Online Payment Options for Small Businesses

Small businesses in the world today have created and greatly enhanced their competitive advantage in the market. Among the key measures that such businesses have incorporated include introducing the concept of e-commerce on virtually every aspect of their operation. Such businesses, through technology, have an opportunity to vend their products and services to customers through online platforms without the need for face to face contact with customers. The success of the businesses’ capacity to sell through e-commerce platforms has been greatly enhanced and facilitated by the availability of online payment platforms and options.

Customers, in this regard, have the option of choosing from a range of online payment methods. When it comes to online payment options, the difference between leadership and power in online payment is assessed based on the options’ flexibility, security, and trust.


Papal is considered one of the most trusted online payment platforms and is particularly used in virtually every e-commerce company in the world today. The PayPal payment option is flexible enough to allow customers to make online payments with their credit or debit cards without even having a physical balance with their paypal accounts. In the first world countries especially the US, papal has evolved from a mere online payment processing company to a microcredit investment that allows businesses and persons to obtain small loans to complete their payments. PayPal also has the advantage of having a global touch as it supports multiple and major global currencies.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is powered by the Amazon Company as a payment solution for small businesses that deal in both goods and services. The option is particularly famous for its ability to enable customers to pay directly without the need for keying in payment details and information. It also supports multiple payment options such as credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. To support e-commerce, the Amazon Pay payment option can be easily integrated into an e-commerce website.

Google Pay

Google is among the latest additions into the list of online payment options. This option supports safe, fast, and simple money transfers using an individual’s Gmail account only requires one to attach their credit, debit, and gift cards to support the transfer of funds. To enhance the safety of customers’ details, the company does not share with the recipient any payment information regarding a particular transaction. Google play is particularly famous for having multiple layers of security as a way of dealing with prominent identity theft issues that affect online payment options. is a payment gateway famed for offering financial payment solutions and international transactions for both small and mid-sized businesses and companies. This option accepts major credit cards while integrating a host of other payment options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, MasterCard, among others. The option also allows for stringent fraud protection mechanisms that ensure customer data is appropriately held in secrecy. Also, allows businesses to send invoices as well as allowing for automated recurring payments.


Payoneer is a business online payment option that focuses on mediating mass payments of employees as well as facilitating e-commerce by the use of MasterCard and electronic payment. This option is particularly famed for its global outreach and supporting well over 150 global currencies. Also, Payoneer allows persons to withdraw their money directly to their local bank accounts.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the preferred payment option for persons who use Apple devices. This option enables persons to make and receive payments from other Apple users. It is fast, safe, and easy to use. The option allows users to confirm payments with their biometric data, making Apple Pay one of the safest methods of facilitating payments.

In conclusion, small businesses heavily rely on e-commerce to attract customers from around the globe. Most businesses, in this regard, incorporate every possible electronic payment option to facilitate payments from across the globe. Most online payment options are normally custom-designed with specific emphasis on the safety of users’ data and information. Small businesses have benefited from these payment options as they can attract customers from across the globe.

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