Success comes to those who aim to deliver more than what is expected. 

As a business owner, you should be customer-centric and one step ahead of your competition in the digitally dominated dimension. 

A robust and reliable website with managed WordPress hosting is your strength in an otherwise cut-throat competitive environment. 

To improve website engagement and get more people to stay connected, you have to deliver exceptional experiences. 

Performance plays a crucial role in relaying exceptional experiences. And it’s dependent on the web hosting solution you use. 

With managed WordPress hosting, you get a team that manages everything from security to support. And your IT team can focus on your business requirements. 

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

It is important to understand managed WordPress hosting before we move to WordPress-specific hosting. 

What is managed WordPress hosting?

When you say managed WordPress hosting, you don’t own the infrastructure. You pay for the hardware and software solutions you will be using through the hosting services. 

In an OS upgrade, the hosting service provider will update and patch the OS. 

Similarly, they are entirely responsible for ensuring:

  • Server availability
  • Network management
  • Fixing speed-related issues

Managed WordPress hosting offers hosting solutions for the WordPress platform. 

With this service, you can access the multitude of features and functionality required to enhance the website performance and keep up with the functionality requirement. 

You don’t need hosting experts in-house as WordPress hosting providers have the technical know-how you need. 

Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

You have been dabbling with the idea of managed WordPress hosting. Still not sure if it is what suits your website requirements best? Here are a few reasons why this hosting solution is considered to be the best. 

1. Put Aside Your Security Woes 

What is the first thought you have before you begin building your website? Most likely, your biggest concern is security

With managed hosting services for WordPress, you can develop fool-proof websites. 

The hosting providers ensure that their servers are optimized for WordPress security requirements. So, you don’t have to add plugins that can hamper speed. 

With the managed hosting solutions, you get security features such as two-factor authentication and limited login attempts, thus securing your website. 

Managed WordPress hosting also provides timely backups.

What if my website is hacked despite these security measures?

The hosting provider will ensure that the malware is quickly removed and your website is free of attack. This happens even before they can access any data from your site

So, by using managed WordPress hosting, your team doesn’t need to focus on managing security. You’ll have outsourced security management to experts in the space. 

2. Open Doors to Faster Websites

Did this get you excited? With managed WordPress hosting, you can improve the site’s speed and performance and engage customers better. 

The tech stack is customized to suit WordPress websites. 

As a result, you will notice that the frontend and backend communicate seamlessly. Fewer hiccups lead to better experiences. 

What do you mean by ‘tech stack’?

When a business uses a combination of technologies to develop, deploy and run their application, it is referred to as tech stack. It consists of the different frameworks, programming languages and tools that help the developer in their work.

A WordPress hosting service provider will fine-tune the plugins, theme, and optimization support to match the website requirements. 

For example, when you set up WordPress from the managed hosting provider, they will include necessary plugins. 

For instance, they’ll add a caching tool, so it will automatically improve the speed of the website.

Moreover, these providers will include enhancements such as CDN, server locations, and a scaling technology like FCP. Your inclusions entirely depend on the type of managed WordPress hosting provider and what type of platform they own. 

Did we complicate things with a lot of jargon? Don’t worry! 

When choosing a good managed WordPress hosting provider, you don’t have to remember these terms. They will take care of everything. You only need to specify your requirements.

3. Extensive Support from Platform Experts

When you’re new to a platform, you need someone to support you. 

You need someone to answer your questions, take care of your doubts, and take care of things when you don’t have the expertise. 

That’s what happens when you opt for managed WordPress hosting. 

Whether it’s a server-level issue or a theme-related problem, you always have someone to help you. 

If your website is not performing, you can reach out and seek their expertise. 

Their team will let you know what to add or remove. And in some cases, their team members will take the requisite actions. 

As these people have explored WordPress and have phenomenal knowledge of the platform and its applications, you can gain from their knowledge and expertise. They will know what will work for you and what won’t.

The best part is they are your hosting partners. So, they’ll resolve your issues and make sure there is someone available to sort your issues. 

4. Hassle-free Ways to Add SSL Certificates

More than 57 million websites globally use SSL By Default. If only you knew how much hackers hate SSL certificates, you would have it at number one of your priority list. 

With the managed hosting provider by your side, you won’t need to worry about adding this certificate. 

They will make the entire process hassle-free and ensure your website is secure with an SSL certificate. In a few clicks, you’ll have the certificate installed on your site. 

In some cases, these certificates are rendered for free to the business owners. 

It’s a good idea to connect with your hosting service provider before getting the SSL done. 

They will tell you what your website truly needs. You could need an advanced certificate, and not be aware of it. 

5. Easy to Scale Your Business

One of the most critical concerns for business owners is the growth opportunities available with hosting service providers. 

Say you have started an online business and are receiving 100 visitors in a day. It may still be manageable with your current hosting.

Now, imagine a scenario where your business becomes immensely popular and has garnered good reach in the target market. 

You could have more than 100 visitors in a day. Some days your website could enjoy as many as 12,000 visitors or more in a day. Is your hosting prepared for this load?

With managed WordPress hosting, you don’t need to worry about that. 

The minute your website grows and your business scales to the next level, you can upgrade to a bigger hosting plan. 

A single click will get you to manage the extra load with ease and without affecting your website’s performance.

These hosting solutions are designed to scale with immediate effect and adapt to the growing needs exhibited by your business. 

With these managed hosting solutions, you don’t need to stay involved in the upgrade; it will be done in the backend. 

So, while you take care of your lead generation needs, the service providers help you scale your hosting. 

6. A Considerable Increase in Productivity

Imagine a scenario when you don’t have to worry about server downtime or even identify how many servers your business needs. A scenario where there is no tech team handling the servers or the infrastructure.

How much does this free up your business time?

Your life after getting managed WordPress hosting will be more straightforward and hassle-free. 

Whether you need a managed upgrade or a migration, you only need to contact the partner team, and they will take care of the process. 

When you try to handle this in-house, there is a possibility that your IT team would be focused on managing the infrastructure. As a result, they won’t be able to focus on core IT related tasks, which can impact their overall productivity.

By outsourcing this bit to a managed hosting provider, you are free of the server and tech requirements.

You can focus on your growth while the provider will scale your tech accordingly.

These providers also offer access to free email and manage it. From setting up the email to maintaining it, they provide all services, which relieves you of the duties.

7. Move Between Production and Staging 

The golden rule of designing websites–never make changes to your production environment. 

If you go wrong with your coding, it spoils the whole layout and immediately reflects on the customers’ side. 

Eventually, it will put you in the spot and ruin the experiences you have crafted. 

WordPress hosting solutions offer developers the staging environment. It is a copy of your website that makes it easy to make changes. 

You can make the necessary changes in the staging server, observe the results, and then make them live. This way, you can keep the production environment safe and unchanged.

You can also access the local environment with the managed hosting for WordPress. 

It allows you to make the changes locally and view them. You can, in this case, use the staging server for testing before you go live with the development changes.

The managed WordPress hosting provider makes it easy and smooth to transit from local to staging to production servers. 

It is ideal for development purposes, as it allows you to go live only after thorough testing of the coding changes.

8. Goes Beyond Server Provider

The managed WordPress hosting provider is not just your server needs fulfiller. They go beyond helping you with infrastructure setup and software management. 

They are your development partners. 

They allow you to manage the entire website development, from providing the right tools to helping you with performance requirements. 

They go one mile further to help you with collaboration, real-time workflow management, and educational resources that make your work easy. 

If you want to ensure your client has access to the website during development, the collaboration tools make that easy. As a result, you can communicate with all stakeholders (your team and the client) in real-time.

The hosting providers make it easy to showcase changes to your client. You can send them demos of the changes and get their approval. 

They also help manage the development workflow, thus increasing your productivity. 

9. Site Management Made Easy

Site management becomes a significant issue when building a website or handling multiple customers as an agency. 

You are constantly trying to keep things organized and in one place. However, the juggle never ends. 

You are continually coordinating at different locations to have the setups done, the domains arranged, update the core, update the latest themes or update the plugin.

Your struggle to manage the site and maintain it ends with managed WordPress hosting. 

Your hosting provider will cover all the expiries, invoices, and even updates. 

They will notify you whenever you need to pay the bill if the maintenance is done or a particular plugin is updated. 

The management of the website and maintenance of the plugins is taken care of by the provider. So, you can relax and grow your business.

10. Availability of Development Tools

Tools are a top priority for businesses engaged in website development. 

Whether making a few quick changes or building a new website, these development tools can help you create an ideal development environment. 

You can use cPanel or a custom dashboard to create the ideal development experience with the managed WordPress hosting provider. 

You have different tools to flush the cache, turn on the cache, and manage the slow error logs. 

You can even use the built-in tools to access SFTP and improve database management. 

The hosting provider will take care of the setup and provide you the access to the right tools for the same.

For example, if you plan to send an email newsletter, you can acquire the necessary newsletter builder tools that can help you develop and launch it quickly. 


These reasons should be enough to convince you to choose managed WordPress hosting for your next business website. 

Whether you are creating a new website from the ground up or planning an upgrade, they will help you set up the right environment and provide access to essential tools.

You even get to connect with WordPress experts whenever you are stuck in the process, thus enabling faster development and quicker releases. 

With managed hosting, you are more productive, and your business scales faster.