Mastering Image Uploads/Inserts with Solostream WordPress Themes

Posted on Jul 16 2009 by in Tutorials WordPress 

We received a thoughtful inquiry from a customer recently who wanted to know how to better understand the manner in which images are managed within our themes. This is naturally too good a topic for just one customer so we thought we would share our complete explanation with everyone.

At this time, our most popular themes incorporate the functionality of “Get The Image” to generate thumbnail images that appear in Feature Articles and Post Excerpts. There is some confusion as how this tool works and what happens when you use it. Without further ado, here’s our best explanation.


The first image that is uploaded to a post is the one that is managed by “Get The Image” (it is very important to note that uploaded does NOT mean inserted).

We have configured the plugin to only work for images directly uploaded to a post. So, for instance, if you copy/paste a URL and use that as the post image (even from the ‘uploads’ folder from another post) it will not work.

When you have successfully uploaded your image and then published your post, the image will appear in the following locations automatically:

  1. In the “Featured Articles” section on the main page if you are using a theme with a feature slider
  2. In the post excerpt (whether on the main page, archives, or search results)

Once you’ve uploaded an image to a post, “Get The Image” will automatically use that as the post thumbnail. It is not necessary to insert the image into the post. As long as the image shows up under “Gallery” the thumbnail will appear.


If you would like multiple images to appear in your post, you will need to insert image #2, image #3, etc. To do this, move the cursor to the location where you want to insert the image and then click the upload/insert icon.

If you happen to delete image #1 from the post and add a new one, the old image is still in the Gallery and needs to be deleted:

  1. When editing the post, click “Add an Image”
  2. Click “Gallery”
  3. Click “Show” for the image you want to remove
  4. Click “Delete”
  5. Close the popup window


When working with images you should probably choose another size other than “Full size” since that will likely be too large for the content width. Before inserting the image into the post, select “Thumbnail”, “Medium”, or “Large” instead.


If you use the “home_feature_photo” (featured post) or “post_thumbnail” (normal post) custom field it will override the image called by the plugin.

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