Top 6 WordPress Development Tools to Make Your Site Perform Better and Rank High in the SERPs

WordPress goes beyond blogging. In fact, it is a comprehensive CMS and a robust platform for developers. Surprisingly, WordPress dominates more than a quarter of global websites. This platform provides an array of powerful plug-ins  and attractive themes to select from. Being in the industry for close to 14 years now, WordPress is all set to expand steadily with advanced development and designs tools. That is the reason why web developers and WordPress followers are always on the lookout for exciting updates and trends.

Leading brands that use this platform and personal WordPress users want to impress their online audience just by the look of the site and have them take the desired action after a few minutes of browsing the site. So, whether you are a WordPress connoisseur or an amateur, you can always make use of these six dynamic WordPress development tools.

  1. Developer

This scores the top rank on the row of popular WordPress developer plug-ins. The result of an intelligent and creative collaboration between veteran WordPress developers and Automattic, Developer’s primary objective is to assist you in optimizing the development environment. Just install the apt tools for plug-in creation and themes, and you can get started.

Once the installation is complete, a pop-up screen will emerge, enquiring about the project type you have invested in. There are three choices to select from, namely theme for any self-hosted WordPress installations, a plug-in for any self-hosted WordPress installation, and finally, a theme for any VIP website. Depending on the option you select, the plug-in will provide added plug-ins for you to install, that caters to the project category. Furthermore, this plug-in is free.

  1. io

If you intend to create enriching WordPress sites quickly by resorting to open-source tools that are targeted at WordPress application development, this is the tool for you. comprises of three separate applications, namely Trellis, Sage and Bedrock that are used individually or together to enhance the development workflow.

Let us learn about these three applications.

Trellis effectively substitutes XAMPP, MAMP, and similar tools, offering you the right suite of WordPress production and development servers. It enables users to create and stipulate a server automatically for hosting a WordPress site. It utilizes Vagrant to generate a self-sufficient virtual device that offers the same setting that your site will use in production.

Sage can be best described as a starter theme enabling you to come up with improved themes quickly with high-end development tools. Owing to Bower and Gulp, you are empowered with an excellent JavaScript network. BrowserSync helps you develop various devices effortlessly.

Finally, Bedrock happens to be a WordPress boilerplate helping you to manage WordPress projects effectively, organize plug-ins with Composer, enhance the configuration files and also provide efficient dependency management and vigorous security. In-Depth navigation of the site by Matt LaClear will inspire you to create an appealing website for yourself using WordPress development tools.

  1. Monster Widget

Generating the widgets to assess if they are well displayed on your site theme is a time-consuming job. When you use Monster Widget, this becomes a breeze. It is an exciting and useful free plug-in for WordPress that examines all essential widgets fast on the sidebar spaces. Alternatively, if you are engaged in WooCommerce, do browse through the WooCommerce Monster Widget plug-in that functions similarly to WooCommerce.

  1. GenerateWP

GenerateWp comprises of a toolkit designed initially to help WordPress developers to reduce development time by producing multiple code snippets. An expert user can resort to this tool to minimize development time. New developers use it to deepen their understanding of the recent WordPress features, APIs, and the coding principles. Furthermore, GenerateWP can be used to create various sidebars, custom post categories, taxonomies, widgets, shortcuts and many more.

  1. Uilang

If your objective is to set up a dynamic layout, you should use Uilang. It is a UI-oriented programming language that enables users to add on interactive features to their site. With Uilang, you can customize user interface elements and create prototypes. Furthermore, using their Transpiler, users can translate animations easily having Uilang in JavaScript.

  1. Pictura

An ideal image speaks volumes and makes your final product high-end. Searching the internet for the right picture can be a laborious tasklicense. Made By Source has introduced an easy way out with its fantastic WordPress development tool named Pictura.

Pictura is a useful Photoshop plug-in that is entirely free. It enables users to scour through the complete database of Flickr to search and finalize athe correct picture right from the design ecosystem. The application is straightforward. You just need to search and choose photos by their license and instantly use them.

Today, the community of WordPress users comprises of start-up businesses, small and middle scale organizations, enthusiastic bloggers and even individual users. Everyone wants to shape their site in a way that it has a blend of eye-popping images and a structured layout. By resorting to these dynamic 6 WordPress development tools, your site will garner increased attention and positive feedback.

Author Bio: Camillo Castano is a professional blogger having a keen interest in learning about appealing sites such as that of Matt LaClear. Being entirely self-motivated, he keeps on expanding his know-how on WordPress and experiments with the useful WordPress development tools on his blog.

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