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Finding a Good Website Host for Your WordPress Website

Posted on May 11 2014 by C. in Blog 

When you use WordPress to create a website, there are two main options available. You can either use for the creation of a free website that is hosted through or you can use the WordPress software on your own hosting plan for the creation of your own WordPress website. Unless you are creating…


A Guide to Best Practices for Creating WordPress Posts

Posted on May 10 2014 by C. in Blog 

Even though WordPress has made the creation of new posts a simple process there are certain things to keep in mind that are easy to overlook. It is easy to simply create a handful of posts and hope for the best, whether you are creating a personal blog or operating a business blog. There are…


Updating a WordPress Theme that Has Been Edited

Posted on May 08 2014 by C. in Blog 

WordPress is known for the level of customization that you can perform with your websites. There are thousands of themes and plugins that provide most users with exactly what they are looking for. Despite this, there are times when it is necessary to edit the core files of a WordPress theme. For example, there may…


The Benefits of Using WordPress to Create a Website

Wordpress Themes

Posted on May 07 2014 by C. in Blog 

Whether you have already created a website or are planning on creating a website, there are many reasons for using WordPress. While WordPress started off as a blogging platform, it has evolved into a full content management system. Major companies and brands are now using WordPress for their websites. Just look at the numbers and…


The Benefits of Setting up a WordPress Multisite Network

Posted on May 06 2014 by C. in Blog 

Do you have multiple WordPress websites or are you planning on creating multiple WordPress websites? If you answered yes to either of these, then you may want to consider setting up a WordPress Multisite Network. Managing multiple installations of WordPress can be time consuming and create a lot of headaches if there are certain aspects…


The Basics of Creating a Great WordPress Post

Posted on May 05 2014 by C. in Blog 

WordPress is a wonderful platform for blogging; whether you are an individual or operate a small business. Once you have your WordPress website created you will probably start creating posts. These posts are used to reach more people and increase the amount of traffic to your website. Creating posts for your WordPress website is a…

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