4 Common Misconceptions about WordPress

Posted on Apr 15 2014 by in Blog 

A growing number of businesses are beginning to see the potential in WordPress. For years, WordPress was primarily used as a blogging platform; though, businesses, both small and large, are jumping on the WordPress bandwagon. Despite this increase in usage, there are still those that ignore WordPress, due to these common misconceptions.

Misconception 1: WordPress is Only Good for Blogging

This is probably the most common misconception that people have about WordPress – WordPress is only good for those that want to blog. A part of this stems from the fact that WordPress was initially marketed for that purpose. As this open source software began to grow and increase its functionality, it became a viable full-fledged Content Management System (CMS). WordPress can now handle any of your website needs. The only real limits to the potential of WordPress lie in the developers working on your site. Basically, there is nothing that WordPress cannot do that other web development platforms can.

Misconception 2: WordPress Does Not Offer Quality Support

Another reason that some businesses are skeptical about switching to WordPress is the fact that it is an open source project. This means that there is no definitive number to call when things go wrong. The fact that WordPress is open source does not mean that there is no support available. With thousands of developers and everyday users, there is an abundance of help that can found online. Whether you visit the WordPress.org forums or individual WordPress developers, there is no shortage of online help and indirect support.

Misconception 3: WordPress Does Not Provide a Good Environment for Ecommerce

For a long time, Drupal was the go to platform for the easy creation of ecommerce sites. Thanks to a variety of free plugins, WordPress is just as capable of providing the perfect platform for managing an ecommerce site. The truth is, many other ecommerce platforms are limited in scope, while WordPress brings its large amount of features and customization options to the ecommerce world. If you are planning an ecommerce site, be sure to look into the available ecommerce plugins for WordPress.

Misconception 4: WordPress is Not a Secure Platform

Security is always a concern, no matter what framework or website platform you use to create your site. If you were to look over the numbers, WordPress sites are more likely to be targeted by hackers than many other CMS platforms. The reason for this is the large amount of sites that use WordPress. The simple truth is that whatever software has the most users is going to attract more hackers. This does not make WordPress any less secure than other options. The bottom line is that when you use WordPress, you need to use common sense and follow all of the traditional security protocols.

Due to these common misconceptions, many businesses are hesitant to use WordPress for their online needs. The reason WordPress has become so popular is that more people are starting to use it, leading to an increased interest from individual developers willing to create themes, plugins, and additional features. No matter how you look at, there is nothing that WordPress cannot do.