The Most Important WordPress Web Design Trends To Be Aware Of In 2019 And Beyond

App development companies are well aware of the current trends that affect various projects. For those who are looking to get the most out of their WordPress web design, these trends may be elusive at first. That is why we are here to provide a helpful guide for app development companies and their prospective clientele.

It’s been a good few years for WordPress web design. While there are always going to be stories about projects gone bad, these are the exception and not the norm. Let’s take a closer look at the aforementioned trends and how they going to affect businesses and app development companies going forward.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Now that augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming a part of everyone’s daily existence, app development companies and businesses must come together to get the most out of this development. Are companies taking advantage? Are they using augmented reality and virtual reality as a means of giving site and app visitors a more hands on experience?

These are questions that need to be answered as soon as possible. When customers interact with products, AR and VR allow them to learn more about the goods and services in question. Sites and apps that do not utilize augmented reality and virtual reality will rank at the bottom of any search engine ranking in the years to come.

Push Notifications

These notifications function in the same manner as SMS and mobile notifications. However, there is one key difference that needs to be addressed. Unlike the aforementioned notifications that are sent to the device of the user’s choice, push notifications associated with a WordPress web site are delivered in a more direct manner.

These notifications are only going to grow in importance. One day, they are expected to rival e-mail marketing. While they are not going to take the place of traditional marketing methods, push notifications need to be a part of any business’ arsenal that is looking to survive over the long haul.

More Sticky Bars

Web and app designers are doing their best to move away from antiquated methods. This means that sticky bars are going to become the norm, as opposed to the popup ads that the majority of browsers are accustomed to. Traditional popup box designs are falling by the wayside and for good reason.

Sticky bars are the best way for businesses to get the word out about their goods and services without harassing the customer with pop up ads. These advertisements allow the browser to learn more about the products without creating a more annoying browsing experience in the process.

Animated Images

Sure, a website or app will look great with imagery added but what happens when these images do not load in the proper amount of time? This type of lag often forces a browser to close out of the page entirely. App development companies are already well versed in adding these images to their products, though.

The most forward-thinking WordPress web designs are going to come with animated images. These animations can be more subtle, allowing a business to avoid the overly grandiose advertisements that function as a massive turn off to potential clients.

Hand Drawn Images

In addition to the animated images that are being found on WordPress sites nowadays, hand-drawn images are also en vogue. By utilizing handwritten fonts, the site creator is able to provide visitors with a more warm and welcoming feel than any other sites in their chosen niche.

Giving visitors a sense of who they are dealing with is always important. Personification is a huge aspect of any business’ online presence. If the browser feels a true connection with the company, they are more likely to spend their hard earned money with them. Hand drawn elements are also naturally alluring and will draw the eye.

Iconic Typography

Those who design websites and apps will now have the chance to show their more rebellious side with all sorts of iconic typography. While no one expects for the more traditional font styles to fall completely by the side, the font that is being used is what allows a company to stand out from the crowd.

Think of it this way: there are millions of WordPress sites out there. Why would a business ever allow themselves to become a part of the crowd when they can stand out? A funky header text is a great way to draw in new browsers.

New and Interesting Color Schemes

All of the rules are out the window in this regard. Looking to rock some pink? No problem. Interested in some pastels? Now is the time. Color psychology is real and it is spectacular. Top notch app development companies can provide further insight into these matters and offer access to color schemes that the average business might not have been considering for their WordPress pages. Taking colors to the extreme is a very easy way to stand out and it is great for creating necessary brand awareness.

When a business remains on the cutting edge of all the latest trends, they are able to avoid the annoyance associated with obsolescence. Before meeting with app development companies, businesses need to be sure that they are fully up to date in this regard. These trends may not seem novel at the moment but they will soon mean everything to a growing business.

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