Tips for effective prioritization: for online learners


Proper prioritization of work is very essential for the accomplishment of goals and achieving success in the lives of the students. 

“Make your priorities a priority. Know what matters most to you and be unwilling to compromise those priorities at almost any price. ” – Frank Sonnenberg. 

Tips to improve the prioritization skills: of learners. 

Prioritization for students refers to identifying, arranging, prioritizing the tasks, and managing the available time for their accomplishments. Let us discuss the important tips that will help learners to improvise and enhance the quality of their organizing and prioritizing skills. 


  1. Prepare a list of all the tasks

Create a single list of all the tasks that you want to complete. 

  • A single list is handy and easy to carry or place at a particular place. Long lists are difficult to handle and preserve. Making single lists highlights all the tasks in one place only. This helps a student to arrange and prioritize the work efficiently. 
  • Making a single list of all the work that needs to be done saves the time to think, identify and write again and again. It is one of the best strategies for time management and effective prioritization. 
  • This will help to maintain a constant check on all the tasks. It will provide you with reminders of the tasks whenever you look at the created list. Nothing will be missed or skipped out of your mind. In this way, you will manage your work, the best way possible. The key factor in prioritizing is time management. These to-do lists will keep boosting your time managing skills. 


  1. Understand everything properly 

Understand every task that you want to complete properly. Proper understanding will help you to prioritize the tasks properly. You will get knowledge about what is the topic, how much time is required to do it when it needs to be done, etc. In traditional classrooms as well as online teaching teachers should make sure to teach the students the importance of understanding everything efficiently. For students, the things that they have to do in their classrooms are preparing, learning, doing assignments, submitting, etc. Understanding them and completing them properly is directly linked. Teachers should teach online its importance properly. First, understand that you are going to prioritize. 

  1. Ranking the tasks 

Ranking the tasks according to their importance and need is very essential for proper prioritization. Classify them into urgent priorities, medium, and low priorities respectively. Arrange them in a sequel according to their need and importance in present times. 

For example, if your mathematics exam is near, studying mathematics and doing effective preparation is your critical and urgent priority, and hanging or talking with close friends is not urgent. If tomorrow you have to submit an assignment, doing it a day before to avoid any kind of delay can be an urgent priority to perform. Low-scaled priorities are the things that don’t hold much value in the present times. For instance, if you have competition after two months from now, discussing it now is a low-scaled priority for sure. Teachers should not forget to teach online the importance of differentiating and ranking the tasks in proper order to prioritize and achieve them respectively. 


  1. Keep in mind the most urgent one 

Important and being urgent are the two different terms. From the created list you have to find the tasks which need immediate and urgent attention. Work is said to be urgent when if not completed quickly can lead to bad or severe consequences. Give time in identifying, prioritizing, and completing the urgent piece of work respectively. 

For example, if you are getting late in completing your exam via an online teaching platform, focusing and increasing your speed, or managing time is your urgent priority instead of panicking and getting nervous. Prioritizing your work based on urgency reduces the stress level and last moment panic and mistakes of students. 


  1. Keep deadlines in mind. 

Keeping deadlines or the last date of submissions in mind is a very effective prioritization skill. In online teaching methods, remembering and keeping an eye on the deadlines is more important because students many times miss reading the mails, online app notifications, and much more. Sometimes because of network issues, messages are delivered late that can lead to problems. So asking and confirming from teachers about the deadlines, clearing your confusion is very important to organize, prioritize, and complete the work before it’s the last date of submission. If you don’t remember or don’t pay proper attention to the deadlines, the order of prioritizing and working in that order, the whole process is disturbed. To avoid this mistake, keep checking the deadlines. 

Additional message for students 

The above-mentioned tips will help the learners of both traditional classrooms and online teaching to practice and improvise their prioritization skills and abilities. Keep following this plan of action and along with it try to be realistic. If something doesn’t happen as per your priorities or setup, don’t feel disheartened and depressed. You never know when changes or uncertainties can happen. What you have to remember is to keep trying and never losing hope.  

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