The Impact of Social Media on the Buying Choices of Shoppers

The impact of social media on consumer behavior is unquestionable, offering you a way to influence and interact with your target audience by allowing people to learn more about your brand, and giving you a way to gain their business. With social media marketing, you will enjoy better business performance, and you will get a more loyal customer base.

The Influence of the Inner Circle

Family members and friends have a tremendous impact on the buying choices of customers. They tell each other via social media about their new purchases, talking about why or why not what they bought is a good buy, and these chats and posts greatly impact the purchasing decisions of those they are close to. According to one survey, 80 percent of shoppers will purchase a product that was suggested by a friend or family member via mediums such as social media. This is the best proof that the influence of social media on consumer behavior is partly driven by family members and peers.

Advertising on Social Media

Your company’s online presence can help the consumer find his way to your website, resulting in you making a sale. This is why you should never underestimate the impact of social media ads. A person can see your ad on a social media site, and within seconds, they arrive on your brand’s landing page. Social media advertisements are also extremely useful for improving sales by giving companies an inexpensive way to inform potential shoppers about sales and promotions. The lesson here is that by providing information to customers via social media, you can boost your sales and increase profits.

Brand Presence in Social Media

It has been proven that the presence of business in social media has a tremendous impact on the purchasing choices of shoppers, because well-designed posts that include your brand name allows you to increase your customer base by converting them into visitors and then regular buyers. This is one of the best effects of social media on buying choices. Also, as your number of followers grows, more people will trust your brand, and it will become easier to get more and more customers.

Influencers and Their Impact

When we say “influencers” we mean people whose social media presence has resulted in a large number of followers. That is how famous people influence the decisions of shoppers. Every day they post content and discuss questions. They are trusted by consumers, and that makes their audience take into consideration their view on topics being discussed, whatever the subject. Many such posts are sponsored in order to promote products or services.

If some Instagram star posts a photo of herself in new shoes, and tells her followers how cheap they are, chances are that the majority of her followers will get interested, and they will look for more information about that brand or search for places to buy them. If some well-loved blogger describes the advantages of a reliable writing service, followers will visit the website to order essays and to pay for college essays on this site. The impact of social media on consumer behavior should never be underestimated. To help people make a purchase quickly, influencers should include a link to your website in their posts.

Popular Posts

To make sure that your posts stay on the top, you have to ascertain whether or not they engage your audience. The so-called “trending posts” on Instagram and Facebook are those that get the most shares, likes, and comments. Such posts are more likely to appear on the top of news feeds. That is how they influence the buying choices of shoppers. To make your posts “trending”, you have to inspire followers to leave comments, share your posts, and suggest tagging people who might be interested. You should also make certain that your caption is eye-catching and captivating. Be creative!

The Contributions of Search Engines

Due to the rising role of social media, searching for information on the net is becoming more and more popular these days. To succeed in business, take into consideration this detail and “furnish” your posts with keywords to help your target audience find your websites. If you can make this social media marketing tactic work to your advantage, you will increase your standing in search engine rankings on Google. Search for keywords connected with your business on your social networks and include them in your photo captions, titles, and comments.

Discussions Attract Attention to Your Company

Discussions on social media happen very often. Sometimes you witness how your friends or relatives discuss some product, brand, service, or event and you can’t keep from participating. You offer your opinion and your experience for the matter in discussion. It is one more natural impact of social media on consumer behavior. Companies can initiate such talks themselves to generate interest in their products. To start such a discussion yourself, ask your audience some questions and let your devoted customers advertise your products through their positive comments. Nothing could be better or easier than having your customers do your advertising for you.

Social media offers plenty of options for companies searching for different ways to extend their horizons. It all boils down to showing users that you are professionals who are interested in interacting with your customers.

Know Your Customer Base

Your social media feed should post content that is geared toward your customer base, and you should post material that they will find interesting. But, how do you find out what your customers are interested in? The type of goods you sell are a big enough indicator of the interests of your customers. For example, if you are a social media executive working for Bass Pro Shops of Gander Mountain, you know that your customers like activities such as hunting, fishing, and hiking, because they come to your store to buy products such as guns, lures, and boots. You then have to ask yourself what demographic of the population buys these types of products?

The customer base of companies like those mentioned are most likely to be white, rural, and working-class. So if you are a social media marketer working for Gander Mountain, your social media posts, infographics, and content have to be geared to this base and their cultural interests. This goes for any company. One of the biggest mistakes social media executives make is being out of touch with their clients, and the result is a decline in sales and customers. That is why you must always keep your fingers on the social media pulse of your customer base, staying up to date on the latest trends and fads they’ve adopted.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Advertising


Facebook has 1.5 billion monthly users who can potentially view and buy your products. If you are operating a small business, or even if you have a big business, Facebook offers you an affordable way for you to increase your customer base.


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, meaning that any content you post to this site is more likely to spotted than if you post it on another social media platform. Also, the SEO key phrases and words you use with your videos are more likely to get spotted by search engine crawlers, giving your videos the potential to rise to the top of search engine rankings.


Google is a valuable tool for your business, because Google is the largest search engine on the internet; 70 to 80 percent of all search engine requests run through Google.


The advantage of Twitter is that your tweets are short and readable. A well-made hashtag that goes viral can be tweeted thousands or hundreds of thousands of times, exposing your products to customers all over the world.


This platform offers you a medium to interact with your customer base by allowing you to post pictures of your products in a highly visible way. You can also get people with highly frequented Instagram pages to promote your products, thereby, increasing visits to your website.

Examples of Successful Uses of Social Media

There are many examples of successful social media campaigns out there. Here are two marketing campaigns using various sites that caught our interest:

KFC’s 11 Herbs and Spices

People have always wondered what Colonel Sanders puts in his KFC fried chicken, and the marketing team of KFC decided to take advantage of this curiosity to boost their online presence. On Twitter they decided to follow eleven different people: the original five Spice Girls and six different users named Herb.

No one knew why KFC did this until @edgette22 figured it out, tweeting: “Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. 11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.” In other words, the eleven ingredients were the Spice Girls and a bunch of guys named Herb.

@edgette tweeted this guess and it was favorited 700,000 times and received nearly 300,000 comments. So, as a result, KFC may have increased their customer base by nearly a million.

The reason why this marketing campaign was successful is because it gave KFC’s customers and Twitter users a chance to find out the “truth” about KFC’s recipes and allowed them to interact with the company via social media.

Kellog’s Stranger Things Eggo Campaign

It turns out that the character Eleven from the Netflix television show Stranger Things loves Eggo waffles. This gave the marketing team at Kellog’s an opportunity to market their product to viewers of this hit television show.

Kellog’s posted GIFs and images on Twitter of Eleven eating Eggo waffles, and uploaded YouTube videos of the character doing the same. They even went so far as to suggest Eggo waffle recipes people could enjoy while watching Stranger Things.

This was the best marketing campaign of 2018, in our opinion, because it successfully utilized multiple social media platforms to help sell a product using the help of a successful Netflix series.


Recent developments in technology and communication have created various opportunities for businesses everywhere to grow and thrive, and social media is one of the best and most affordable ways for you to promote your wares and grow your customer base. You should not discount the power social media has to influence the growth of your company.

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