Ways to Use RSS Feed for Your WordPress Website

The WordPress websites have recently taken the internet by storm. The websites and their designing, the content which is to be delivered, the updates on the daily basis have been a daunting task for the website managers. To overcome the hurdles and ease the website handling, WordPress has come to the aid. The WordPress is a free and open source tool which is employed to publish well-presented websites, blogs, etc. The WordPress Tool is based on PHP and JavaScript languages play a pivotal role in web publishing. Nowadays, several famous websites https://adsy.com/ utilize WordPress to deliver their content on Web.

The major development in the era of web publishing is RSS Feeds. In today’s busy and hustle-bustle life, netizens do not have ample time to visit each of the websites and go through the published content. The RSS feeds help the user to go through all the latest updates on the particular website by clicking the RSS feed button available on the website. This saves a lot of time as the user need not search and scroll through the content to find what is new or latest as in published updates.

Therefore the RSS has facilitated the process of feeding the users with publishing content and updates which reach the user by its own. The user henceforth need not chase the updates and ponder on the means of content. Any mobile device or similar which is compatible to use RSS reading software can simply serve the user with the accessibility to RSS Feeds. So, let us have a look at the ways by which RSS Feed can be used for WordPress websites:

  • Burning the feeds: With the assistance of Google account, the Feedburner website is accessed. The website URL is entered, upon which it gets an update on the incoming feeds. The feeds which are targeted needs to be burnt. The inputs like the name and title of the feed are asked from the user. The user is expected to remember the URL generated for the feed post for promotional purpose. WordPress is then linked to the Feedburner via the RSS link. This link when clicked publishes the content to the user.
  • For News Websites: News is one such piece of information which draws content from various sources and on disparate niches. If the WordPress website owner wishes to display their RSS feeds in Google News, then this can be achieved in a format which is reader-friendly. Plugins can be employed to post the contents. The business venture draws in more opportunities when the feeds of a website are listed in Google. The number of clicks counts in more number of visitors on the website thereby increasing the traffic and earnings. The requirement of feeds is regularized by the website for Google to accept the request.
  • For Stores Online: The online stores have a variety of products and categories for their shopping shelves. There are various WordPress websites which support RSS Subscriptions for the specific service category. The RSS button for the intended product when searched permits to subscribe to the list of advertisements for the product.
  • Foreign Exchange Rates and Stock Prices: Custom stock feeds based on the quote is set up as RSS Feed for WordPress websites which deal with Finance and stock markets. The websites which display the feed shows the live price of the stock of the shares of the company which has employed WordPress to publish the content. The global stock updates can be accessed easily with these RSS Feeds.
  • Social Media Subscribers: With the help of Feedburner, the social media accounts for which RSS feeds is to be provided is added and as per the requirements, the formatting and selection of announcements are selected. This RSS Feed is then sent to social media followers and attracts huge traffic back to the website.
  • Coupons/Discount Websites: The latest offers and superior deals are the heart and blood of these websites. The RSS Feeds in the WordPress of the same is subscribed to get updates on the latest data on the coupons and ongoing offers in the locality when filtered with the zip code of the area.

For increasing the ranking of the websites and blogs, the business can be made immensely profitable by setting up RSS feeds.


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