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10 Awesome Job Opportunities For Freelance Creatives

Posted on Apr 24 2018 by Vashishtha Kapoor in Business 

“Freelancing is a serious business”. If you want to work as per your rulebooks and the comfort of home, then freelancing is the best available career option for you in present time. Not only now, but in future also you have significant development in the same domain. You can start as timely as you want…


How to fix 404 errors on your website for Google Webmaster

Posted on Apr 16 2018 by Kalpesh Adhvaryu in best Wordpress themes for blogs Blog Responsive WordPress Themes Uncategorized 

The 404 not found is the http error which is also called standard response error. That is the indication of the micommunication between client and the server. In other words its the website hosting server is not landing to the right source of information and that is why 404 error is one of the most…


How to create fastest WordPress website or blog

Posted on Apr 13 2018 by Kalpesh Adhvaryu in Blog Blogs Blogs and Blogging Responsive WordPress Themes 

How to Create Fastest WordPress Website or Blog. WordPress is an online open source tool that helps to build Websites and blogs with wide range of plugins, framework, themes which can be download from the If you are looking for a quickest solution to have your website or blog setup in no time then…


Create WordPress website in not time.

Posted on Apr 13 2018 by Kalpesh Adhvaryu in Uncategorized 

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How to create links on WordPress

Posted on Mar 27 2018 by Kalpesh Adhvaryu in WordPress Video 



Optimize Website for Better Conversions

Posted on Dec 16 2017 by Kalpesh Adhvaryu in Blogs customizable wordpress themes 

Ways to Optimize a Website for Better Conversions Before we get to the point of optimizing your website for better conversions, you need to check if your website has Google Analytics set up and if it’s connected to the Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools. If you’re wondering as to why this…

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