The Best WordPress Video Player Plugins for 2019

Gone are the days when businesses used to be in a dilemma over featuring videos on the websites to promote their brand. In fact, the video has become a vital tool to increase brand equity. It has become an absolute necessity, as 87% of businesses are currently using video as a marketing tool. In the contemporary scenario, video is something which companies can ignore but purely at their own risk. The reason is that online video viewing has risen considerably as 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos than being glued to the Television. So, the video has become very essential to promote your business, especially online.

Ways in which videos benefit businesses

Businesses should ideally use video to enhance their brand value. There is an innumerable number of benefits associated with videos. You can start with a few promotional videos on your website and see the impact they create for your business. So, now let us explore the advantages of using videos for businesses.

#Enhance awareness of your brand

Video is appropriate to enhance your brand value. In order to tap into a vast customer base, the video can be very handy. The best part about showcasing video is that it conveys your business culture and ethos clearly and swiftly. However, for videos to make an impact, the message has to be conveyed in an entertaining manner.

#Significantly boost SEO prospects

The videos have the propensity to enhance the SEO potentials of your content. In the past few years, Google or any other search platforms have changed their perception towards content ranking. They rank relevant and useful information higher. As the inclination towards watching video has gone up considerably, search engines, at present, gives high priority to videos as well. So, videos have the edge over textual content when it comes to a higher ranking on search engines.

#Extract full benefits out of social media platforms

The Popularity of social media has gone up by leaps and bounds. One can always find a majority of the population on Facebook, Twitter etc. To reach out to your potential customers, there is nothing like social media platforms. On these platforms, especially Facebook, people spend a considerable amount of time watching videos. If you can upload interesting and engaging videos about your business on these platforms, then imagine the number of customers you can target and the brand visibility you can achieve.

#Convey information more efficiently

If people are looking for a particular product or service, then they would ideally want the information in a clear-cut manner and quickly as well. Video is the best tool to convey details regarding a product or a service in a swift and articulate manner. With videos, you can arrest the attention of anyone in quick time. However, the video should clearly spell out the details regarding the product or service in a precise way.

#Boost revenue without heavy investment

Shooting a video does not make you poor or flatten your wallet. If businesses can convey effectively about the services and products they are offering through videos, then they can easily grow their customer base. This would also result in better revenues and, that too, without a substantial investment.

Popular choices to showcase your video content in WordPress

As for video viewing options, people are biased towards YouTube or other renowned online streaming platforms. There is nothing bad about this trend as these platforms gives a world-class viewing experience.

But imagine a website you want to develop that also allows users to view videos. WordPress is an ideal platform for the purpose. Moreover, these days, businesses are keen on posting video content on their website. In such a scenario, you would require some options to watch videos on WordPress site. So, let us delve into some of the popular options to watch videos on WordPress platform.

Why WordPress Video player plugins?

There are so many video player plugins around. Now, the obvious question that comes to everyone’s mind is why this fixation with WordPress video player plugins? The answer is simple as they contain a lot of options compared to other plugins. The native plugins lack the options to enhance functionality which WordPress versions have. The main objective of a website is to showcase the video content in the best manner possible. The WordPress video player plugins are quite apt for the same. Now let us check out six of the top WordPress video player plugins.

6 best WordPress video player plugins

#Easy Video Player

This is a free WordPress plugin with which you can easily embed your own videos or videos from other sources on to the blog of yours. The videos can be resized as well, and you have several choices such as autoplay, auto mute, and a variety of skins to sync with the blog theme of yours. This plugin is worth giving a try, and there won’t be any scope for complaints as well.

#FV Flowplayer Video Player

This is one of the few WordPress video player plugins that look into all aspects of video hosting. The video player plugin comes free of cost and is very user-friendly. The FV Player provides a wholesome solution to embed FLV or MP4 videos into pages or posts. Through this plugin, even sharing videos on social media platforms becomes really smooth.

#HDW Player

This video player plugin is another exceptional tool to incorporate videos to WordPress websites. The plugin is nothing like the other plugins from the stable of WordPress. It is very simple to install the plugin onto your WordPress website. It is very appealing in terms of looks, and there are several options on offer when it comes to the HDW player. This plugin is capable of dealing with many media formats such as flv, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, aac, f4b, f4p, etc.

#Spider Video Player

Through this WordPress video plugin, adding videos can be child’s play. The plugin is quite adept at arranging videos into playlists and also selects the desirable layout for the player. This happens to be an exceptional plugin in the WordPress category. The user interface is very simple, having comprehensive features such as video quality selection, full-screen option, shuffle, etc.

#Html5 Video Player

This plugin can play several video files on WordPress sites. It is very user-friendly, simple and wholly customizable video player plugin that goes with any gadgets. Html5 enables you to play or incorporate an exceptional video player in post, page, and template files as well. The choices on offer are humongous to leave you awestruck.

#CP Media Player

CP Media Player can play both audio and video files such as MP4, OGG, WebM, MP3, etc. This plugin supplements all browsers, implementing the HTML5 standard. This video player plugin has the ability to transform its appearance to gel with the overall design of your blog. This has both free and premium versions as well.

Final Thoughts

Videos play an integral part in brand building, and these days, websites can’t do without them. These videos are very economical as require only a modest budget for the same. There are several plugins to play and embed videos on WordPress websites. In this article, we have provided some of the best WordPress video player plugins to help you choose wisely.

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