Earn Money With the Solostream Affiliate Program

The Solostream Affiliate Program rewards you for referring customers to Solostream. You place a special link or advertising banner on your blog or website, and when a product is purchased by someone you refer, we’ll pay you a commission for the sale.

How Much Can You Earn?

The standard commission is 20% from any initial sale, and if a user renews a subscription, you will earn an additional 20% commission. So, for example:

  • Silver Membership ($79 Every 6 Months) = Initial Commission of $15.80, plus $15.80 Upon Renewal
  • Gold Membership ($129 Per Year) = Initial Commission of $25.80, plus $25.80 Upon Renewal

Details About the Solostream Affiliate Program

  1. We pay commissions to your Paypal account within 15 days after the end of the month. So, for example, affiliate commissions for September are paid out by October 15th.
  2. Yes, you need a PayPal account to join.
  3. We have a wide range of banners and links that you can add to your blog or website.
  4. Our affiliate control panel contains statistics for your affiliate commissions, which will track all the unique clicks, sales & commissions that you generate.
  5. We have a minimum release level of $50, so your earnings need to exceed $50 for us to make payment to you.
  6. You will not earn commissions on your own purchases.
  7. You will be responsible to pay any and all taxes (federal, state, local, etc.) on your earnings.

How to Get Started

Please be sure you have read and agree to points 1-7 above. Assuming you do agree, there are two possible options for you to register an affiliate account.

First, if you’ve purchased a product from Solostream in the past, you can simply login to your member profile page, and activate your affiliate account there. You should have received your login information via email, but if not, please contact us via email, and we can look it up for you.

If you’ve never purchased a product from Solostream, click here to register your affiliate account.

Once your account is activated, you can login to your affiliate dashboard and start earning commissions.