New Design Trends That are Going to Change The Way We Perceive Graphic Design

Even the most attractively designed website might not catch the attention of viewers because there are too many things that are happening around and grabbing attention. From Bitcoins to food and from cats to politics, the viewers’ plate is overflowing, and unless graphic designers start taking risks to tread the uncharted path in design, websites will find it difficult to grab attention. The year has just begun and to drive the audience towards sites, we are likely to witness some engaging design trends that are non-traditional and bold and going to become trailblazers. To stay on the top of SEO in Brisbane, we would see designs that set aside stock photos and minimalist graphics and pick up innovative graphic design trends.

The brand colour palette has many more colours

It is a custom for companies to choose a few colours and stick to it in designs so that it becomes the identification mark of the brand. By looking at the colours, people would recognize the brand. However, this year is likely to see a departure from tradition, as companies are willing to break away from the set colour scheme of few colours and instead add many more colours to the palette for giving the brand a new entity that helps it to stand apart from the crowd. The exercise in rebranding goes beyond the practice of updating the graphic or fonts and changing logos.

Colour gradients are back

Solid colours are likely to give way to gradients and transitions in 2018, as more designs would use it. The trend would prevail across various media including presentations and not websites alone. For the past few years, Instagram had shown the way by using colour gradients in its logos and branding and now, everyone else out there is ready to embrace it. The website designs would adhere more to backgrounds in colour gradients that lend simplicity to the design, and there is scope for adding flourishes to enhance the appeal. The use of colour gradients gives much creative freedom while staying close to the brand colours.

Widespread use of unconventional colours

If thinking afresh about the brand’s colour palette amounts to a total overhaul and is likely to become a trend we are going to see, close to it would be the trend of using some aggressive colours instead of overhauling the colour scheme entirely. Some risky experiments could happen with colours that break away from tradition. Minimalism, the corporate blue palette, and neutral colour schemes would be on the wane making way for something new and exciting in experimenting with bold colours that are close to the brand colours and could be the unofficial colours for your brand. The bold colours create the distinct identity of the brand without straying away from the colour ethos.

Authentic images for the social media

Images have their own appeal but not so if you start using stock images and photos for design and marketing campaigns. Going ahead, you should apply the philosophy for the social media campaigns too where the trend of using authentic images is growing. Using stock photos tell viewers that you could not care less in communicating with them because when people browse the social media, they want to get away from the things that they encounter commonly in life. If the designer could take the website’s interest lightly, why should users give it any importance? Use of impactful authentic images and not just the run of the mill type will dominate the design scene in 2018.

Handwritten as well as bold fonts will dominate

There is nothing better than bold fonts and handwritten fonts, which are the best bets for grabbing eyeballs. Putting an end to the minimalist trend of thin lines and scanty designs, use of handwritten and bold fonts would dominate in the graphic design space. It is easier to avoid the overuse of traditional fonts and use larger non-conventional fonts that bring along an element of surprise. You would come across several leading brands using the technique of combining both bold and handwritten fonts that convey the standing of the brand and its philosophy.

Custom illustrations are on the rise

Hand drawn illustrations and icons have found a place in graphic design quite convincingly, and the trend that was visible through 2017 is showing signs of moving upwards. The urge of differentiating brands would give more emphasis in creating more unique illustrations and icons that not only catch the eye but also leaves a deep imprint in mind. The illustrations would remain incomparable, as it is not possible to replicate it. The freshness of illustrations increases the attraction, as people are bored of photos and images that emanate from the stock.

The graphic design trends of 2018 defy the philosophy of sparse aesthetics that had ruled the design scene until now.

Author bio: Ramon Harvey is a marketing expert who enjoys working with designers to create high impacting SEO in Brisbane. He has seen the evolution of SEO and web design from close quarters and his writings reflect his deep understanding of the impact that design can have on marketing. Ramon loves to watch horseracing.

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