Taking WordPress International with ConveyThis Translate

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to quickly and easily build a blog or website, but it’s not without its limits. One of the greatest hurdles for bloggers who want to reach a large audience is overcoming the language barrier between the author and reader.

Luckily, there’s now a fast, easy way to provide visitors fully localized versions of any WordPress site instantly with a simple (and free) plugin called ConveyThis Translate!

Before ConveyThis Translate, options typically have been fairly limited, and fell into three main categories:

  1. Hire a professional translation services provider to translate your content and modify your website to display the content to readers in foreign languages. This is a very expensive option, and also a somewhat outdated one; since web content is by its nature dynamic and constantly being created and changed, it requires ongoing services to be provided as well.
  2. Utilize a free translator like Google Translate, which redirects visitors through to a third-party page on Google’s server with the original content recreated with translations replacing the original text. Because it’s done by machine algorithms, the text is not very accurate, and since it is generated on-the-fly by Google the translated text is not crawlable or indexable by search engines.
  3. Find a translation plugin that works with your site and manually translate the text by exporting source text and re-importing translated text, or submitting it to third-party services for professional translation.

The ConveyThis Translate plugin exceeds where these methods have fallen short:

  • It requires no coding and minimal setup (under 2 minutes from installation to first translation).
  • It features the speed of machine translation but allows translations to be manually edited for accuracy.
  • It stores the translations separately from the main content on SEO-friendly language-prefixed URLs, allowing existing pages to be indexed as unique content by search engines.
  • It’s completely free for small sites (and offers tiered pricing for larger sites).

There’s no obligation or credit card required to sign up, so there’s no reason not to give it a try and see if it works for you! Just follow this simple guide, or view the official YouTube video to see how easy it is to set up.

Installing ConveyThis Translate on WordPress

  1. Install the ConveyThis Translate plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.  Activate it and visit the configuration page.
  2. Sign up for ConveyThis–all you need is a name and email address, and copy your API key.
  3. On the configurations screen, paste in your API key and set your source language (your site’s current language) and target language (what foreign language you want your site available in). Save your changes!
  4. Visit any page on your site and select the foreign language from the language selector in the corner.

That’s it! After a few seconds, the text on your page will instantly be translated. You can visit your ConveyThis account panel any time to view all your translations and edit them as you see fit!

For more information on translating WordPress, visit the ConveyThis website.

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