Top 5 Reasons Why Backing Up Your Database Offsite Is Crucial For Long-Term Success

Imagine your smartphone freezes one day and refuses to come back to life even after performing the hard reboot. You ultimately give it for repairing and when you receive your phone back, all your saved contacts, photos, songs and files are wiped out. You would feel terribly at loss, right?

Now imagine a business experiencing a system crash resulting in data loss. For businesses, this scenario could be devastating.

A recent study has reported that 29% of businesses that experience cyber attacks lose revenue, customers and brand reputation. 40% of these businesses lose up to 20% of their total revenues. For an organization that heavily relies on technology and computing systems to store its data, data back up and measures for effective data recovery has become very essential.

But still, if you are not yet convinced why you should practice regular data back-up, read along.

1 Machinery Failure:

Even though humans have achieved great success in innovating technologies that are helping us perform our businesses efficiently, they tend to experience system crash or failures time and again. While it is expensive for the businesses to eliminate failure in IT infrastructure from their IT support consultant, it is the only way to ensure that the hardware failure doesn’t affect the business services and lead to major data loss. These situations can be easily averted if you have a proper plan in place to regularly back up your critical data.

2 Men Make Mistakes Too:

As much as we wish we didn’t open that unsecured link or dropped that hard drive, we seldom if not often make mistakes that can ultimately lead to the loss of our precious data. Many a time, businesses tend to overlook minute procedures like regular back up of data and land up saying goodbye to important files, credentials or client info. Thus, IT consulting companies give major emphasis on performing online as well as offsite backup procedures.

3 Nature Takes Its Toll:

When the wrath of nature hits, it hits hard and loud. With increasing global warming, natural disasters and calamities have frequented. Businesses that don’t have a proper disaster recovery plan can find it difficult to resume their work after a major disaster hit. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of businesses that undergo functional interruption of more than 5 days without any effective data recovery plan is out of their business.

4 Keeps You Ahead of The Game:

In this competitive world of business, the companies that are a step ahead of the rest are in for the long race. Besides securing your data from untimely events like natural calamities, cyber attacks, downtime, having a backup plan gives your business a competitive edge. The first company to open their doors after the disaster can sweep all the business from the ones who are still struggling to recover their data. Not having an offsite back-up of your data means not having a second chance to successfully restart your business.

5 Saves You Time On Repeating The Task:

Doing the things right the first time is the golden rule everybody is familiar with. But doing things smartly is the new tenet in today’s era. Even a minor system failure or accidental deletion of data can be fatal for your business. With a small glitch and no back-ups, there are chances of recovering certain data, but what that certain data would be, you never know. Think about the ton of rework you will have to do. Setting up the whole system up again, creating documents your team has been working on for days and months.

This could be even worse if you are hit by a major data loss unless you are smart enough to back up your data. So, keep these points in mind and make the necessary arrangements to have offline data backups of your business files.

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