Tips to Design a WordPress Website to Target your Specific Audience


When you set out to create a WordPress site, you set out to cater to their needs. When you create a site, you create it for a certain group of people. However, the content alone is not enough. You need to come up with a website design that is equally attractive to that target group I order to avail the maximum benefits of your website. For instance, if you target 50-year-olds with a bright, colorful and rock and roll theme, chances are they will not be impressed. It holds true for the opposite situation. However, if you understand the concept of web designing, you will be able to create a particular design that targets your audience precisely. Here we tell you the many different ways that you can change your WordPress website design in order to target your specific audience better.

Know who your audience is

This is the first critical step of the process. After all, you need to know whom you are addressing when you pitch your idea. It will help you with many things including:

  • Delivery of the concept to the right extent
  • Delivery of content with the right potential.
  • Understanding who your visitors are, their likes and dislikes and their preference which is of utmost importance

For instance, anyone new to blogging understands that their content caters to a particular group of people or a specific niche, which is why they stay, associated with it in particular. Likewise, as you step up your game and proceed to develop an entire website remember, it is almost as if a guest is coming over and you are inquiring about them beforehand in order to please them as much as possible.

Some website owners do not have any particular group in mind. Well, this is good news as you get to do all the research to find a special group that attracts you. Whom can you entertain or target? Keeping all of this in mind will help you consider things like hobbies, gender, ethnicities as well as local attractions. Once you have a basic knowledge of these things, creating a WordPress website geared to such people becomes considerably easier. You finally have a vision of whom you are talking with. You also have a great idea of what they like. Now comes the part of execution where you figure out what different aspects of your website design actually mean.

Color schemes have a great value

Colors hold the life of your website. It is important that you understand the significance of different combinations and use them correctly. For instance:

  • the shades of blue, white and green, contrasting together represent a sense of trust
  • Purple-red and blue color combos represent courage.
  • White and black represent boldness

Hence, it is your choice to choose the right color combo. Chose one that will attract your particular target group. At times, there are many combinations that you find appealing. At these times, it is a great idea to consult an experienced website developer. They know which theme best caters to your needs and niche.

Fonts are important too

Many people focus on getting the best WordPress themes or the best color combinations rather than focusing on the core of the website. For one thing, the usual times new roman is longer in fashion. Try to opt for a different style. However, your colleagues may question you, but the majority of viewers appreciate this trend. Some styles that you can try include:

  • A cursive font to highlight the vintage feel
  • Comic style to appeal to the teenagers as they like a funky vibe.
  • Be cautious when using these fonts. Too much of anything is bad.

A good idea is to go with a specific style and then make it your website image. This way you will not run into the trouble of having too many fonts that could be messy for your readers and will have a statement style for your website as well.

Typography stands out

The typography with all the standard font sizes is important too. It highlights and outlines important passages in your text. Remember when you struggle to read many websites because their font is too small. A good rule is to avoid the extremes of sizes such that you are in a safe midline. This works for all kinds of websites. However, you do need to consider:

  1. Using appropriate sizes for headings
  2. Using appropriate font size for the different subheadings to highlight them.
  3. An appropriately size of website image and page will help your reader understand the context better. It will also make your website look better.
  4. Use listed suggestions and sequentially distribute information

Consider the layout

The layout of your website is just as important as the color theme, even more so. Here are some important things you should consider:

  1. Your website should be legible.
  2. Choose a variety of options. From the navigating buttons to the popups as well as the drop down or side view widgets, every feature contributes to the overall look of the website.
  3. You need to have a responsive website so that the content loads fast as introducing too many widgets can slow the loading time.
  4. When deciding the layout, consider the age of your target audience.

However, website designing goes much more than that. Some of the good WordPress themes have many accessories helps promote a unique style while still being extremely fast. Children and old people often go for a non-complex and easy to understand the concept with minimal transitions. Teenagers and the young adults, however, opt for complex designs with lots of interesting transitions in order to entertain themselves. Hence, estimate the general age of your target audience before you delve into your website design.

Clearly, you can evaluate from the many points that things like color theme and fonts matter a lot. However, you need to find your target audience, to begin with. Every age group has special likes and dislikes. Proper research and constant effort will help you rule out the different needs and requirements of different people. All you need to do is try to incorporate the different wants of your audience into your WordPress site, so that you end up with an optimized website design that stands out for your specific audience.

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