How to integrate facebook messenger as your chat bot

To integrate facebook messenger on your website or blog is now easy there are advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss both of them one by one after discussing on how to install facebook messager on your website chat bot.

To integrate facebook messenger can help you to increase your social network as well as you can verify the details of the users so you will have less spammers and spotters. Now to integrate you can follow below steps which will give you facebook messenger on your website or post or blog.

  1. You need faccebook admin page access and website either backend or cpanel
  2. Open your Faccebook admin area and go to settings
  3. On the setting section, you can visit Messenger Platform
  4. Then scroll down little bit and you get to “Custom Chat Plugin” click Set Up
  5. One you click the setup there will be pop for Integrating Chatting tool and you will be go to the next page
  6. Enter your www and without www domain into the domain whitelist and on the right hand side there is a code you can put into your respective page or at the footer page.

And that is sdone.

You can use many other plugins to do the same as well, one of the plugin which we found very good is

Now if we talk about the advantages:

  1. Easy to integrate
  2. You can validate the users
  3. You can verify the users
  4. You can ask them to live your page or post


  1. Your users must be signed in with the facebook to chat with you
  2. You can not chat with open users
  3. Your visitors are getting forced to have the facebook profile
  4. And any other thing that you might think of.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, one should decide when you use and not to use.

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