West Palm Beach auto accident lawyer.

The surefire way to set up an auto accident claim

Getting in an auto accident is no fun; we all know that. But what most don’t know about is the, sometimes, even worse experience of trying to file a successful claim. Both the person involved in the accident and their insurance company will try their hardest to stop you from taking even a single penny. They will resist to their fullest, even though that money is rightfully yours.

Your best bet in this situation is hiring a West Palm Beach auto accident lawyer. They have been in their field for years and understand all of the nuances. To say that an experienced attorney will get your issue resolved would be an understatement. But you can’t just rely on your attorney to do everything on their own. You need to have a clear understanding of the process yourself so you can go out and find the right attorney for the job.

While the things learned by years of experience cannot be taught in a few hundred words, giving an overview is certainly possible. So, here’s how to set up an auto accident claim for success:

Document the scene:

If you are physically able to, do not leave the accident scene without valuable information. Note down everything. First, start with the other part. Get their name, phone number, address, driver’s license, vehicle license number, the contact information of the company that they work for, and finally, the contact information about their insurance. Now it’s time to get witness contacts. Approach everyone at the accident site, and ask them about their contact information in case their testimony is required in the court.

West Palm Beach auto accident lawyer.

Gather photographic evidence:

Photos are the key to a successful modern-day claim. Take photos of everything, your vehicle, their vehicle, your injuries, the surrounding area. Don’t worry about overdoing it since you can always delete them later, but you don’t want to lack anything when filing the claim. These photos will skew the odds heavily in your favor and will also give your attorney a solid base to launch the case.

Don’t tell everything to their insurance:

Do not give unnecessary information to the other party’s insurance company. Anything and everything that you tell them about the accident will be used against you in court. Remember that their goal is to not give you any money, so they will take every advantage they get.

Document your injuries:

If any injuries are involved in the case, document them daily. How much they hurt, how much medication you have to take etc. This will be used in court to show your suffering due to the accident and will further solidify your claim.

Do not settle:

The other insurance will try their best to settle things outside of court. They will try to show “generosity” as well as fear tactics to make you negotiate a deal favorable to them. They will say that your case has no basis, but they will let you give x amount of money as a nice gesture. Do not listen to them, and hold on.

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