Is It Time To Start A New Site?

Posted on Oct 20 2014 by in Premium WordPress Themes 2020 | Premium WordPress Membership and Individual Premium WordPress Theme Pricing Small Business Life 

Many bloggers and business owners have come to love WordPress for the option of starting their own personal, free, easy-to-use webpage. These web pages can be as simple as a personal recipe book, to much more elaborate and sophisticated online stores. Every site has its own appearance and brand, and choosing a theme can only make your site more unique.

Choosing a theme is a very important part of your site building, and you do not want to get too far along in the site building process before trying out a new theme. When you are into your theme pretty deep, and something malfunctions, or you want to choose a new theme, it can be difficult to remember all the widgets you were using and how they are setup.

Back To The Basics
When it comes to building a new site, it is a chance to reinvent yourself, your brand, and really your new site in general. It offers you a chance to start fresh. The fun thing about starting a new site is that you get the opportunity to ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish with this site?”


Many times starting a new blog, webpage, or site can be challenging, and many people who choose their goals up front end up realizing that the task can be much more audacious than they originally thought! However, there are those that set goals only to meet and exceed them, and can find themselves beating their sites to death by trying to make every little thing perfect.

Finding A Balance

When it comes to starting a new site, it shouldn’t be like having another kid. You don’t want to have to look after the site day and night, and it should not eat up so much time that you can’t develop your other sites anymore. You need to come up with some priorities about what the main goal of the site is, and balance your resources for optimal success. If that means opening another site there, or closing one here, then that is up to you. In the meantime, enjoy WordPress and all of our awesome themes to make your sites, time, and designs more productive.