Proven Instagram Hacks For Maintaining Your Social Media Flow As A Continuous Process

When you are talking about Instagram, you are actually talking about one of the most popular social networking sites of all time. It all started a few years back and it bombarded the moment Facebook took over in 2012. Right from that time, there is no turning back. With over a 1 billion active user, this platform is noted for its highest count on customers and clients, at the same time. This site is now sharing more than 60 million images and with 1.6 billion likes on a daily basis.

Even before you know it, this can be stated that IG has quickly overgrown the first impression of being a fun app for the kids and now has become one serious content marketing platform now. It is a platform people first think of whenever they are aiming for audience building and networking for the brands and individuals. You will come to understand more about this platform and even get to grow your Instagram followers, once you have started using this platform. Right now, some of the biggest business owners are asking everyone to open their own official IG account o help their business grow to an all new level for sure. That is how valuable this platform is.

Amazing engagement rate like never before:

Engagement rates associated with the brands on most of the social networking sites have been surveyed to be around less than 0.1% but IG is known to blow them away all the time. As per some of the statistical counts that have taken place, the average IG engagement the rate for the brands in the year 2014 was an epic 58 times higher than that on Facebook. It is really hard to argue when you have this number by your side. However, this is one average count over here. You can advocate all the manners of online marketing and don’t just want to be on an average. You can get bigger than average by opening an IG platform now.

Engagement rate at its best:

58 times more engagement than anything else will definitely sound great but you can do a lot better than that when the matter is associated with IG. Whether it is all about the big brand or just wondering about how you can become famous on this platform, you should always strive for more than average in this regard. Being a pro in this the platform will easily help you to outperform other competitors by just orders of magnitude.

You get the chance to accomplish this goal of yours by working some of the Instagram based hacks right within the social strategy. Make sure to check out the IG caption based ideas first and then see what you are going to post on IG for gaining more visibility an engagement over here.

Try to cross-promote the dedicated hashtags you have already:

It is a nice addition to having created a hashtag for the firm. But, the main question is who knows to use this hashtag for sharing content associated with you or your company?

  • So, make sure that your created hashtag is in your profile but remember to take the game offline and get it printed on receipts and in print ads. You can further get it printed on signage in the store and at some of the relevant events.
  • In case, your company is on TV or on the radio, and then you better direct people to just use the hashtag.
  • You can integrate the same offline by stating it is listed on some of the other social profiles, websites and even right in your email blasts.

Avoid hoping that people will find it as you have to work hard to get it to the people, mostly those within your targeted crowds.

Time to get a lot more creative with your hashtags:

When the matter is associated with IG caption ideas, you have to look beyond that simple word called hashtags. Yes, it is true that you have to use these tags but try to mix it up a little bit and then use hashtags for telling a major part of your story.

  • Try to be funny, outrageous and even ironic. Do whatever you want except being boring, as that’s the last thing you could have asked for.
  • If you want, you can try adding some fun mixes of IG content too with the images and try to make this post a revolutionary and a memorable one for your company’s growth.

Try to participate in some of the most popular conversations of all:

For every possible post, you can easily use a mix of topically relevant hashtags along with some of the trending ones and super popular hashtags wherever you get the chance to use so. There are some of the really specific hashtags available and those are mostly long tail keywords, where you get the chance to show more intent and even help find the right people. Using some of the universal hashtag terms will help you get to the generic crowd in total and not anyone in particular. You have to work hard to make it big not just on social media but focus mostly towards IG followers for sure.

The bio URL is what you should be making the most out of:

For example, you are running an online jewelry shop. Do you want to add only one link or URL to the IG bio, which will redirect the crowd towards your official store or website? Well, this is way too simple and a lot of your competitors are doing exactly the same. Try to get it up a notch and things will turn to work out well and in your favor.

Try to change the bio once in every week and use that clickable link in bio. It helps in driving more traffic to popular or the newest content. Follow some of the other norms, which will help you to use the most of Instagram for your business growth.

Author Bio – Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Instagram followers for more information.


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