Mistakes You Need To Avoid In Languages Learning

Most often people stop learning a foreign language just because they make the same mistakes and become frustrated on their own. So let’s talk about what problems and difficulties you may face when studying a foreign language and how to avoid them.


  1. Unclear goal setting. One of the biggest mistakes people make in the early stages is learning a foreign language without a specific purpose. This process will not bring you satisfaction and the desired result, but will only make you doubt your own skills. There must be specific goals that can be achieved. Maybe you dream of traveling, or are thinking about studying abroad or want to work for a foreign company. 

The important thing to remember is that goals must be realistic. You should not set a goal to reach a high level in your target language in a month. You have to understand that it’s simply impossible. Set small goals, such as reading a hundred pages of a certain book in the original in a month, or learning ten new words a day. This way you will not want to drop out of school, because the result of the work will be noticeable immediately.

  1. Wrongly chosen teaching method. This mistake follows smoothly from the first – without clear goals it is impossible to choose the right teaching method. Also, in the program selection phase, find out how it is easier for you to perceive new information: visually or by ear, in a group or individually, online or on courses in your city. 

Do not forget that regardless of the chosen method, you need to develop all skills at the same time: reading, writing, listening (listening to the text), communication, vocabulary and grammar. To avoid making this mistake, you should turn to professionals. You can find the tutor and ask him to select the special program for you, taking into account your level of knowledge, goals, and individual wishes.

Alternatively you can try one of the best language learning apps to study at any time from any place. You can choose your own pace in case visiting offline courses isn’t possible because of your tight schedule. E-learning has become very popular nowadays because of the COVID-19 restrictions. According to ComboApp, more students are choosing distance learning and this is where higher education advertising budgets should be allocated mostly. Digital software and apps to help study and learn everything are expected to be in high demand in 2022.


  1. Fear of mistakes. For some reason, most people believe that everything should be perfect at once, so they use only those words and constructions in the correctness of which they are sure, which greatly limits their language. But as experience shows – it is simply necessary to make mistakes. By trying to avoid mistakes, you deprive yourself of practice. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, that’s how we learn.
  2. Expecting someone to teach you. If you choose to study foreign language with tutors, remember that although teachers may play an important role in shaping your foreign language, you should not take full responsibility for them. First of all, the result depends only on you! A good teacher only provides the necessary teaching materials and explanations. Therefore, it is important to remember that without self-discipline, desire and practice, all the efforts of the teacher will be in vain.
  3. Emphasis only on theory. Back in school, we have a strong idea that the process of learning any language consists only of written exercises, translation, memorization of words, rules and exceptions. Of course, all this is important, but one theory is not enough, it will not work for you without constant practice, especially conversational. Ideally, you can travel to the country where your target language is spoken, or there are many platforms where you can practice your language skills with the native speakers.

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