Migrate WordPress to one domain to another.

There are so many question have been asked to migrate WordPress Blog/site from one domain to another domain. Here are the simple stesp that can help you to migrate your files and database with one domain to another regardless any hosting…

  1. Download the files whatever is in the public_html and related to your blog, that decision you should be able to take as you know the files on your publich_html.
  2. Download the database which is connected to your blog that you are transferring, make sure you choose the right database.
  3. Do not forget to backup the emails as you know, you are trying to change the hostname as well and that will loose all your subordinate file on old server.
  4. Now assume that you have already created an hosting account on the new server, so you can simply upload all the public_html file on the new public_html file.
  5. Once you have files you need to take care of the database, create database, create the database user and give the proper rights to the right users to use the dedicated database.
  6. Upload your database to the newly created database.
  7. Once you have your database ready, you need to go to wp-option and change the domain url and access yourdomain.com/wp-admin,
  8. Once you able to access the wp-admin, you need to go to General and Site Setting and change both of the urls to make your wordpress use the new url that you have selected.

In case of Multisite all the 6 steps are good but from the 7th step it will be different process…

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