Trying out these 5 Web Design Trends will be a Grave Mistake for Businesses

Design, or more specifically, the web design industry has been evolving at a tremendous pace. For most designers, it is extremely difficult to decide which trend to jump on and which ones to avoid. New trends replace old ones before you even know it. So for designers, as well as companies it is important to know which trends will have a long-lasting impact and which would phase out quickly.

There are many professional designers that offer this service in Toronto too as thousands of new companies start their business every year. That’s where they need to come up with a web design which is exclusive to the core. And that’s where they have to make sure they get a design which is contemporary and based on the latest tools. And one important point, you need to shy away from design trends which are not in use or totally out of fashion now.

Following are the top 5 design trends that were once considered extremely catchy but now they are not in sync any more.

1. Thin Typography

Apple initiated the thin typeface revolution by using it for its mobile operating system but soon they realized that it was one of the biggest mistakes they have ever made. They quickly rectified their mistake and switch to a different font. Thin font can be difficult to comprehend by everyone and also gone not in sync anymore. Bold typography has now replaced thin photography completely which was a big hit just 2-3 years ago. Lack of contrast between text and other web elements has further led to the downfall of thin typography.

2. Vintage

Vintage was a big hit few years back so much so that every web design element was influenced by it. But now the things have changed drastically. Whether it is the colors, typography or texture, they all are not used by most of the designers. So if you find any web design Toronto company indulging in this activity, promptly offer them what you know through this blog.

There are many things that can move away with here so that you can Instead of making it easier for users to understand the message, vintage styles poses difficulties such as poor visibility, which further complicates things.

3. Full Screen Videos

Full screen and high-resolution videos covering home pages of virtually every major website was a norm just a few years ago. But not now. Large screen and high-speed internet connectivity is not available in every connectivity and that’s why companies shy away from applying this part of web design as a major chunk of their potential customers will not be able to see it.

Reasons are aplenty but the vital one is that they are simply not equipped with enough hardware capability and lightning-fast internet connection to make sure they can see what’s being offered to them. So don’t use full screen as they are a nuisance too with full-screen videos hide your content on the website which some visitors on your website will be interested in.

4. Use of Large Icons

Web designers tend to go overboard with the use of icons in the past but that trend is also losing its relevance. Today, web designers are more careful when using icons. Using large size icons on your website gives users a feeling that you don’t have any great images and videos to use on your website. So make sure this glaring mistake is not repeated on your website.

5. Life Size Image Sliders

Image sliders used to be a big hit with websites so much so that it even made their way to social media. Many brands are still using them for displaying and selling their products on social media but they are slowly talking a back seat when it comes to web design. New studies also point that most users tend to ignore these image sliders. Instead, you should be using a piece of valuable content with a call to action.

Final Word

Replace some of the aforementioned web design trends with some new ones so that you can stay away in the race of making your website stand out in the crowd. If you want to ask a question or want to offer your feedback for this blog, please feel free to do so by using the comments section below.


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