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8 Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Faster

Posted on Apr 06 2019 by Niyati Dave in Blogs WordPress 

The faster your WordPress site runs, the better experience visitors to your site will have. Research shows that page loading time has an influence on conversion rates and on whether or not visitors will leave your site and go somewhere else. One of the nice things about the Internet is that there are hundreds of…


WP-Gallery 1.0

Posted on Mar 27 2019 by kalpesh in Free Themes Free WordPress Theme Freebies 

A free WordPress theme dedicated to Photography. SoloStream offers WP-Gallery with responsive design and compatible for showcases and image portfolio.


How to display WooCommerce products and categories in various ways?

Posted on Feb 21 2019 by kalpesh in Uncategorized 

What is WooCommerce and why WooCommerce Shortcode is important to know? WooCommerce is market dominated WordPress eCommerce plugins with plenty of resources in terms and plugins and forums. It is one of the choice of for any one who wants to build eCommerce site on WordPress. WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress using various hooks and…



Posted on Feb 19 2019 by kalpesh in Free Themes Free WordPress Theme Freebies 

Multiple Sidebar with Revolution slider and WooCommerce ready.


Top 5 Premium WordPress theme from SoloStream LLC

Posted on Jan 09 2019 by kalpesh in best Responsive Wordpress Themes Blog Blogs Blogs and Blogging Responsive WordPress Themes 

There are many companies who claim to have best Premium WordPress themes, but very few have the guts and develop in house and do sell to their customer over the period of time. There are companies who provides 100s of WordPress themes but themes what they provide are from third party resources. Any one can…


How to disable Gutenberg?

Posted on Dec 26 2018 by kalpesh in Blogs Blogs and Blogging Gutenberg WordPress 

What is Gutenberg  in terms of WordPress? Johannes Gutenberg was a German blacksmith known for inventing the mechanical movable type printing press. His printing press has been widely considered the most important invention of the modern era because it profoundly impacted the transmission of knowledge. Invented around 1439, Gutenberg’s movable type printing press initiated nothing less…

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