation in front of your visitors. It takes care of your pages, posts and sidebars.

If you are currently operating a blog page, your theme will control all aspects like the header, footer and post display. It will also control the images and the snippets of posts displayed on the sidebars. Even the author detail displayed on each post comes with these themes.

What’s a WordPress plugin?

Now, going back to the house metaphor – if themes are the exterior, the plugins are the interior upgrades. For example – modular kitchen, mahogany polished antique furniture and marble bath fittings are an upgrade to your home interiors. Similarly, the plugins upgrade the interior functions of your website.

Plugins can modify core codes of WordPress themes in quite a few ways. You can add, remove and change codes to modify website functionalities.
Why are some of us still confused?

Sometimes the line between plugins and themes is not as defined as we would want them to be. There are themes that help with SEO and then there are plugins that help with visual properties. There are quite a few themes that we see today, which lets users to add listings and pricing tables to their own websites.

We are not saying that it is unethical to use such themes and plugins that blur the line between the two entities. All we are saying is, if you use a theme that takes care of functionalities other than visual appearance, you may face the same problem as Neil. His website started acting crazy because his first theme of choice had added functionalities. The moment he made his shift to a newer theme, these features fell apart since the new theme did not have these built-in functionalities.

Therefore, using plugins that act on visual traits are all right. Since you can carry over your plugins to a new theme.Nevertheless, if you use a website theme that also modifies functionality, you may be calling for trouble. You should ideally look for a theme that concentrates on optimizing the visual aspects of your websites and leaves the functionalities to your plugins.

Do codes in themes perform better than plugins?

Well, we do not blame you if you believe this to be true from time to time. We keep hearing how plugins can cause performance issues and we end up thinking that maybe codes are better off with themes. The action of plugins should be as minimized as possible.

However, this belief is quite baseless. A plugin code is executed quite similar to a theme code. The only difference is the timing. They are executed at the same rate and none of them has any advantage over the other. So one thing can be said for sure, that themes are not better than plugins when it comes to executing codes.

Why are plugins better than themes?

You may think, this is like comparing apples to oranges. Or like comparing 0’s to 1’s. However, we say, it is quite possible in the binary world. So if you ask, “are plugins better than themes when it comes to functionality?” we will answer it with a “Yes”.
Here are the reasons why –

1. Your plugins will help you to convert your codes into chunks. This is necessary when you are working on a large project. Debugging and maintenance becomes a lot easier when you break your code down to small chunks. In fact, since you can maintain each plugin individually you can always track down the ones that are malfunctioning.

2. If your functionality is plugin based, you can simply remove or monitor it by modifying the plugin. If your plugin relation features are breaking down, you will not have to delve deep into the core code. You can simply open the plugins directory and deactivate and remove the concerned plugins. Plugins create a compartmentalization of labor that is necessary for efficient management of website.

3. Changing themes are challenging if your website functionality resides in the theme code. Most of your functionality should reside with the plugins. When you shift from one theme to another, you will be able to easily migrate all functionalities to your new themes. If you have all shortcodes inside your plugins, you can just upload a new theme and activate the plugins.

4. Have you ever seen a designer add customizations to functions.php and style.css? This is possible because they can add new improvements without having to migrate each and every change manually. It is ideally possible to update and enhance your plugins separately. You can add them to new themes, remove them from old ones and even update them without touching the theme. Storing your website shortcodes inside plugins can also mean, updating them from time to time without creating a butterfly effect on the theme core code.

5. You can run a 100 plugins on your website without any impact and we are not making this up! Plugins do not slow your website down. They do not perform queries on your website database and they do not load resources. Many active and super successful websites currently run over a 100 plugins all the time. Maintaining so many plugins is also possible since they can be accessed through the plugin directory. You can directly see their performance, database usage and functionalities from one platform.

So if you are still confused about plugins and themes, and would rather have a theme with all the shortcodes, think again! A plugin can only be evil when they are built incorrectly. If you are choosing a WordPress plugin from a reliable website/directory or WordPress plugins library, be sure to read the reviews thoroughly before adding it and activating it.

If you are looking for a theme for your website, we would suggest you stick to one that has minimum functionalities. Lots of shortcodes within the theme core code won’t do you any good when you have to change themes. There are plugins to take care of all functionalities including listings and inventories. So why burden your theme code with unnecessary frills? After all, you can add as many plugins as you want and your website will still run as smoothly (if not more) as it did before.

Author Bio: Evans Walsh is an author, blogger and designer. He started off as a freelance website designer is the late 90s. He has seen the rise and fall of many website design trends, including the minimalist design of the 90s and the glam trend of the 2000s. He has collaborated on several design optimization projects with BigDropInc.com over the last couple of years.

Top WordPress Plugins for Social Media Promotion of your Blog

Launching an interactive and professional-looking WordPress blog is just the beginning of your web career. If you want to generate higher conversions and revenues, you will need to strive on planning and implementing robust online marketing strategies. Your digital marketing campaigns can help you drive more traffic towards your site/blog quickly and efficiently.

After setting up your WordPress blog, make sure you give more attention to social media websites in order to promote your brand across the web. In the current era, businesses and online marketers are adapting groundbreaking social media marketing strategies to expand their customer base and generate more revenues for their businesses.

To achieve the targeted goals, they promote their content on all social media platforms, without even understanding their specifications. Even they struggle in getting positive results due to the complexities they face while promoting their blog on social networking platforms.

To make your job easier, we bring you the list of 7 popular WordPress plugins that will take your social media marketing efforts to the next level, without any technical assistance.

1. Custom Twitter Feeds

Download: WordPress Plugin Repository

Active Installs: 7,000+

Every platform on social media has its own significance. The strategies, the tools and the marketing campaign you use should be idealized for the individual social media platform.

Since Twitter has become a robust platform for online business promotion, you should integrate a Customer Twitter Feeds plugin into your WordPress site or blog. The plugin lets you display tailor-made Twitter feeds of your user timeline, home timeline as well as a hashtag on your site.

It is a responsive and mobile optimized plugin that works smoothly on multiple devices and screen sizes.

Adding a twitter feed on your blog will give more exposure to your site across social media market. In fact, the content added to twitter feed is SEO friendly that can boost your visibility on search engine platforms.

2. Custom Facebook Feed

Download: WordPress Plugin Repository

Active Installs: 200,000+

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can promote your brand, products, and services to your targeted social web traffic effectively. It is a huge platform where you can convey your business message to grow your customer’s read quickly and easily.

With the use of Custom Facebook Feed plugin, you can post fresh and search engine optimized content on Facebook to drive more web visitors. It is also a free plugin that works seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes – a robust mobile-friendly plugin.

You can even customize it to showcase feeds from different pages or groups on the fly.

3. Social Login

Download: WordPress Plugin Repository

Active Installs: 30,000+

Social Login is one of the best social media plugins on the WordPress plugin repository. It lets your web visitors comment, log in, and register into your site with more than 30 social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, PayPal, Pinterest, OpenID, Amazon, YouTube, and a lot more.

You can add social login pages either on your login page, registration page, or the comment formular to grab more attention of your visitors. There is also a login widget that you can add to your sidebar, without any coding.

4. Monarch Social Sharing Button

Download: elegant themes

Monarch is developed by Elegant themes that come with a plethora of exciting features to let you grow your social networking reach quickly and easily.

It offers 20 social sharing icons that you can add on your site or arrange either at the top or end of the post. You can add multiple numbers of available networks to craft a customized collection of social sharing options for your real time web visitors.

You can also add floating social sharing icons and automatic pop-ups to give your visitors a rich and hassle-free experience on your website. Overall, Monarch is an incredible plugin for boosting social media marketing of a WordPress blog.

5. Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare

Download: WordPress Plugin Repository

Active Installs: 60,000+

Encourage your web visitors to share your content on multiple social media websites by adding customizable social sharing icons on it. MashShare is a fantastic WordPress plugin that lets you add beautiful and responsive social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YoutTube, Pinterest, etc on your site’s content without any coding.

The plugin is highly optimized for speed and stimulates users to share your content instantly – which boosts the user experience of a site.

Plus, it displays total social media share count to give you an idea about your growing popularity across the social networking sites.

6. Instagram Feed

Download: WordPress Plugin Repository

Active Installs: 300,000+

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity among all scales and types of businesses. It is the best place to share your creative work in the forms of images and videos with your targeted social media audience.

With the help of Instagram Feed plugin, you can showcase customized, beautiful, and mobile friendly feeds from different Instagram accounts on the fly. It is a simple and intuitive plugin that helps you display images from your Instagram profile on your WordPress blog to help you generate more quality leads.

You can even showcase images as well as videos from non-private Instagram accounts that include yours as well as those you are tagged in to let you share user-generated content with ease. This can boost the online visibility of your website or blog.

7. Ultimate Social

Download: envato market

Ultimate Social is a premium WordPress plugin that offers a plenty of features including more than 25 social sharing buttons, over 22 fan counters, 20+ display locations, simple and intuitive shortcodes, customization options, responsive designs, multilingual functionality and a lot more.

The plugin is also integrated with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, Easy Digital Downloads, Google Analytics, and other third-party tools. Plus, it comes with a user-friendly interface to let you add social sharing icons within your content, without any technical assistance.

You can use this paid WordPress plugin to take your social media marketing campaign to the next level. It helps you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.


All the seven plugins mentioned above in this blog post will help you promote your WordPress blog on multiple social networking sites, which in turn leads you more web traffic, more conversions, and more sales.

Author Bio

Lucy Barret is a Web Developer with over 5 years experience. She is currently employed at a PSD to WordPress conversion company and handles all major projects. She is also a passionate writer and loves to write technical articles. Follow her on Twitter.

Useful WordPress Plugins & Tools for WordPress Developers

Here are some time Super useful wordpress Plugins & Tools for WordPress Developers
Below are some growing collection of WordPress plugins, and discovered some great resources for my WP “developer toolbox.” These are some super-useful plugins and tools for debugging, logging data, working with translation files, analyzing performance, and making otherwise difficult tasks efficient and manageable. May they serve you well!

WP Developer plugins & tools
(Note: descriptions taken from their respective resources)
Debug Queries:
“List query-actions only for admins; for debug purposes. See all queries on the frontend of the blog and find the slowest part. The plugin is perfect for WordPress developers, plugin and theme developers and site administrators who are trying to find out why the blog is too slow.”

Log Deprecated Notices
“Logs the usage of deprecated files, functions, and function arguments, and identifies where the deprecated functionality is being used.”

WordPress Hook Sniffer
“The WordPress Hook Sniffer plugin is a tool for plugin developers that helps determine the sequence in which action and filter functions are fired. It allows you to peer into the inner workings of the WordPress Plugin API. You can configure what is outputted and to where the output is sent (screen or text file).”

“This Plugin integrates FirePHP in your WordPress installation and simplifies developing. No more vardump() and echo while debugging. FirePHP take care of it, clean and easy.”

Codestyling Localization
“You can manage and edit all gettext translation files (*.po/*.mo) directly out of WordPress Admin Center without any need of an external editor.”

Debug Objects
“Debug Objects provides a large number of information: query, cache, cron, constants, hooks, functions and many more.” E.g., query, cache, cron, constants, hooks, and functions. “Values and content get displayed at the frontend and backend of the blog, to analyze errors but also to better understand and develop with/for WordPress.”

5 Ways to Debug WordPress
“Many plugin and theme authors don’t take full advantage of some really helpful debugging tools in WordPress. Here’s a quick run-down of five cool tools for debugging.”
And here are some more useful plugins that haven’t been updated in awhile but continue to provide much-needed functionality. Old doesn’t mean broken 😉

WP Developer Assistant
WP Developer Assistant is “essentially is a toolkit that makes life as a WordPress developer easier.” Does cool stuff like customizable PHP errors, global variable dump, table modification, execute queries, phpinfo(), and much more.

AskApache RewriteRules Viewer
“Displays Most Everything about your WordPress Rewrites. Displays Most Everything about your WordPress Rewrites, Permalinks, URI’s, in a very detailed and raw way. Informational plugin only… Nothing is modified or changed.”

Latency Tracker
“This really simple plugin hooks into your wp_footer function (so make sure that your theme uses it) to count the number of queries, how long they took, how much memory was use, and when it all occurred. That way, they can show some solid data to the host so that they are able to compare numbers and know for sure that their load times are faster or slower when compared.”

TPC! Memory Usage
“TPC! Memory Usage allows WordPress administrators to view the current and peak memory usage of the application. This is extremely helpful when testing new plugins, or if there are a lot of modifications, plugins, or large language files. As of version 0.4, administrators now have the ability to view detailed system information about their web server, MySQL, PHP, and WordPress software.”

“Developer toolbar giving you easy access to debug information across your entire website. The WP-Devel plugin for WordPress features a ton of debug options to help developers. Debug information is easily turned on/off from the WP-Devel toolbar anywhere on your website.”

WordPress Theme Generator
BONUS tool! I don’t know how useful it actually is, but the WordPress Theme Generator enables anyone to create custom WordPress themes “without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.”

The Best Shopping Cart Plugins to Sell With WordPress

Choosing the platform is not an easy task. From the viewpoint of developers, in designing platforms two objectives should be addressed:

         the implementation of the requirements and the upgrade to meet future needs;

         Easy interface and use.

From the point of view of the beneficiary, the choice depends on the allocated material resources, on the functions they can perform, on the experience of the staff that will have to do the maintenance and, last but not least, on the size and specificity of the site.

Characteristics of e- commerce platforms

The characteristics of the e-commerce platforms refer to both the elements that are available for clients and visitors as well as to the elements by means of which the products are presented. The analysis of the best platforms in terms of features is based on the identification of the mandatory elements: logo, product offers, news and the top selling products, the shopping cart and the registration form; product; search options and the filtering options depending on category, subcategory, manufacturer, price and product specific options, the product catalog, links to social networks; the symbol of the payment systems that are used, the transport options, the contact forms and the phone numbers.

The characteristics of the presentation of the products covered in the analysis of the statistics refer to: the quality of the presentation image of product, available alternative images; the zooming function, possibilities of comparing the product, reviews.

In general, all of the characteristics have positions that were studied.

WordPress has always been versatile enough to be used as an ecommerce solution but now there’s more shopping cart plugins than ever it’s even a viable alternative to the many eCommerce CMS tools such as Shopify or Magento. Adding cart functionality to your WordPress install makes it easy to build simple online stores with the familiarity of the WordPress template system. Let’s take a look at the best shopping cart plugins available, with some examples of how they’re currently being put to use on live sites.

WooCommerce from WooThemes has grown to become the number one eCommerce tool for WordPress. It has been comprehensively developed and tested and is backed by a solid collection of developers. The core WooCommerce functionality is free but it can also be built upon with various paid-for extensions.

Jigoshop is a feature packed eCommerce plugin built upon WordPress core functionality. One of the enticing features of Jigoshop is its ability to support various product types, including physical goods, downloadable products and variable sizes (S,M,L etc).

Cart66, formerly known as PHPurchase is a premium WordPress plugin available for $99, although its array of features does include some functionality only available as a paid extension to other alternatives such as WooCommerce. Cart66 covers every base when it comes to selling digital goods and services, allowing you to collect payments as well as recurring subscriptions or membership fees.

GetShopped.org, also known as WP e-Commerce is one of the original WordPress cart plugins by Instinct. While its core functionality is free, some crucial cart features are reserved as premium extensions. Still, some of its boasted features such as 100% customisability keep it competitive against the new school options.

Shopp is another fully loaded premium shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress to provide unbranded functionality that makes use of WordPress widgets, post types and shortcodes.

Easy Digital Downloads, as the name suggests, is an easy solution for selling virtual goods via WordPress. While other cart solutions often combine the ability to sell digital goods alongside physical goods, the lack of bloat and specialised features are particularly useful for anyone looking to sell digital goods.


The 10 Best Similar Posts Plugins for WordPress

It’s easy for WordPress users to increase site traffic and reduce bounce rate by adding related posts thumbnails to the bottom of posts. Visitors will spend more time on your site to browse these related posts, and may even click on a sponsored post (a paid related post or ad), which can make you money. WordPress offers many related post plugins to generate related posts for you automatically, and some plugins help you choose related posts manually. Here’s our rundown of the ten best similar post plugins for WordPress.

10- Yet Another Related Posted Plugin (YARPP), with more than 3.4 million downloads, offers a built-in algorithm to find and support text and thumbnail related posts. It supports RSS feed display and shows an excerpt from each post.

On the downside, you can’t use YARPP on WPEngine-managed WordPress Hosting sites. YARPP uses up a lot of resources, so if you have a large site, choose the Pro version, which is stored on YARPP’s servers.

9- Editorial Assistant by Zemanta Link to similar content from other Zemanta network members as well as your content with its free plugin, Editorial Assistant. Other network members may return the favor, sending more traffic your way.

Related posts include thumbnails, and you can add related images with a click. Edit related posts or display in a widget. Editorial Assistant offers six layouts, which you can customize with CSS. There’s no shortcode option, so you’ll have to take the long way around if you want to embed certain files or objects.

8- Considered one of the fastest WordPress plugins, Yuzo Related Posts offers easy installation and a minimalist design. Customize text, control categories where thumbnails appear, or show related posts only in a specific post or page. If you want to use similar posts to monetize your site, you’re out of luck. Yuzo doesn’t provide revenue sharing or monetization.

7- Contextual Related Posts creates a list of related articles based on title and post content, which improves the likelihood of readers clicking on them. These plugin features include caching, thumbnail support, widgets, and a built-in stylesheet. Drawbacks – It shows thumbnails in a bulleted list, and slows down larger sites.

6- JetPack by Automatic contains several modules. If you don’t need the other modules, you can keep them deactivated and preserve your resources.

All the content processing takes place in the cloud, so it won’t tax your server. Free and easy to install, JetPack will work for users who don’t need to customize their related posts layout. You’ll need to recode it to make changes.

5- WordPress Related Posts adds related content to the end of your posts automatically, increasing user engagement. The customizable WRP widget supports thumbnails, caching and multiple styles.

Like Editorial Assistant, WRP can share your content with other users in the Zemanta network. There’s no way to know which articles the plugin will recommend to the network, so you’ll need to read content yourself to make sure it’s something you want to share with a much wider audience.

4- Instead of showing related content posts at the bottom of your article, Inline Related Posts features related posts in the boy of the article. When similar post text or thumbnails appear in the middle of an article, readers are more engaged and more likely to click. Used by Entrepreneur, Financial Times and other business websites, Inline Related Posts may boost page views on low traffic sites.

Inline Related Posts offers easy set-up, and you can position your related content anywhere in the post. You’ll need to use another plugin if you want to show related posts at the bottom of your article and within the text.

3- Shareaholic, a comprehensive plugin for sharing posts, displaying related content and generating revenue, bills itself as an “all-in-one content application platform.” Easy to install and configure, Shareaholic supports bitly and other URL shorteners. Other features include social media follow buttons, share buttons (with a choice of “floating” buttons), and built-in social analytics. The plugin may be prone to occasional bugs, and there’s not a lot of leeway regarding monetization features.

2- If you want more control of the similar posts appearing on your site, the Manual Related Posts plugin may work for you. It lets you choose which related posts will appear under your content. You can also select custom post types and pages. Additional features include filtering and shortcode support.

1-Related Posts for WordPress supports fast text and thumbnail display of related posts. Offers a quick install, and you can use shortcode or a widget anywhere on the page to display related posts. The paid premium version of this plugin provides layout control, multisite support and overwritable templates.


Which Similar Post Plugin Offers the Best Features?

Although all of these similar posts plugins will help ramp up your page views, Shareaholic offers features that work in tandem with related posts, and won’t drain resources like some of the others. The free Related Posts for WordPress plugin is also an excellent choice if you’re on a budget and don’t want to use a lot of resources.

Tim Brown is a designer and developer doing WordPress web design and focused on the disciplines of driving traffic and conversion. You can tweet him at @timbdesignmpls.


Top 8 Popularly Used WordPress Google Analytics Plugins

For a business to grow exponentially, you need to hold on a failsafe strategy that assists you in keeping it up amid all the tiffs and competition prevalent in the industry. And having an idea about your traffic, potential clients, their locations, visiting hours and duration can help you serve them proficiently and in the best possible manner. This can be easily done with the help of a reckoned analytic tool which when gets integrated into the site, helps in accessing all the required data easily and without any extra efforts.

All small and mid scale business websites rely on Google Analytics to leverage the popularity and reach of their business on the web. This easy to use web Analytics tool helps in getting insights about the traffic, business and scope of sale conversions. Most of the website site owners this analytic work on their own, oblivious to the fact that it would eventually end up creating a mess. In the past few years, the popularity of WordPress and Google Analytics have surged so high that developers started exploring ways to combine these two entities in one process. This is where, WordPress Google Analytics plugins were introduced.

Here is a list of the best named Google analytic plugins that can be easily integrated in the site which can be used to access the codes and modify them accordingly. There are hundreds of Analytics plugins out there and to pick the best out of them is quite difficult at times.


8 Best-Known WordPress Google Analytics Plugins

1. Google Analyticator


It is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to easily view Google Analytics data within your WordPress dashboard. You can easily log in to your account without changing the template codes again and again. This plugin offers manifold widgets that helps in displaying analytical data in the admin section.
Highlighted Features:

Compatible with both Universal (Analytics.js) and traditional Analytics (ga.js) Offers widget to show visitor’s data on the front-end

Easy installation

Supports multiple language options

Comes With: 3.2 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.5.3

Total Downloads: 400,000+


2. Google Analytics Counter Tracker

If you are searching for a WP plugin that not only lets you analyze the traffic on your site but also helps in exhibiting it in the form of graphs on your site.

Highlighted Features:

Can be easily installed and used Segregation of data by hour, month, day or year Supports all advanced versions of WordPress Responsive design Comes with: 3.9 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.5.3

Total Downloads: 30,000+


3. Better Google Analytics Better Google Analytics is a WordPress plugin that can be easily integrated to the website to keep track of your records. It uses charts, events, heat maps, etc for its virtual tracking. You need not to log in to your account to view the records from the admin area only. This plugin uses lightweight JS that helps in proffering quick results.


Highlighted Features: Real-time dashboard charts Offers debugging mode Changeable rate of Analytics sample Location of Google Analytics codes can be easily changed Mobile-friendly design Comes with: 3.8 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.5.3

Total Downloads: 30,000+


4. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights is a boon to your blogging site as it helps in tracking the activities on your blog easily. Being backed by an expert community, it is always kept updated to run in compliance with the running WordPress version. Highlighted Features: Swift processing 3 steps easy installation Secure IP’s for use in other countries Can easily track search results pages and “error 404” Comes with: 3.9 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.6

Total Downloads: 1+ million


5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Google Analytics for WordPress plugin allows you to easily track your site activity using advanced analytic tracking codes. It offers easy segregation of data in the form of in-depth page reports and in-depth post reports. So the performance of your each post and page is shown in these reports.
Highlighted Features: Real-time Analytics report of visitors, channels and source details IP’s can be kept anonymous, if required Easy cross domain linking


Comes with: 3.5 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.6 Total Downloads: 800,000+


6. Google Universal Analytics Struggling to add Google Analytics code into your website? Start using Google Universal Analytics that allows easy integration of Analytics code into your website. You simply need to copy and paste the tracking ID and wait for it to work. Simple, isn’t it! Highlighted Features: Provides SSL security for all tracking data Improved link attribution Intuitive user interface Can easily disable tracking for specific ID’s IP’s can be made anonymous, whenever required Responsive layout Comes with: 3.0 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.1.12 Total Downloads: 20,000+


7. NK Google Analytics

This WordPress plugin allows easy installation of data that requires JavaScripts to track your website in an easier and lot easy way. It also supports classic, universal and remarketing Google Analytics tracking code. Highlighted Features: Can be easily installed ID’s can be kept anonymous for certain countries Option to disable tracking for some user ID’s Mobile-friendly layout User-friendly interface Comes with: 3 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.4.4 Total Downloads: 50,000+
8. GA Google Analytics With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can easily insert tracking codes that would help you view site statistics in your Google Analytics dashboard. Highlighted Features: Quick performance Reliable Adds tracking code to each page lightweight and simple to use GA support Comes with: 4.1 or higher

Compatible WordPress Version: 4.5.3 Total Downloads: 20,000+


Wrapping Up! So finally you have got an idea about best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress, that are distinctive in their functions and features. Each of these plugin is different in their features and functions, so better choose the one that best suits your business requisites. And to avoid any glitches during installation or integration, you can simply hire WordPress plugin developer to simplify your task. All of these plugins are widely popular among WordPress users and site owners searching for a one-stop solution to access the activities on their site.

14 Best Free and Paid WordPress Directory Plugins

Creating a directory website can be a challenging task unless you have the right tools. Speaking of tools, the most popular and widely used tool to create a fully featured and dynamic directory website is WordPress. It has made setting up an online directory a lot easier for web users.

In fact, you can seamlessly convert any up and running WordPress website into an online directory website with the integration of directory plugins.

But with hundreds of free and premium plugins available, how do you intend to choose the right one for your business?


In today’s post, we have hand-picked some of the best options for you to help you build a custom directory for your WordPress website.

1. Simple Link Directory

Simple Link Directory is a unique directory plugin in approach. It is unique and highly advanced for one Page directory and content curation. This directory plugin enables you to create elegant and innovative link, Partners or Resources directory in few minutes.
This plugin can be used in various ways like link directory, one-page directory, link library, bookmark collection, bookmark directory, vendor directory, useful link collection, affiliates directory, partners directory, link curation and resources directory. It is considered to be the best WordPress directory plugin for this new web age.

Some of its many features are,

  • It enables you to build a confined list of thousands of links and display them on the one-page directory.
  • It has a configurable highlight color for lists.
  • You can also use it as Associate or Partner page or Link directory.
  • This directory plugin is very fast and provides very friendly support.
  • It will also integrate your links of the directory with the Google Analytics.

2. Advanced Classified & Directory Pro

Advanced Classified & Directory Pro is a powerful, professional, high quality and flexible directory plugin. It enables you to almost every kind of directory site. ACADP also allows you to organize your listing across infinite categories and subcategories.

Let’s check some of its features in a nutshell,

  • It enables you to set unlimited custom fields which make your WordPress website to accommodate all the business areas you want to advertise easily.
  • It also gives you a location setup which is highly configurable. This enables you to setup Google map integration.
  • Efficient backend management enables you to monitor all listings of the backend. You can add new listings, locations, categories and edit their details. It gives you full control over all its setting which helps you to run your website smoothly.
  • It also enables you to customize the layout. Now you can choose what you want to display in the frontend.
  • You can also add images and videos as well.

3. Staff Directory Plugin

Staff directory plugin is a company directory plugin which is an easy way to add staff directory in your WordPress website. You can choose the way of presentation in several easy layouts which are easy to understand. This allows your visitor to know your faculty or staff and your capabilities.

This plugin also avails you easy search functions to find details of staff members in the much simple way. It also displays your staff in very easy to view layout. Some of its many features are as follows,

  • Complete customization by allowing template system. This gives you full control over the feel and looks of the staff members.
  • It simplifies administration. Adding and removing staff or faculty is very easy with Staff Directory Plugin. The shortcodes are also very easy to understand.
  • In the display layout, there are attractive layouts which empower the user to control what fields to display such as the customizable layout of staff layout or staff grid.
  • This can be the perfect wayhe features of WordPress Company Staff Directory Plugin: – Employee Directory,
  • It enables you to search employee with its employee number, email, full name, department and job title.
  • It is very easy to customize employee staff profile pages.
  • Easy to create custom fields and display in staff profiles.
  • Easy to rename employee slug and taxonomy slug.
  • Also, have the ability to show custom fields on the frontend for the employees. to display staff phone directory.

4. WordPress Company Staff Directory Plugin

WordPress Company Staff Directory Plugin helps you to improve your organization’s internal and external communication as it provides directory search functionality in your website or intranet.he features of WordPress Company Staff Directory Plugin: – Employee Directory,

  • It enables you to search employee with its employee number, email, full name, department and job title.
  • It is very easy to customize employee staff profile pages.
  • Easy to create custom fields and display in staff profiles.
  • Easy to rename employee slug and taxonomy slug.
  • Also, have the ability to show custom fields on the frontend for the employees.

Let’s quickly have a glance over the features of WordPress Company Staff Directory Plugin: – Employee Directory,

  • It enables you to search employee with its employee number, email, full name, department and job title.
  • It is very easy to customize employee staff profile pages.
  • Easy to create custom fields and display in staff profiles.
  • Easy to rename employee slug and taxonomy slug.
  • Also, have the ability to show custom fields on the frontend for the employees.

5. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory is the widely used, most popular and versatile WordPress plugin that has more than 20,000 active installs. The plugin allows you to add a revenue generating section, improve customer retention and increase interaction on your website. Business Directory Plugin lets you build business provider listing sites, directory listing sites, local listing websites and more.

  • Additional features of Business Directory Plugin
  • Equipped with Stripe and PayFast Gateway for accepting payments.
  • Supports reCAPTCHA.
  • Accept listing payments and provide
  • Comes with Built in CSV import and export feature
  • Free listings in your business directory.
  • Offers full support for rfecurring payments.
  • Has a fully customizable form fields
  • Optimized for search engines using Yoast SEO

6. Name Directory

Name Directory is a simple yet effective WordPres plugin that comes with an option to create multiple directories. It adds name/term directories to your WordPress installation and contains entries with properties such as submitter, description, and name.

  • Additional features of Name Directory
  • Allows you to create multiple directories
  • Comes with plenty of configuration options to customize the layout and functionality of the directory
  • Lets you show/hide search function, suggestion form, description, and title
  • Is WPML Compatible

7. Web 2.0 Directory

Web 2.0 Directory is yet another premium WordPress plugin ideal for creating different types of listing such as yellow page, wedding site, real estate, classified ads, events, boats, bikes and more. Being built on Twitter Bootstrap, Web 2.0 Directory plugin is fully responsive and SEO friendly making your website look great on almost every device and screen size.

Additional features of Web 2.0 Directory

  • Has Frontend dashboard for regular users
  • Comes with invoices management
  • Offers Sticky and featured listings options
  • Has Order directory listings
  • Comes integrated with Google Maps
  • Lets your users perform locations to search in radius
  • Allows quick CSV import

8. Directory Pro

Directory Pro is a simple and modest WordPress plugin used to build a beautiful and functional directory for your users. The plugin allows you to add/edit listing from front-end as well as back-end. Directory Pro also supports custom post type, which allows you to use an SEO Plugin to optimize your website for search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and more.

  • Additional features of Directory Pro
  • Offers PayPal express checkout with all options
  • Boasts of Fully Responsive and SEO friendly design layout
  • Comes integrated with MailChimp and Visual Composer
  • Offers Unlimited Subscription
  • Is WPML Compatible

9. Simple Directory Pro

Simple Directory Pro is a fully responsive and widely used WordPress plugin developed for business listing websites. Being built on a BootStrap framework, the plugin makes your business listing look presentable on all types of devices and screen sizes. You get the option to create premium as well as free listing and generate revenues by seamlessly monetizing it. The plugin gives you the category listing option and allows you to display business hours, payment methods, logo, images, description, social links, and contact info.

Additional features of Simple Directory Pro

  • Custom templates for individual listings and categories
  • Equipped with Google Sitelinks Search box
  • Offers “Get Directions” link
  • Has interactive embedded maps
  • Offers Search shortcode and listing categories shortcode
  • Also, Provides basic and premium listing levels

10. Sabai Directory Plugin

Sabai Direction is one of the most popular and premium WordPress directory plugin that enables you to create beautiful directories on your WordPress website. The plugin has the ability to create a community driven local business directories such as Google+, YELP, Yahoo! Local and more.

It also comes with a variety of payment options including PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, and 2Checkout. Being equipped with an array of customization options, the plugin allows you to change the look and feel of your website.

Additional features of Sabai Directory Plugin

  • Display listings in list, grid, or map view
  • Has Fully responsive and flat design
  • Offers Multi-location support
  • Enable you to add photos of listings
  • Lets your users vote reviews helpful/non-helpful
  • Integrated with Flexible role-based permission system
  • Comes with 27 customizable e-mail notifications, 16 custom Google map styles, 11 widgets and 12 shortcodes

11. GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory is a flexible and free WordPress plugin that allows you to build functional, advanced location-based directories. GeoDirectory is one of the best plugins capable of scaling to massive traffic and millions of listings, thanks to its highly optimized database structure and queries.

Create the next big Tripadvisor or Yelp with GeoDirectory!

Additional features of GeoDirectory

  • Built to be flexible, efficient, and lightweight
  • 15+ widgets and 12+ widget areas.
  • 2 different Google Maps widgets. Create unlimited categories with ajax-loading custom markers
  • Built-in forms for User Reviews, Send-to-Friend and Business Enquiry.
  • GeoDirectory is 100% WPML compatible.
  • Has optimized database structure

12. Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory is an ideal plugin for office directory, business directory, school staff, church and more. It is a modest and free plugin that works amazingly with almost every WordPress theme available out there.

Additional features of Connections Business Directory

  • Scalable, manage directories which contain hundreds of thousands of entries.
  • CSV Export of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and dates.
  • CSV Import of nested categories.
  • Role capability support.
  • Extensible and developer friendly.
  • Robust templating support with the Template Customizer
  • Repeatable fields for address, phone numbers, email, IM, social media, links and dates

13. Gravity Forms Directory Plugin

Gravity Forms is the most intuitive WordPress directory plugin to build an online directory site. Equipped with plenty of customization options, the plugin is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced developers. It enables you to integrate contact forms to your existing websites and build a web based directory within minutes.

Additional features of Gravity Forms Directory Plugin

  • Display entries only to the creator of the entries.
  • Editing of directory listings by users who are logged into the plugin.
  • The operation is entirely based on shortcodes.
  • Sorting by column.
  • Display listing which is approved, with an easy approval access.
  • Directory features pagination.
  • Support lightboxes for uploaded Image.
  • Lets you easily re-organize the columns

14. BePro Listings Plugin

BePro is the most user-friendly WordPress plugin that enables front-end submissions and builds a front-end and back-end directory. The plugin offers a simple installation and configuration procedure that allows you to quickly build a directory for your business.

BePro Listings plugin is ideal for classifieds, personal portfolios, product catalogue, business directory, and real estate.

Additional features of BePro Listings Plugin

  • Accept Payments
  • Upload CSV
  • Allow users to search and filter by name, location, categories, price.
  • Clustered Google Maps
  • Listing Templates and Multisite.
  • Responsive listing and detail pages.
  • Custom posts and email notifications

15. WP Local Plus

WP Local Plus is a fully automated, and easy to use WordPress plugin that enables you to automatically create dynamic and content packed local business directories integrated with coupon offers, business listings, dynamic business reviews, Google Maps integration and much more.

Additional features of WP Local Plus:

  • Equipped with high-powered search tool
  • Has built-in contextual text system
  • Comes integrated with featured listing advertising system
  • Enables your visitors to get detailed information about business listings such as maps, reviews, website, location and much more
  • Also, comes integrated with Google Maps

16. Map List Pro

Map List Pro is a Google Map integrated, fully features and easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly show your locations in a filterable, searchable and sortable list. Powered by advanced customization options, you can easily and conveniently customize your website. The plugin also comes packed with 35+ styles. The availability of an assortment of useful features makes Map List Pro an ideal option for building contact lists, office address lists, and store locators.

Additional features of Map List Pro

  • Lets you create filterable, sortable and searchable lists in seconds.
  • Has flexible width design
  • Equipped with a simple location editor to create categorised locations easily
  • Integrated with Geo Location and location search
  • Equipped with advanced search function to allow Search for locations by distance
  • Use geolocation for directions and location distances.
  • Allow users to search by location and text

17. CM Business Directory

CM Business Directory is a professional WordPress plugin developed and maintained by CreativeMinds. The plugin offers you the ability to build an embeddable professional directory for your site and start generating revenue immediately.

CM Business Director enables each business directory listing to include customization options, hyperlinks, contact information, and descriptions.

Additional features of CM Business Directory

  • Lets you create directory categories
  • Display all businesses in a catalog list format
  • Include business description and pitch
  • Has a functional search directory and business logo

Jason Daszkewicz is a WordPress developer and a passionate blogger. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for custom WordPress plugin development and solving real life problems with the power of IT. His passion for upgrading his knowledge puts him to research on topics relevant to his industry. You can follow him on Twitter.

7+ Best Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress

7 Rich Snippet Plugins For WordPress

What is Rich Snippets? How it increase CTR of your website?

In 2009 Google welcomes new feature called Rich snippets for improving the display of search results. Now a day’s high ranking is not enough but adding rich snippets to your page definitely increase your click through rate (CTR) of website.

The main goal being to help webmasters present their content better, and giving users as much information as possible before they made the choice to click through to a website.

Rich snippet includes information like:

  • Average Review, Number of Stars, Price Range
  • Images and Video
  • Lyrics and link to play a Song
  • Phone Numbers, Address and Photo
  • Product Information
  • Event Location, Time and Date
  • Author Photo, Name and Link to more articles
  • Breadcrumbs


Rich snippet provides some extra information about the page making the user aware of the content type find out if that piece of content has the importance to their search query or not.

I’ll show you the 7 Best WordPress Rich Snippets plugins.


schemaninja review preview

Schemaninja is the new addition to WordPress repository as one of the best schema plugins, especially for review purpose. You can not only make your reviews look better in search engines but also get more affiliate sales using the recommendation feature. After installing the plugin, you need to activate it with the free API and you’re done.

You can treat the plugin as your money generator plugin from niche based or review based websites.

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

If you are looking for a reliable, free  and fully friendly plugin to implement rich snippets functionality in every post than this might be your first choice. More than 40k downloads and 4.4 star rating makes it like Swiss knife of plugins.

You can configure each post while editing to add more information. After installing the plugins, you can customize it as per your work.

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews — WordPress Plugins

This plugin is free but delivers premium type features and support. More than 10k active downloads tells its success story. This plugin is already made compatible with the latest version of WordPress. I personally recommended it because I already use this plugin in MeetRV and get amazing results.

Rich Reviews gives you the control to use and customize three types of reviews: per-page/per-post, category, or worldwide reviews – whether you desire users to review products, categories, or your entire website. Provides endless color options for star and numerical rating systems.

Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data becomes your best weapon for implement rich snippets. Its fully compatible with latest wordpress version. Plugins automatically set up schema.org markup on WordPress site on your all pages, posts, author pages and more.

This plugin connect with Scheme Editor tool which easily add content/details and then generates the code and adds it to your WordPress website automatically. You can revise your markup anytime without having to do re-work.

Its premium version provides more features like Validation, Crawler & Reporting.

WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup

WPSSO Schema JSON LD Markup Schema — WordPress Plugins

It’s a premium WordPress plugin which comes for $19.95 for one website and it looks and sounds quite exciting. If you go for paid plugins than you must try this one. Also a lite version available for free with some basic features.

Offers complete Schema, Structured Data and Rich Snippet markup, resolve all errors of schema markup in your theme template. Pro version ncludes contributor markup for Co-Authors Plus authors and guest authors.

Also works in combination with the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin to include complete Schema JSON-LD / Rich Snippet markup (images, videos, author, co-authors, publisher, place, product, etc.) for Google Search, Pinterest  and others.  WooCommerce supportis there— adds all product variations to your schema product markup!

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP SEO Structured Data Schema — WordPress Plugins

It’s a highly robust and comprehensive plugin that will help you to add snippets in your posts and pages that improves CTR. This plugins allows to create snippets very easily. If you are beginner than this plugin helps you a lot.

Plugins use JSON-LD (Java Script based) format because Google fastly catch up JSON-LD data that is dynamically injected from Javascript code and embedded widgets. This plugin provides all type of snippet features that most business website need.

Highly expert support team and regular updates make this plugin more powerful and reliable than other.

WP Rich Snippets


Another premium plugin in just $49 which sounds great. WP Rich Snippets is best plugin for websites with a huge variety of options to build different types of rich snippets. Try different ways to rate and review content smartly. With WP Rich Snippets, you can create own attractively-styled reviews on website using your own custom criteria, as well as managing user-submitted reviews.

You can see how rich snippets looks in google via dashboard. This plugins gives you complete control over what schema data is added to each page and post. Add snippets in posts, like star ratings, prices, addresses, hours open, votes, and percentages. Customize option for color and font change.

Enables you to create multimedia reviews with images, videos, slideshows and clickable call-to-action buttons that stand out and grab more attention.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin


With thousands of active install, this one is the best paid plugin you can use for this specific requirements in just $12. I’ve personally tested all snippets with the Rich Snippet Testing Tool. This plugin ships with pre-installed shortcodes but you also have the option to manually add your own in every post and pages.

By watching youtube video created by expert developers, you can easily add snippets in just 10 minutes. Regular future updates that can guarantee you that your plugin will not be out of date. You can combine more snippets into your plugin than the ones that come with the plugin.

Wrapping Up :

We covered 7 best rich snippet plugins to add all type of snippets to your page. Still some doubts than install all this plugins one by one on your test blog, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to go for free option than All in One Schema option and for paid plugins Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin is best among all.

We hope this post helped you find the great rich snippet WordPress plugin. You may also want to see our post on best SEO tools for content marketing.

Author Bio : Ravi Bhatt is a crazy freelance writer – founder of MeetRV  where he accept and publish news and information of various category. Excited to share his thoughts on various surprising concepts of WordPress and Blogging.

7 Proven Page Builder WordPress Plugins


If you buy premium themes than these plugins are already added but what to do about free themes ?

Are you expert wordpress developer? If yes than kudos but no than drag and drop builder plugins let you customize your pages smoothly. These Plugins permit you to make, alter, and redo your site format without composing any code.

Many WordPress learners find it hard to change or customize page layouts with coding. These plugins dragging and dropping facility is always faster and smoother like Swiss knife. You can see the changes when you edit with it.

I’ll show you the best WordPress Page Builder plugins to decrease your time and coding problems.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin :


Page Builder by SiteOrigin is one of the top class Page Builder plugin. More than 900k installs and 4.8 star rating tells the accuracy. SiteOrigin works on every theme and creates mobile friendly layout. It gives you the features to testing your content with different layouts.

This plugin has full of widgets option that makes you a master designer of wordpress. Because of its live editing feature, if you make any mistake or want to change something than just go back and finish it. If you are searching for a free option for your site, you must give this plugin a try.

Beaver Builder:

Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder

It’s a premium WordPress drag and drop plugin which comes for $99 with pre-made sample templates to help you get started. You can use lite version absolutely free. Just go to plugins and downloads it. More than 70k downloads and 4.9 star rating enough to tell its consistency.

Many premium themes come with page builders, the worst thing it locks the changes on theme. But Beaver is like superman (third party plugin) that enables you to change it quicker. You can always change anything without having to start over on your early designs.

Its 100% Mobile Friendly and Responsive. Some premium plans even give you multi-site capabilities.

MotoPress Page Builder:


MotoPress Page Builder

It’s another premium WordPress drag and drop plugin which comes for $29 and it looks and sounds interesting. It receives 4.8 stars rating and more than 10k downloads. This plugin entirely replaces the default editor so that it doesn’t come in the way of you dragging and dropping all of your components-widgets.

More premium plans offer multi site capabilities. If your chosen theme supports responsive design and mobile friendly design, your content will automatically adapt to any screen size and look perfect on all devices. It has a pleasant toolbar for selecting which parts you need to include into your post.

Live Composer (Visual Front End Site Editor):


Live Composer is another free page builder plugin like siteorigin which attract more than 30k users for downloads. With 4.8 star ratings and open source facility, this plugin fulfill all your requirements about page layouts design.

It is highly flexible plugin than you can easily add more modules because of open source platform. I added lots of custom builder elements to MeetRV using the Visual Composer, like info box, Progress bar, post types grids and more. More than 30 modules and responsive feature, it became your first choice for plugins.

Page Builder by WooRockets:

Page Builder by WooRockets

This plugin is 100% free and fully responsive in both mobile and computer. You can also easily add elements like promotion boxes, pricing tables, progress bars and content lists. I truly like the way that you can add any widgets to page in your WordPress editor.

WooRockets drag and drop builder lives another experience for building pages with most up-to-date layout and making a whole online shop like ecommerce store by visual move and customize usefulness. Its Spotlight Filter feature enables you to find page elements easily. With widget support, you can directly add widgets into a page and build up them.

MiniMax – Page Layout Builder:

MiniMax Page Layout Builder — WordPress Plugins

MiniMax is a feature-rich and free page builder plugin. Users can easily add sliders, galleries, images, progress bar, timeline, testimonials, message box, warning box, notification box and many more features. This plugin has excellent support team and future updates for any query or bug problem. It’s a great way to add minimax functionality to your WordPress site without breaking the bank.

Minimax – Layout Builder Plugin has special features for creating squeeze pages with all necessary modules. You can easily use more than 3000+ widgets to place anywhere inside your page content.

Aqua Page Builder:

Aqua Page Builder — WordPress Plugins

Aqua Page Builder is completely free and an ideal choice for small businesses as it helps to save your time. More than 30k downloads tells its success story. Plugin integrate like a dream with WordPress admin interface. One of the primary reasons for its popularity is the price (free). It is easy to use and works with any WordPress theme.

It takes after the same client interface utilized by the Menus and Widgets admin pages – making you feel comfortable with the UI.

Wrapping Up :

Above all the listed tools are best and easy to use. It saves your time and create stunning design in short time. For more wordpress updates and information click here.

Author Bio : 
Ravi Bhatt is a crazy freelance writer -founder of MeetRV where he accept and publish news and information of various category. Excited to share his thoughts on various surprising concepts of WordPress and Blogging.

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