What is Wrong with the Incoming Generation: Read Up

This new generation is going on the wrong side; they are all spoiled, we get to hear this a lot. You’ll be amazed to know what is actually wrong with this generation, why they are considered as brats.

This new generation is going on the wrong side; they are all spoiled, we get to hear this a lot. You’ll be amazed to know what is actually wrong with this generation, why they are considered brats.

If we put our phones aside and look around us, we’ll notice that this society is turning into a whole new world that was entirely different, a couple of decades ago. Now people are more materialistic, more fake, and even more selfish. The younger generation doesn’t care about anything, and find it cool. They are more concerned about their followers than their families. Even they seem to have no private life in the first place, as their whole world is in their phones. But they don’t think about this scenario because they don’t put their phones aside unless they are asleep. If they’re being called “brats”, they definitely are.

Let’s find out what is the incoming generation actually doing:

The world inside their phones is what they value

Getting more and more followers on Instagram is what they are concerned about. Who stays in their life outside their phones doesn’t matter to them anymore. They don’t care if they have any loyal and everlasting friends or not. All they care about is, the number of likes they get on their posts.

They are more into taking selfies and scrolling their social media accounts, rather than looking around themselves. They are not, in the least, interested in who exists in the world outside their mobile phones. They are happy with the followers they get. ‘Likes’ on the posts they get comforts them. At this point, they don’t consider the drawbacks of all this.

They are Emotionally Cold

The biggest flaw of our incoming generation is their coldness. They are emotionless, feeling-less, they are harsh. They think hurting others with their bluntness and straightforwardness would be cool, but it isn’t. They say things that can be hurtful for others, but they say “we are just straightforward, no offense”. Being straightforward is not actually an offense but saying things that can hurt someone, is offensive and brutal.

This generation is materialistic who doesn’t value emotions. They are more into precious things rather than valuable ones. They are cold and selfish. They don’t care about anyone other than themselves, they are self-centered. It seems like this generation is on the verge of destruction, with this entire situation.

They have to keep up with the ‘cool world’

This generation seems to get at any limit, for keeping up with the ‘cool world’. They do whatever they want, without considering if it is right or wrong. They would break the rules, and call it ‘cool’. They would do immoral activities and call it cool, using fake ID for doing illegal stuff, will be tempting for them. They would want to know about all the felonious things. Any of the best states for a Fake ID will be like a heaven on earth for them. Where breaking traffic signals is a crime, this incoming generation finds it cool. Drinking, gambling, bullying, and all this stuff fascinate them. and this is the ‘cool’ of our new generation. What else they can be called other than ‘rascals’?

Their Socializing is Only Limited to Their Phones

You must have witnessed this kind of people in restaurants, who spend more time taking pics of their food than they take in eating. Who do they want to show what they are eating, and this is out of anyone’s apprehension, “who is even interested in what we eat?” No one! I don’t want to know if any of my friends are eating pizza or mashed potatoes. I’ve also seen people taking snaps of their hangouts. And also the ones busy with their phones while surrounded by a bunch of people.

 I’m not interested in where do they hang out, all that matters are the people who we are hanging out with. If we are out for dinner, what do we eat doesn’t matter if we have good company. If we are out shopping or in an amusement park, it’s the company that is important. We don’t have to impress our social media followers; we don’t need to get them notified about the minor details of our life, they are not interested anyway.

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