The Best Tips to On-page Website Optimization

If you are in business, then you need to find the best ways to grow your company in a way that is scalable. Online business is moving faster than ever, and SEO is one of the most crucial components of it. If you can attract and convert more organic traffic, then you can save money on marketing and avoid overpaying. So make sure you understand on-page website optimization. Use the following tips to get the edge.


It is true that you can use link building services to get more traffic to your page. Of course, even for that you will need to have the right keywords once users hit it. That is why proper SEO onpage optimization is so crucial.

The first step to finding the right keywords is understanding what market you are targeting. You want to uncover how much volume you could potentially get in that market. For this, you can use free tools provided by Google to get near exact numbers.

Once you know the market, you want to get more specific on the keywords. People will not just use one keyword to look for something. They might type in ‘red shoes’ or ‘red running shoes.’ Prepare your content to cover these different variations. This will increase your chances of being found by people looking for your product or service.

Proper HTML Placement

A huge part of onpage success is knowing how to structure your page. You don’t just want to throw up any content and hope it will rank. There is a system that Google uses to look through sites and decide how relevant they are.

First of all, fill out your h1, h2, and p tags properly. These tell Google which parts of your page are most important. This is also where you want to have your primary keywords. As a short and simple rule, every time you have a heading or subheading, one of your main keywords should be in it. However, don’t overdo it.

Keyword Stuffing

Long gone are the days when you could simply keyword stuff and get away with it. Today, Google is much smarter than that. After all, their job is to deliver the most relevant content to their audience. If they still served up spam pages to users, they would use a different service.

So put a keyword in your content about 3 times at most. This will prevent you from looking like you are trying to game the system. In addition, make sure to include it at the beginning, near the middle somewhere, and at the end.


You might not realize this, but your images are also crucial to SEO. It is true that Google can’t see images with their spiders that crawl the web. However, users can see them. How much a user interacts with your page depends on whether you show interesting and relevant content. In addition to this, there are alt tags on images that give the search engines clues on what the image is. The more you include keywords in these, the higher you will rank.

Engagement Scores and Bounces

When a user lands on your page and bounces right away, this sends a bad signal to Google. Your SEO will suffer if this is the case. The longer you can keep people on your page, the more that Google assumes you are offering great value. So find unique and relevant ways to make it worth their while to look around your site.

When it comes to marketing plans, not every plan is created equal. SEO is a solid strategy that still works in today’s day and age. The internet may be shifting and the strategies have changed. That is why it is essential to know how to please Google and get more free traffic to your pages via SEO. So don’t miss out on more business and opportunities. Use the tips above and rank higher in your niche.

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