Why You Need iPhone App For Your Digital Marketing

With digital marketing on the increase, there is no doubt that the future of marketing and advertisement lies in it. Marketing is no more limited to newspaper, radio, and television as people are already taking advantage of digital marketing. Digital marketing is so compelling that other traditional platforms are gradually getting a decrease in attention.

You should get an iPhone app to manage your digital marketing. Hire iPhone app developer that will help you to create the app that will suit your business. A business can create and maintain awareness and advertise to its customers using an iPhone app. Brands can easily communicate with all its customers within a short period with an iPhone app. App development companies should hire iPhone app developer that will create an efficient app for them.

30 Digital Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity

Marketing automation is just one of the many digital marketing activities that you need to develop your business.

Create content based on the right keywords, develop exciting materials such as infographics and e-books, layout your pages to promote conversion optimization, generate compelling email marketing titles, social media posts, and many other activities within a short period.

Here is a list of 30 of the top digital marketing tools that can make all these tasks quicker and efficient for your business.

See which ones you already use and which ones you can switch to:

• SEO and Analytics Tools

There is no way, without proper study of what your target audience looks for on the internet, you cannot do an excellent job of digital marketing. You need to fully understand what your target audience has interest in.

Here are some of the most commonly used tools for this:

1. Google Analytics

2. Semrush

3. Moz

4. SEO Right

Besides the first three on the list, already traditional and well-known, it is worth to try the SEO Certo, a social tool that includes several functionalities and is very easy to use. Hire iPhone app developer that will put into consideration the analytical and SEO tools.

• Website and blog building

5. Wix

6. WordPress

The two main digital marketing tools for building websites are Wix or WordPress. They both have paid and free versions.

The big difference between them is that Wix is easier to use to build your website or blog.

On the other hand, WordPress is more flexible, has more features and free plug-ins, and allows a more efficient SEO work.

• Conversion Optimization

Once you discover the most desired subjects for your audience and build your website or blog, you need to work on it to promote the best experience possible. You should concentrate your effort present to the audience what they have interest in- make it easy for them.

A / B Testing

One of the most commonly used ways to do this is A / B testing, and Google Optimize is a perfect Google Analytics extension for this purpose:

7- Google Optimize

• Heat maps

These powerful website analytics tools create colorful visual maps that show the points where users’ might have passed or clicked, as well as other data such as the time spent observing a page area based on the position of the scrollbar.

They’re great for knowing which parts of your site or blog are more or less accessed, plus several other insights. The best known is the Hotjar, but there are others.

8. ClickTale

9. Crazy Egg

10. Hotjar

• Compression of images

Another critical factor for your page to load faster and not be penalized by Google or abandoned by users is the weight of the photos.

For this, you can use TinyPng, a free and paid version tool that compresses images without loss of visual quality:

11- Tinypng

• Lead Capture

Some of the primary digital marketing tools that have become popular lately, and brought excellent results, are windows capture leads that, depending on the movements of the user’s mouse, detect if it is leaving the site and open pop-ups on the screen with messages for a newsletter subscription or for downloading materials, for example.

Several actions can be customized, depending on the tool chosen. ThriveLeads is the most complete:

12. ThriveLeads

13. Juice

14. Hello Bar

These tools are very important in digital marketing. Having an iPhone app will make it efficient to manage these tools. You should hire iPhone app developer that will include features that will enable you to manage your client’s details easily.

• Creating rich materials and posts in social media

Want to create infographics, e-books, and even videos? See the tools available, most of them with free and paid versions:

Creating infographics

Needing to create an infographic quickly and without costing a designer? These three tools can help you develop your very agile, relying on some ready-made models:

15- Infogr.am

16- Piktochart

17- Visme

Creation of e-books

Following the same template layout, it’s easy to create your e-books, check out:

18- Beacon

19- Trakto


Videos to explain the benefits and ways to use your products and services, or even to pass tips, tutorials, and content, are a powerful medium that every digital marketing strategy should count on. Check out some of the sites that will help you produce these materials very efficiently:

20- RawShorts

21- PowToon

22- Showbox

23- FluxVFX

• Posts in social networks

Integrate images and texts quickly to create impactful posts in your social media with these four tools:

24. Desygner

25- Recite

26- Pablo

27- Flimbo

• Post Scheduling

You need to stop stressing yourself every time to make a post. You can achieve this without any hassle.

With these three tools, everything becomes more comfortable and, also, can provide you with reports on the performance of your publications:

28- Buffer

29- Instamizer

30- Hootsuite

Are you considering going into digital marketing? Hire iPhone app developer that will help you create the app you need. An experienced iPhone app developer will include the features that will make your digital marketing experience a good one. You can perform many functions with your mobile app. What you have to do is to hire iPhone app developer that is competent to include all these features.

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