How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Essay Writing Website

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Are you reaching the right target audience in need of essay writing services? There are millions of students who need assistance with their essays. But there are thousands of essay writing services that have come up as well.  The audience is getting choosier in picking among essay services.  You need to catch the eye of the audience with the correct essay online WordPress theme. How do you choose a WordPress theme that works for you?

Responsiveness is Mandatory

The bigger chunk of web traffic has moved to smartphones. Google has noticed this and is giving more weight to websites that are easy to view on smartphones. Many WordPress responsive themes come with responsivity but you have to make sure.

However, not all responsive themes offer the same user experience. Other features that make differences in user experience include menu type, scrolling, and navigation.  You can check how mobile-friendly a WordPress theme is by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.

Check Plugin Compatibility

Plugins are very useful in improving the functionality of a WordPress website.   All WordPress themes come with native support for plugins developed by the WordPress team. But more importantly, a theme should support plugins from third-party developers.

Some plugins are must-have, for example, Yoast SEO for improved SEO on the website. Other popular plugins include Gravity Forms, W3 Total Cache, Elementor, and Lazy Load among others. Be sure to check that the theme supports the plugin whose functionality matters most.

Look for Customizable Options

What options are customizable in your theme? Many free themes come with limited customization, but allow more options in their Pro versions.  But most themes will allow customization of layout, colors, and fonts.

While an essay writing website may not need heavy customization, it is still good to know that you are free to tweak whatever you want.  The basic minimum is that a theme should be customizable with WordPress Customizer.   Look for compatibility with Elementor which offers high customization for all website elements.

Go for a Lightweight Theme

Website loading times matter a lot to your website’s visitors. A visitor will move on if a website takes longer than 30 seconds to load. Using a lightweight theme can reduce loading time by as much as 40%. 

You can test theme loading speeds using speed tools like GTmetrix. The good thing with WordPress is that you can install and test themes on the fly if they are free.  Premium themes also come with public demos for testing.

Check for Multilingual Support

Multilingual support gives your site wider exposure to audiences who may not understand English very well.  There are lots of Asian students, for example, taking technical courses and not very good in English. They are more comfortable reading their native language.

A multilingual student looking for the correct essay online service will have a better user experience using a multilingual website.  A translation ready theme works seamlessly with Google Translate to offer your content in multiple languages.

Developer Support and Updates

How recently was the theme updated?  In the face of alleviated security risks, you need a theme that stays updated. Constant developer support ensures that the theme’s code stays functional.  Go for a premium theme because updating free themes is always a hit and miss affair.

Check Ratings and Reviews

 What do other users about the theme? offers detailed information on the people who have downloaded a theme and its ratings. You can also check out other review websites like PCmag.

Do you want your essay writing website to attract more visitors and more customer inquiries?  Get a WordPress theme that works, and the user experience will keep them flowing in.