WordPress Design & Development Trends To Practice In 2018

It’s been more than 10 years when WordPress was introduced. You must be wondering that where it is heading in current time? You would be amazed to know that it has owned approx 27% websites under its name.

WordPress is an ever-expanding platform which time to time comes with impressive updates that indirectly assist developers to create amazing interfaces. If we take previous year’s example, WordPress unveiled many exciting trends that are being loved and admired by the users all over the world. Now, the question, what WordPress has to unfold for the year 2018 from its bundle of surprises.

WordPress users are eagerly waiting for the new features and trends so that they implement them to build creative websites. User-friendliness is the major aspect which has been kept on priority by the developers. The upcoming trends that we are going to describe are also meant to bringing user-friendliness in each WP solution.

Let’s just not wait for more! 

Have a glimpse at the most admiring WordPress development trends that are expected to be embraced by the developers in 2018.

  • Mobile First Theme Is The New Venture

Mobile first concept has brought a new phase to web development world. Mobile technology has completely transformed the way people browse the internet. Today, they look for the websites that are mobile-friendly and have the capability to pull out the exact meaning of the browsed web page. Websites having mobile-compatible features are in trend from past few years and here shows no signs of leap or stoppage. Through WordPress, it has become so much easier to have mobile-first websites.

  • Inclination towards multipurpose & VR optimized themes

Web designers and developers are on the pace to integrate augmented & virtual reality functionality in all the web designs. The plus point is, WordPress completely supports VR optimized content which encourages more WP users to include this technology to their designing solutions. Further, the platform also in favor to display 360 videos and images which made it a no-stoppable web development to embrace in 2018. Just wait and watch what developers bring in their new websites by using such influential trend.

  • HTTPS Set New Security Rules

Due to the increasing matters of website theft, Google has extended its security norms by throwing some exceptional techniques. HTTPS integration has topped the list as Google decided to approve only those websites whose domain name is followed by HTTPS. Today, the situation is that every entrepreneur is running towards transforming their address from HTTP to HTTPS. Google is doing this to enhance websites’ security as after adding S to their domains they are not considered unsafe for any reason. This technique is in trend and will definitely inspire website owners in the future as well.

  • Calypso’s Praise Is Touching Momentum

Everyone in the web design and development market is talking about Calypso. It has become a hot topic for current web development arena. This WordPress technology works as a desktop admin environment which manages, edits and adds content seamlessly to one or more WP websites. It is known as a robust admin which carries out all content management requirements with ease. WordPress is planning to update Calypso with more exciting features so that it works quite readily for website owners. WP users will love it to see this trend in the future.

  • Parallax Will Spread All Across

Earlier, Parallax has won many hearts by making an amazing presence in video games. It’s not the end! Even, this WordPress trend will soon surprise you with its extension as it is going to be used as a mandatory part of WordPress design and development. It will gain a prominent position in the web design & development services because the scrolling feature it gives to the websites is wonderful. Parallax also goes well with multiple backgrounds that move in accordance with the user cursor and gives a 3D effect experience. In short, you can consider it a new and fine-tuned designing trend for the current year.

  • Role of Video Headers Will Increase

There is no secret behind the fact that video headers will stay here for many more years. We know that video headers are not a new concept in the industry, but their existence in web design world is quite exciting. The concept was launched last year with WordPress’s Twenty Seventeen Theme, but today businesses have become familiar with its eye-grabbing attributes. As per today’s scenario, it can be justified that the craze of using video headers among developers will grow by the time. Hence, you can expect many more websites integrated with this new trend in 2018.

  • Typography has Become An On-going Trend

Rich and finely placed content is the need to develop and design a website. Thus, implementing excellent features of typography may take your web design to the heights and compel customers more than a traditional interface. WordPress introduced this feature due to the increasing curiosity of web owners for having the classy appearance of the websites. This trend brings creativity in content sections and make it appealing, uniform and up to the mark.

Concluding Remarks:

So, here is a checklist of the most important WordPress development trends that are going to rule the market in 2018. Being a website owner or keen WordPress user, make sure that you are using these trends appropriately and also by keeping visitor’s point of view. After all, you are doing this all to make them satisfied in all manners. So, leave all the fear and start enhancing your WordPress website’s appeal and functionality with the fine-tuned trends.

Author Bio: 

Tom Hardy is a renowned WordPress developer at Sparx IT Solutions: PSD to WordPress Conversion Company and keeps on searching the innovative ways to improve the speed of websites. He also likes to share the researched knowledge with the audience through engaging blogs


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