How to import/export Big Database using ssh command

There are many cases that we need to import and export our most valued data over the various hosting and that is always challenging to many people here is the basic fundas that you need to take care while importing and exporting Big Database [MySql].

This step/command will show you how to export the database using the command line, very helpful when you have big more than 20 MB Database.

1. For only Exporting Database

“mysqldump database_name > database_name.sql”

2. Once you do that command it will be stored at your root server you can login with your FTP with root access and there you go, now you can download the same and use the way you want.

3. Now Let’s say you want to import that same database to your another server ?
You can store the database to your root location, you can access that with FTP FileZilla and then do run the following command for the import process

4. Command to import the database
“mysql database_name > database_name.sql”

and wolla,,,,,

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