Use Your Landline Phone for Skype Calls (Review of D-Link USB Adapter)

Posted on Aug 28 2006 by in Reviews Software 

Ever since I began using Skype a couple years ago, I’ve been looking for the best way to use it without being tethered to my PC by a pair of headphones. I tried the Bluetooth route, but the sound quality was less than adequate, and I could never get used to those little Bluetooth ear pieces hanging over my ear. What I really wanted was just to use my regular landline headset for Skype and regular landline calls (it’s all about integration with me).

This weekend, during a trip to BestBuy, I found a solution. It’s called the D-Link DPH-50U Skype USB Phone Adapter.

With this little gadget, you can use your landline phone to make Skype calls. It’s really simple to connect. Just connect it to your computer via the USB cable provided with the adapter. Then connect your landline phone to the adapter. Finally, connect the adapter to your telephone wall socket. Before you do all that, of couse, you’ll need to install the driver that comes with the adapter.

Once you’ve completed all that, you can use Skype to call anywhere you want. And of course, all Skype calls are free in the US and Canada until the end of the year. After that, just use your regular Skypeout account.

You can also use your landline phone to call regular Skype contacts. All you do is assign a speed dial number to each of your contacts (in your Skype control panel), and when you pick up your landline phone, dial ##, then the speed dial number, then the * key. To make regular long distance calls via Skype, just dial ## 001 + area code + 7 digit phone number. If you were calling another country, instead of 001, you’d have to use the code for that country. Also see Namecheap Black Friday/CyberMonday

It’s that easy. The key, of course, is you must have your computer powered on and be logged into your Skype account.

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