Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform for Web Development?

Introduction to WordPress- One of the Best Content Management Systems

It has become essential for companies to establish an online presence to compete in today’s cutthroat business world. With a professionally designed website, businesses can advertise their products and services, and deliver useful information to prospective and existing customers. You’d be glad to know that a popular content management system (CMS) like WordPress is simple to use and allows you to create your own website swiftly and easily.

With WordPress, you don’t have to hire a professional website design and development company to build your site. WordPress is an open-source CMS that any lay user can learn to leverage without technical expertise or coding skills. You can consult the vast range of tutorials available on the internet to learn how to build your website using this CMS. The vendor also continuously updates the program and strives to make it as advanced as possible which is another reason for its popularity.

If you want a sophisticated site with complex features, you can hire professional WordPress developers. However, if you just desire a simple website with basic features to promote and publicize your business, you can easily use this CMS on your own to create your site.

Advantages of WordPress and WordPress Developers

WordPress is one of the most preferred options for website development for a colossal amount of reasons. Let’s take a look at the  top reasons why web developers rate WordPress as the best CMS in the business today:

Versatile Software

WordPress is not meant only for bloggers. Even large enterprises whose sites attract millions of visitors every month utilize WordPress. This CMS allows you to design your site from scratch effortlessly and take care of its hosting and other management aspects to place you in full control. Since the platform is flexible and versatile, you can easily craft the type of site you require for your business purposes.

Select from pre-built themes to make the process simpler as the CMS offers a plethora of themes even for beginners. This robust solution fulfills the requirements of every type of user.

Numerous Plugins and Themes

As mentioned above, WordPress developers can select from literally thousands of pre-built themes to craft their website. In addition, numerous plugins are also offered that you can utilize to design your site, manage its content, upload videos and images, perform analytics, and optimize it for better ranking on search engines. This CMS can make your site responsive and mobile-friendly which also assists search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and facilitates better visibility on search engines.

Basic WordPress is Free

If you want a simple website, you can avail the basic WordPress tools for free. However, advanced features like CSS modification are charged. So if your website needs are rudimentary, you don’t have to invest in a site builder software solution as basic WordPress can fulfill all your needs. Plus, you don’t have to hire a professional web developers to build and maintain your site as you can easily do these tasks yourself by getting assistance and guidance from tutorials and how-to guides on the internet.

Multi-User Competency

For larger enterprises, organizations, and companies, it becomes imperative to have a platform that offers access to multiple users at once. Keeping their sites up to date would require multiple users in different categories to convey as much information as they can. WordPress uses the CMS to be proficient in the multi-user functionality aspect and makes it an easier process to assign different roles to different people on the platform. Coming with six default modes for users, WordPress offers you the capability of what users can and cannot do. These six default modes are:

  • Site Owner
  • Administrator
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

The WordPress developers give the site owners the right to modify and assign tasks, duties, and functions to different people, which helps in creating a smoothly functioning platform.

Reliable Security

WordPress is a secure and safe content management system as its developers have a dedicated team that works to make the created websites safe from viruses, hacking attempts, and malicious attacks. Thus, you can rest assured that your systems and data will be secure from breaches when you use WordPress. Further, you can learn basic website security lessons on the internet to protect and safely manage your WordPress site and its content.

SEO-Friendly CMS

SEO is important for any business website as it needs to be visible in search engines to attract prospects and buyers. Professional web developers can help to make your WordPress website SEO friendly. Further, you can also learn how to use relevant keywords in your site content to optimize it for search engines. WordPress offers SEO tools that you can leverage effectively. Thus, SEO friendliness is another advantage of WordPress which makes it the best and most popular CMS in the market today.

Exemplary Support Community

WordPress has perhaps one of the best online support communities out of any existing CMS platforms in the world. Active WordPress developers, web developers, and even freelancers are always available to provide support in fixing lags, bugs, and even offering tutorials for new plugins and extensions. Being an open-source software, anyone with adept knowledge of the functioning of WordPress can contribute in supporting your website for its optimum functioning.

Controlling Multiple Sites

Elevating the multi-user compatibility aspect of website development, WordPress also offers multi-site technology, which lets you control multiple sites from the convenience of a single user-friendly control panel, which is also referred to as admin panel. For any website design and development company, it makes it easier to incorporate various extensions, plugins, security tools, and themes into various websites from one centralized unit. A CMS platform that offers this luxury to the web developers not only makes their jobs easier but also provides the site owners with a myriad of advantages.

Convenient Enabling and Disabling of Plugins and Tools

While it is true that tools, extensions, and plugins help in enhancing the website’s functionality, it is also known that using many of these tools and plugins at once might slow down various domains of your website. WordPress gives you the convenience of disabling the plugins that you are not using at the time, and enabling them when you are. The CMS makes sure that you can enable and disable these plugins without loss of any data. This also helps the web developers in integrating 3rd party resources on your website, which makes available many APIs that you can use on your website according to your needs.

Scope of WordPress CMS Development

Now a days website is key essentials for every business for online marketing to reach your business all over the world through digital marketing. so, Choose the best leading website design and development company who can build you a professional and attractive business website at an affordable cost and also offers expert CMS development services with software specialists having years of expertise and experience in leading CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla, besides WordPress. Delegate your website development and maintenance tasks with them and focus on your core work of expanding your business and making it profitable.

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